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The night was dark, and the cold outside the window made the bedroom feel more cold. Tang youyou covered the quilt for the two children and fell asleep.

In the morning of the next day, Tang youyou felt something warm rubbing on his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw his daughter's two fleshy little hands, holding her face, opening his eyes in a daze, and his mouth kissing her face.

Tang youyou knows that his daughter has this bad habit and likes to mess with her relatives when she is awake.

She quickly sat up and smiled: "xiaonai, get up!"

Tang xiaonai stretched out: "Mommy, where are we? Shall I not go to school? "

Don youyou chuckles. Is this a dream? Even thinking about school.

"Today is a holiday. We are in the holiday village. We don't go to school!" Tang youyou said with a smile.

"Really?" Tang xiaonai sat up for a while, until he could see the surrounding environment clearly, which made him happy: "I really don't need to go to school, so happy!"

Tang Xiaorui, who had just been woken up, put his hand over his little ears and shouted, "how noisy!"

Tang youyou just went to see his son. Although he slept with short hair in disorder, he had a pretty face that could not be picked up, which made people want to kiss him severely.

It's a powerful gene. Thinking that she forgives and falls in love with Ji Xiaohan so soon, maybe she really has something to do with her son's small face. She loves her son, and of course it's easy to fall in love with Ji Xiaohan, who is a bigger than him.

"Xiaorui, stop sleeping and get up!" Tang youyou immediately said softly.

Tang Xiaorui nodded, without a trace of getting up gas. After sitting up, he rubbed his eyes, and then he took a small sweater beside him and began to wear it.

Tang youyou also hurriedly puts on the thick down clothing for her daughter. She will go out soon, but don't freeze.

When Tang youyou leads two little guys downstairs, Ji Xiaohan is holding his cell phone and standing at the door to make a phone call.

He was wearing a long Nizi coat and a grey turtleneck sweater, which was different from his normal work clothes. At the moment, he looked young, handsome and full of leisure.

Tang youyou's heart suddenly trembled. Inexplicably, she seemed to love this man more.

His beauty is really perfect.

Season owl cold side Mou, looked at own woman and the child, raised the hand to say hello, continued to speak the telephone.

Tang youyou poured a cup of warm water for the two children. She also sat on the sofa, drinking hot water while waiting quietly.

Ji Xiaohan is calling his brother, Ji Yueze.

After Ji Yueze tossed Bai Yiyan in the early morning, Ke seemed to be more firm about his engagement. So, in the early morning, regardless of the time, he called brother.

Ji Xiaohan was surprised to hear that his younger brother was in such a hurry to get engaged to Bai Yiyan.

"How long have you known each other? Is it a month? " Ji Xiaohan doesn't want to support his brother's decision, but marriage is not an impulse to be happy. He hopes that his brother will make careful consideration.

Ji Yueze thought carefully: "it's like more than a month!"

"More than a month, you're engaged? It's a little too fast. " Ji Xiaohan is speechless. Before his brother didn't find his girlfriend, he was in a hurry. But now, he has found his girlfriend, how can he still be in a hurry? It's not easy.

"Elder brother, this is also a temporary solution for me. I put forward the matter of shadow relief yesterday, which caused turbulence in our company. Now I have to find a solution, which I think is good!" Ji Yueze said with a serious face.

"Are you using your own marriage to solve your company's problems? You think marriage is a joke? " Season owl cold frowns, still can't understand.

"Of course not. I'm serious!" Ji Yueze's brain is a little feverish now.

"Would you like to discuss it with grandma?"

"Let the news go first, and then tell Grandma that she must be happy." Ji Yueze seems to remember that grandma urged them to get married and have children last time.

Season owl cold is still tightly wringing brow, afterward, he depressed tone: "you are engaged, won't have relation with me and long."

"Big brother, not at all!" Ji Yueze said in a hurry.

"If it's not for us, make your own decision!" Ji Xiaohan decides not to interfere in his and Bai Yiyan's affairs. Only each other can solve the emotional problems. No matter how many outsiders say, it's useless.

"OK, big brother, you have a good time. Come back and talk about it in detail!" Ji Yueze hung up.

Ji Xiaohan holds his cell phone, his brow is still wrinkled. Turning around, he sees Tang youyou standing behind him holding a tea cup. He says directly, "my brother and Bai Yiyan are engaged!"

"Ah So fast? " Tang youyou is also surprised.

"Yes, faster than a rocket!" Ji Xiaohan laughs jokingly.

As soon as Tang xiaonai heard this, he immediately asked seriously, "who wants to be a rocket, uncle?"

Ji Xiaohan is directly amused by his daughter's naive loveliness, touching her little head: "xiaonai, where do you want to play today?"

"Can I play skiing, please? Daddy, please! " Tang xiaonai looked out of the window at the white snow, and immediately thought of the program to play.

"OK, go skiing today!" Ji Xiaohan just wants to make the children have fun.

Tang youyou said with emotion: "they should get married before us. It's really nice. They have settled down at last."

"Hope!" Ji Xiaohan frowns and suddenly thinks that Bai Yiyan is Bai Zhenzhen's niece. Will it become a time bomb in their marriage?

Mu shiye suddenly came in with his daughter's orange in his arms: "how about going skiing later?"

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou look at each other with a smile. It seems that everyone has a sharp heart.

A group of people came directly to the ski resort and built a children's ski park nearby. Now many children are playing. Tang youyou and Pei Anxin plan to take the children to the children's Park. Ji Xiaohan and Mu shiye have a contest. They plan to play more exciting adult skiing.

It's also the nature of the game. Ji Xiaohan lost his fishing yesterday. Naturally, he was a little reluctant. So they exchanged a powerful look, which implied that they were careful.

No matter how excellent a man is, he will play with his brother.

"Daddy, come on, don't lose, you'll lose face!" The more he grew up, the more he understood the importance of face. Ji Xiaohan looks at his daughter. His little face is red, and he is excited to cheer him up. He is ruthless. In order not to lose the image of a tall father in front of his daughter, this time, he must not lose.