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C655 appreciate her beauty alone

Hearing Tang youyou say such a serious consequence, Ji Xiaohan's heart is full of pain.

In fact, when she was in a coma, he asked the doctor if it would lead to amnesia. The doctor replied that it was possible. At that time, Ji Xiaohan was shocked.

"Don't talk about it. I won't let you have anything to do. No matter whether you lose your memory or not, you are my woman. I'll decide you!" Ji Xiaohan is afraid that she will be confused again. He immediately gives her a promise and wants to reassure her.

Tang youyou's heart is crossed with honey, and his mouth is raised with sweet smile. This time, he is completely relieved.

In Ji Yueze's high-end apartment, Bai Yiyan is lying on the bed with a bag pillow, tossing and turning, but she can't sleep.

She thought she was crazy. She agreed to his request and continued to play his girlfriend.

She's not a natural actress, so she's hard up.

Unlike Ji Yueze, who was born with the talent of acting, she can bewilder people. Bai Yiyan feels that she is a fool to play with him.

The self mocking and self pitying East thinks West, but what makes her uneasy most is her own heart.

She used to like Ji Yueze a little. She used to like his appearance, and the nobility and gentleness he had in front of the media. Now, with more contacts, she finds that he is so hateful and so rogue, and even becomes a kind of temperament that attracts her. Alas, what can I do?

She really doesn't want to fall in love with him. If she falls in love with a man she can't control, it means she's provoking and burning herself. The consequences are serious.

Bai Yiyan is warning herself, but she finds it useless.

The heart is still throbbing.

At the moment, Ji Yueze in the next room is brushing the Internet with his iPad and watching his work-related affairs.

I don't know why. After chatting with big brother, his mood calmed down instantly.

Tang youyou's feelings have also converged. Even, he will not take the initiative to show her figure, and will not think about what to do after she has been hurt and wronged, and whether to comfort her or not.

Now, big brother cares for her like treasure. She is hurt and wronged. Big brother will surely take care of her and comfort her for the first time. She will be very happy in her life. A picture of Bai Yiyan and Bai Yiyan walking on the red carpet with their fingers resting on the screen. Under the strong light, Bai Yiyan is beautiful like a night elf. A pair of shining eyes are caught by the camera inadvertently. They are charming and have snow like skin. The corners of her mouth are hooked with a smile. It's very beautiful. Standing side by side with her, it doesn't cover up her hair Out of the kind of youthful light.

Ji Yueze's dark eyes narrowed slightly. It seems that he has good eyes. This woman has the potential to be a big star.

Before, he also considered to hold her as a dazzling superstar, but now, looking at the camera, there are many men staring at her. Ji Yueze's face suddenly changed, and that idea was deleted in his mind.

If she becomes a star, then her beauty will be appreciated by all men. At the thought of this feeling, Ji Yueze is inexplicably dry and gloomy. No way, the jade he found refuses to watch. Even if he wants to see it, he can only see it for himself.

Therefore, Ji Yueze absolutely does not want Bai Yiyan to step into the star path.

When he found all his thoughts, Ji Yueze's eyes froze.

Why does he have a selfish possessive desire for Bai Yiyan?

What kind of situation is this?

Even when he liked Tang Youyou, he didn't have such an idea. When he liked Tang Youyou, he just wanted to see her more, talk to her more, and possess two words, which almost never appeared in his mind.

At the moment, however, he found that he had such an inconceivable idea for Bai Yiyan.

Do you like her?

Ji Yueze is more and more confused about his thoughts. He is the second young master of Ji's family and the rising superstar. How could he like a nameless little woman? Moreover, the woman is still trying to escape her own side.

This is absolutely impossible!

As soon as Ji Yueze thought of Bai Yiyan's desire to break off the relationship with him, he was very upset. He threw the iPad in his hand on the bedside table, inexplicably thirsty, and wanted to drink water.

Ji Yueze went out wearing a black Nightgown, but when he opened the door, he saw a delicate figure in the living room, and was pouring water with a cup.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Bai Yiyan turned her head and saw that the man had taken her robe as a decoration. Instead of tying the good belt, she opened it directly. There was only one pair of underpants in it. She walked out grandly, showing that he had a strong and perfect body.

Bai Yiyan's frightened beautiful eyes stagnated and her breath tightened. She quickly turned her back and held the cup tightly. She frowned regretfully.

Ji Yueze's figure is better than those models who walk on the catwalk. He once walked on the catwalk, too. His figure is so good that women scream.

At this moment, he is like walking on the catwalk. His beautiful steps, with a touch of wild and domineering, come to the woman with her back to her.

"Give me a glass of water!" Ji Yueze's lazy mouth seemed to regard Bai Yiyan as a little maid.

"The cup is in the cupboard. Take it yourself!" Bai Yiyan dare not turn to look at his figure now. She is afraid that she will be more unable to sleep. She will lose sleep until dawn.

"Have you finished?" Ji Yueze is also lazy. Instead of taking the empty cup, she just stares at the cup in her hand lazily.

"Not yet!" Bai Yiyan Ming knows that he is deliberately playing tricks on her, and she doesn't want him to feel like he wants to, so she holds the cup tighter in her hand.

"So late? Can't sleep? " The man listened to the sound of her drinking water. He bit his thin lips slightly. He was even more thirsty. This thirst was not only physical, but also physical.

Bai Yiyan shook her head: "no, I just got up after sleeping. I sleep very well! Thank you for your concern. "

She didn't dare to let this man know that she was also insomnia until now. Seeing him, she was more awake.

Ji Yueze sees this little woman talking to him everywhere. He has a thin lip and a touch of evil.

"I can't sleep. Can you help me?" Ji Yueze suddenly had a pitiful expression.

Bai Yiyan hears his appealing voice, turns her head to look at him, and sees his thin lips are hooked with a smile. Where are you pitiful?

"Sorry, I can't help you either!" Bai Yiyan didn't know what he was playing. She could only answer carefully.

Afraid of his wrong answer, he fell into his trap again. When he bullied people, he didn't discuss it.

She was afraid of him. "You can. I heard that exercising at night will help you sleep!" As expected, Ji Yueze was not serious and even laughed.