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Lu Xuan Chen frowned, and said with concern: "Xue Rou, are you alright? Should we go in and rest for a while? We'll talk about it later."

"There's no need. I close my eyes now and I can see just how miserable my fate is. Xuan Chen, hug me, hug me okay?" Tang Xue Rou suddenly raised her head, looking at the handsome face, she felt that Lu Xuan Chen was good, she needed him to hug her.

After that, Tang Xue Rou's reputation grew even more, and she started to love him again. After seeing Ji Xiao Han once, she felt that she was truly in love with him, but she secretly had a crush on him, and had no idea which corner of her heart Lu Xuan Chen was in.

"That's right, she used to order us around like dogs, but now, let's see who else she can order from us. Anyway, I've decided not to work for her anymore, there's no future for me now."

"I've decided to leave as well. Who could bear with her bad temper in the past?"

"At this point, you still aren't letting Hengcheng-ge go? This is too hateful, my Hengcheng-ge."

"I think Lu Xuan Chen is just trying to comfort her for a bit. In the past, she has also been angry at Lu Xuan Chen a lot."

"I really hope that Lu Xuan Chen will ignore her and let her face all these by himself. Let's see what she can do, he even pointed at my nose and called me trash."

From their conversation, Tang Xue Rou was really not very good at being a human. After being called up to the sky at such a young age, she had already forgotten that she was once an ordinary person.

In the room, Tang Xue Rou tightly hugged onto Lu Xuan Chen's neck, and cried out loud: "Xuan Chen, what should I do? I don't have any other methods right now, can you think of one for me? "

"Xue Rou, you might have to face up to reality. This isn't something that can be solved just by thinking of a solution."

"Sure, didn't you say last time? As long as I'm willing, someone else will pay to support me. But I don't want to right now, I don't want to. " Tang Xue Rou cried out in grief and grievance.

Lu Xuan Chen didn't really want her to do that sort of thing, so he kindly advised: "Xue Rou, why don't you use this as an excuse to leave the entertainment circle, it's better than being looked down upon by others."

"I can't accept this. I like the sense of accomplishment that the entertainment circle brings me. Xuan Chen, I really don't want to just leave like this." What Tang Xue Rou said was her truth, she still wanted to continue to have fun.

Lu Xuan Chen knew that she was a proud and greedy woman, who pursued and yearned for fame and fortune more than other women.

"Xue Rou, let me get you a cup of water." Being hugged like this by her, Lu Xuan Chen's neck was already aching, so he wanted to separate himself from her.

"No, I don't want to drink anything right now. Xuan Chen, do you know? I liked you before, and you can feel it, right? " Tang Xue Rou suddenly said something, making Lu Xuan Chen's entire body tensed up.

"When did you like me? I don't know. " All this while, his goal had always been Tang You You, so now that Tang Xue Rou had confessed to him, he was a little dazed.

"There's no way you wouldn't know. Xuan Chen, you're just embarrassed to admit it, aren't you? But let me tell you, I really did like you before. Five years ago, at that time, your relationship with Tang You You was quite good, and I never dared to tell you about it. " Tang Xue Rou said with a serious face.

"Xue Rou, why are you saying this? Since it's the past, then let him go. " After Lu Xuan Chen's surprise, he regained his calm. Although he had accompanied Tang Xue Rou through hardships at work during these past five years, he only had the relationship of a working partner, and absolutely did not have any ulterior motives.

"No, I don't want to let it pass. Xuan Chen, I've decided. I've decided to look for another customer, but before I do, I want to give you my innocence …" When Tang Xue Rou said these words, her lips, had already neared Lu Xuan Chen's ear.

Lu Xuan Chen was shocked, and pushed her away with a look of disbelief: "Xue Rou, what are you doing? Do you know what you just said? "

Tang Xue Rou immediately stood up and walked towards him, step by step, pretending to be extremely flirtatious: "Of course I know what I'm talking about, Xuan Chen, I suddenly realized that in my hour of desperation, you are the best. So, in order to repay you, I want to give myself to you, don't you ever think of taking me? "I don't believe you. I'm the woman all men dream of. You've thought about it too, haven't you?"

Lu Xuan Chen was truly shocked by Tang Xue Rou's appearance today. Her words were bold and passionate, it was simply not in line with her pure image of the past.

"No, no, Xue Rou, you must have misunderstood, I have never had any presumptuous thoughts about you. That's right, you are very beautiful, making many men go crazy for you, but I have more respect and respect for you. So, please don't say these words, if you still think of me as your friend." Lu Xuan Chen explained quickly and clearly.

After Tang Xue Rou finished listening, she stopped in her steps, and glared at him with a sorrowful and angry expression: "What did you say? Xuan Chen, how could you not like me? We've been working together for so many years. Have you really never liked me? "