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C532. That's the truth

Tang youyou's words made Xia Weiwen look painful. Those old things sealed by him poured into his mind, just like the scars that were uncovered, and the pain was bloody.

Tang youyou also wants to know why she was adopted by the Tang family. If she can grow up beside her parents, maybe her fate will be so miserable. She can also be a little princess in the eyes of her parents, carefree and free.

"Yo Yo, it's your mother who accidentally lost you. She has been very guilty about it. Not long after she lost you, your brother left us with a serious illness. Your mother can't bear the blow, so..." Chaveen was so sad that he couldn't speak.

Tang youyou doesn't believe him, because she thinks he's lying.

"If my mother accidentally lost me, why do I have that jade pendant? Did she take that jade pendant with me when she lost me? " Tang youyou frowned and asked in a calm voice.

Xiaweiwen's expression slightly froze, he suddenly seemed to be hit hard by invisible fist, the whole person was a little unsteady.

At last, he fell on the sofa beside him, lowered his head and said nothing.

LAN Yue's expression is also stiff, looking at her husband's painful appearance, her heart is not easy to suffer.

"Vivian, you'd better tell her the truth." In the silent air, LAN Yue's gentle voice sounded.

Tang youyou's expression is so fierce that she knows that it's not true.

Xia Weiwen stretched out his hand and covered his eyes, as if he had no face to see others again. For a long time, it was like making the next major decision.

"Yo Yo, Dad lied to you. In fact, dad sent you away. However, I didn't know that you would be transferred to another place. Dad really regrets that he has been looking for you." Xia Weiwen raised his head, his eyes already flashing with tears.

Tang youyou is frozen all over, and a cold feeling spreads from his heart.

So, is that the truth?

Her father sent her away in person. Why?

Why there is such a cold and merciless father in this day? Tang youyou is so sad inside. She feels that she really shouldn't come to him so urgently.

"Why? Is it because I am a daughter? " Tang youyou's tone suddenly became cold. Her heart was as painful as a knife.

Apart from that, she never seemed to think of a better reason.

LAN Yue saw that she had spoken to her father in such a cold tone. She quickly helped to explain: "Miss Tang, you misunderstood your father. He sent you away because he loved you so much!"

"Do you think I'm a fool? If you know how I struggled to grow up in the Tang family, you won't say it so easily. Since I was born, why don't you want me? " Tang youyou's tone was very sharp, tears were falling from her eyes.

My heart hurts! Xia Weiwen raised his head and looked at his tearful daughter. His voice was choked: "Yo Yo, dad really loves you. From the moment you were born, Dad regarded you as the treasure of my palm. Unfortunately, the younger brother who was born with you was not so lucky. A few months later, he was found to be born with a heart defect, requiring surgery. The medicine of that year Underdeveloped, if you want to save your brother's life, you need to find a small heart that matches his heart, you know? Your grandparents and your mother have decided to trade your heart for your brother's life. I disagree. The doctor told me that this operation is not a 100% success, but only a 30% chance of success. When I thought of sending you, who is several months old, to the operating table in exchange for your brother's life, my heart felt like being cut by a knife

, so, one night, I sent you away, hiding it from everyone. "

After listening to Xia Weiwen's words, Tang Youyou, who was still cold just now, just stayed?

She looked at her father incredulously. He seemed to be several years old in an instant. The spirit of the whole person was withered.

LAN Yue's eyes also flashed with tears and whispered, "Miss Tang, now you know why your father sent you away. He doesn't want you to be a scientific experiment. His love for you is no less than that of any father."

Tang youyou directly stayed. Indeed, she did not expect that this is the reason why she was abandoned.

"Is that true?" Tang youyou's voice trembled. She couldn't believe that she would be taken as an experiment to save her brother just a few months after she was born. Why? Why is this result?

Xia Weiwen nodded his head painfully: "yes, that's why he lost you. Yo Yo, dad is really miserable. For so many years, he has been looking for your whereabouts."

"Why? Why do they make such cruel decisions? Am I not the daughter of your Xia family? " Tang youyou's mood at the moment is both painful and sad. When she thought that she might be dug out of her heart to save her brother, she felt cold all over.

It's not that she is selfish and doesn't want to save her brother. It's just that she was only a few months old baby at that time.

When she had children, she knew how cute and likeable children were when they were a few months old.

Why? Why does her family dislike her, and even sacrifice her little life for her brother.

Xia Weiwen said bitterly, "of course, you are the daughter of Xia family. Your life is just as important to me. Your brother left us later. However, since it's fate, I can only accept it. How can I let you bear this injustice?"

Tang youyou is a little unsteady, she falls to sit on the sofa beside, tears fall more crazy.

LAN Yue whispered, "don't be sad, Miss Tang. Since you have come back, you should get along well with your father. He really miss you."

Tang youyou took a deep breath, looked up, full of sad tears: "I'm in a mess now, take a step first!"

"You long..." Xia Weiwen stood up in a hurry and cried out her name sadly: "Dad is really sorry for you."

Tang youyou didn't look back at her father's tears. She just lowered her head and ran faster.

Xia Weiwen hurriedly chased out, and saw Tang youyou in a taxi and left quickly. LAN Yue stood in the living room, his face flashed complex look, I don't know whether to be happy or sad.