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A freighter was rushing to the deep sea. On top of the freighter, there were several cars. These cars were the ones that caused Tang youyou's accident.

In the cargo ship's lounge, the middle-aged man just received a phone call, and his face suddenly panicked.

A few young hoodlums sitting nearby are happily counting money and making a lot of money.

"President Liu, what's the matter? You look so ugly? " One of the little hoodlums found that he answered a phone call, his face was stiff, and he immediately asked with a smile.

Liu always looked at these little gangsters and looked a little more cruel: "don't you want to go abroad to play? Just in time, I have a friend who is opening a holiday village abroad. How about I arrange you to play there? "

"Really? It's very kind of you, Mr. Liu. " The little gangsters were happy at once.

"If you want to go, I'll arrange another boat to take you there. When you get there, I'll pay for your food and drink." Mr. Liu's face was full of enthusiasm, but his heart was full of murders.

Just now, he received a phone call saying that the police are looking for evidence of Tang youyou's accident. Besides, not only the police are investigating, but also Ji Xiaohan has arranged a lot of people to investigate this matter.

Mr. Liu was just trying to make Tang Xuerou happy. Unexpectedly, things would become so serious.

A small boat, in a few hours later, stopped beside the cargo ship, a few small gangsters happily took the money and jumped out of the boat.

Liu always looked at them with no doubt and sneered: "this kind of cancer of society has been eliminated, which is also regarded as killing the people."

Some young people didn't know that they were sitting on a dead ship, and they also had a dream.

After seeing off these young people, Liu Zongli took his mobile phone and gave it to Tang Xuerou.

Tang Xuerou is waiting to hear the news report of Tang youyou's accident, but unexpectedly, she gets a call from President Liu first.

"Brother Liu, did you really teach that woman a lesson?" Tang Xuerou immediately asked in a very satisfied tone.

Liu general tone is not very good, with angry questioning her: "Tang Xuerou, are you using me?"

Tang Xuerou's eyes widened in an instant. First, she was shocked. Then, she calmed down: "brother Liu, what are you talking about? How dare I use you? Is something wrong? " "You told me before that Tang youyou and Ji Xiaohan had broken up. There was no connection between them, was there?" Although President Liu loves beautiful people, he cherishes his own life and career more. He is such a smart old fox that he immediately arranged for someone to investigate the relationship between Tang youyou and Tang Xuerou. After investigation, it was found that Tang Xuerou and Tang youyou had a deep feud.

"Brother Liu, what's the matter? I can't understand what you're talking about! " Tang Xuerou pretends to be stupid in an instant. "Hum, you hate Tang youyou for robbing your boyfriend, Ji Xiaohan. So, you wanted to repair her for a long time. When you met her that day, you cried to me and told me that she was abandoned by Ji Xiaohan. She is a helpless woman. Do you know what happened now? Ji Xiaohan sent out all his contacts to look for the murderer who forced Tang youyou to have a car accident. Are you going to kill me? " After Liu Ge said that, excited roared, incomparable anger.

"Ah Brother Liu, did you hurt Tang youyou in a car accident? God, how can you do such a crime? " After hearing what he said, Tang Xuerou not only didn't retort for herself, but pretended to be frightened.

As soon as brother Liu heard this, he immediately understood what she meant. He was even more annoyed: "you don't want to play dumb here. You don't want to leave this thing alone, do you?" "Brother Liu, are you really overboard? I just want you to help me scare Tang youyou. Who asked you to crash her into a car accident? Are you really cruel? How can you blame me in turn now? I didn't ask you to hit her in a car accident. " Tang Xuerou is also a ruthless character. At this moment, when something goes wrong,

don't want her to help carry the pot.

Liu Zong's expression is ferocious, but he has no words to refute her.

"Tang Xuerou, am I not doing this for you? You're going to get rid of me now, aren't you? " President Liu was so angry that he was still in the hands of this woman.

Just because of her words, she got into such a big trouble.

When Tang Xuerou saw that he was tearing her face, she was not afraid of it. She sneered: "I just had a few meals with you and slept several times. If we want to talk about the relationship, we are the trading relationship. Besides this, what else is the relationship?" "Tang Xuerou, do you think I've been a white fool for more than 40 years? You dare to reckon with me. Hum, wait. If I get caught, I won't let you live. " President Liu was furious to the extreme. The once gentle woman turned into a beautiful snake, leaving him nowhere to stand.

Tang Xuerou raised his mouth and smiled: "brother Liu, are you threatening me? To tell you the truth, you are not a character in my list. There are many men covering me. Will I be afraid of you? "

Liu always collapsed and almost stood unsteadily. He fell down on the sofa. He had known that Tang Xuerou was not such a simple woman. However, the more thorny the rose, the more conquering it was. Therefore, he was really confused by Tang Xuerou, so he committed this kind of felony for her.

After hanging up the phone, Tang Xuerou felt cold all over her body. She clutched her hands to death and turned her mind quickly, thinking about what to do to make herself through this difficulty.

If I ask for help, I'm afraid I can't ask anyone. Ji Xiaohan is more powerful and wealthy than any man she contacts.

Who would have saved her life in such a dangerous situation?

It seems that there is only one way to protect yourself from this incident.

Tang Xuerou immediately picked up the phone at hand and dialed 110!

Half an hour later, Tang Xuerou was taken away by the police.

She sat in the police station with a pale face and a frightened look.

At the moment, the police immediately contacted Ji Xiaohan and told him about Tang Xuerou's alarm.

Hearing that Tang Xuerou took the initiative to report to the police, Ji Xiaohan was quite surprised.

When Tang youyou heard about it, his face suddenly turned ugly. As expected, it was still related to her.

A confession of Tang Xuerou was forwarded to Ji Xiaohan. After seeing it, Ji Xiaohan's face seemed to be going to rain heavily. The person who caused Tang youyou's car accident is just because he loves Tang Xuerou's heroism too much.