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C968 confession of truth

The body that obviously softens in the bosom, let season owl cold chuckle, the soft light that is doting all over the eyes.

"You long, my grandma is urging us to have a second child again. What do you think?" Ji Xiaohan seems to like to tease her with this thing and want to see her huff and puff.

"Didn't you tell your grandmother we're not going to have a baby?" Tang youyou's face is really confused. If Ji Xiaohan wants to have a second child, she must refuse at the first time. But the weight of the old lady is different. She says she wants to have a second child. Tang youyou really can't find any reason to object. "

I told her, but the old man's thinking tradition is that the total number of children should be more!" Ji Xiaohan's serious nonsense. "

No, I think it's good to have one son and one daughter. How many more children can I have? That's not a mess?" Tang youyou looks at him helplessly, hoping that he is on his side.

Ji Xiaohan can't help laughing at last. He can't help but lower his head and kiss her big eyes full of panic and helplessness.

Tang youyou closes his eyes quickly and feels the touch of men's warm lips.

"What are you laughing at? I'm seriously discussing this with you. " Tang youyou is bewildered by his smile. "

you are so lovely and funny! My grandma didn't say I was teasing you! " Ji Xiaohan says his bad thoughts. "

you're bored!" Tang youyou rewarded him with a white eye, then broke away from his arms and lay down on the bed: "you can't make fun of this with me in the future, otherwise I won't pay attention to you!" "

Yo Yo, I'm wrong. I won't make such a joke with you in the future!" Season owl cold homeopathy light pressure comes over, the finger is gentle in her ear is combing for her long hair, a pair of sincere admit wrong expression. "

I don't believe it!" Tang youyou's breathing is a little disordered. "

if you still don't believe me, I will live by my example until you believe me!" After Ji Xiaohan finished, he opened the quilt and lay in it. "

What are you doing? I don't want to..." Tang youyou gave a low cry of panic. No, it's too late for her to resist.

Bai Yiyan asks Bai's mother out for tea. She wants to know more about Bai Zhenzhen.

Bai Wanqing didn't know what happened. She came to see Bai Yiyan.

Just when they arrived at the dining room, before the chair was hot, they heard a woman's voice coming from the table next door: "I really think I'm a phoenix flying on the branch, but I'm still dressed like a pheasant."

Bai Yiyan looks around fiercely and sees several familiar faces. These women are also rich wives. They often talk about famous brands together in afternoon tea.

Bai Wanqing's expression was a little stiff. She knew that the person she was talking to was Pei Yijia, Pei Ying's little aunt. Because Bai Wanqing married Peihong, she was always dissatisfied. When she saw Bai Wanqing, she would make a mockery of her. She also liked to compare her with her dead sister. Wan Qing's face is a little pale. She has always been patient with Pei Yijia.

"What are you talking about?" Bai Yiyan can't help but stare at each other coldly and angrily.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Pheasant also has a daughter who makes chicken..." Bai

Yiyan is mad. It's so bad for her lack of quality.

She took the water glass directly on the table and threw it in each other's face without saying a word.

"You What are you crazy about? Crazy! " Pei Yijia's whole face was splashed with water, and her make-up suddenly turned to be open. She was shaking with anger, pointing to Bai Yiyan and scolding: "it's really ungrounded."

Bai Wanqing was also shocked. He grabbed Bai Yiyan's arm and left: "Xiaoyan, don't get along with her. Let's change our seats and don't mess with them." "

mom..." Bai Yiyan suddenly called out to her, only to find out how far fetched it was.

Because we already know that Bai Wanqing is not her mother, but her aunt, so Bai Yiyan just cried out a little choked. White

Wan Qing also heard something wrong with her, and looked at her with concern: "why did her eyes suddenly turn red?" Bai Yiyan lowered her head and said nothing more, but followed her silently to a far away place to sit down. "

don't be angry with me. That kind of woman has no quality in speaking. We don't pay attention to her!" Bai Wanqing is a person who doesn't want to make trouble. She just wants to be a wife and a mother.

"I have something to ask you. I hope you can tell me the truth." Bai Yiyan holds the cup tightly, looks up and down, as if she is nervous. It's no wonder that she will suddenly feel uncomfortable. Anyone who knows that her mother who has been calling for more than 20 years is an aunt will have this kind of nervous reaction. "

What's the matter? Talk to mom! Are you having trouble with Ji Yueze again? " Bai Wanqing smiles. "

I'm not your own daughter, am I?" Bai Yiyan's eyes were red again, and she said after accumulating courage.

Bai Wanqing's expression was suddenly stunned. She looked at Bai Yiyan incredulously, her voice shaking a little: "Xiaoyan, why do you suddenly ask? Of course you are my own daughter. "

"Tell me the truth, I see!" Bai Yiyan looks at her pleadingly.

"What do you know?" Bai Wanqing's face was stiff again, his voice hesitated: "when did you know that?"

"I heard it. You're not my mother. You're my aunt, aren't you?" Bai Yiyan raised her head and looked at her in a dazed way. Finally, her mood was calmer.

Bai Wanqing sighed: "since you know, can I still hide it from you? Yes, I'm not your biological mother. I'm your little aunt. However, in the past 20 years, you've called me mom. I've always treated you as a daughter. I'm not used to changing my identity for a while. " "

Bai Zhenzhen is my mother. Can you tell me what's going on?" Bai Yiyan is extremely sad.

"Don't blame her. She doesn't want you. She just can't entrust you to me. Your mother is nice." Bai Wanqing breathed a low breath, worried that Bai Yiyan would hate Bai Zhenzhen, so she wanted to help her say a few good words first. "

I know that she has been very good to me. What happened to her in that year?" Bai Yiyan really does not hate Bai. On the contrary, she is worried about her now. "

your mother grew up beautiful when she was a child. In high school, she didn't know how to mix with the people in the society. Your mother was too simple at that time and was cheated. Then she had you. However, she had to leave soon after you were born..." "

she was taken to jail, wasn't she?" Bai Zhenzhen saw that she would not tell the truth, so she had to tell it for herself.