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C953 is that true?

In the face of the threat of death, even if the desire to survive is strong, Bai Yiyan dare not act recklessly any more.

She had to go to the toilet obediently and come out. Wang orange called a man in and raised his chin to the man.

The man immediately wants to come over and kick Bai Yiyan. Bai Yiyan kicks the man away. The man grins his teeth and raises his hand to fan her. "

I asked you to tie a rope to her, but I didn't ask you to do anything to her!" Wang Cheng said impatiently.

"Elder sister, let me play. She is a female star. I will never have this chance in my life. Just give her to me..."

"I'm impatient to live. I want you to tie it up. There's so much nonsense. She's our cash cow. If you're destroyed, who can I ask for money?" Wang Cheng said angrily. The man dared not move any more, so he took the rope to tie Bai Yiyan.

Although Bai Yiyan is reluctant to be tied up again, it's a pity that Wang Cheng shoots her directly at her feet. She was scared to be honest and cold. The man took the opportunity to touch her several times and finally fulfilled his wish. Bai

Yiyan was disgusted and wanted to vomit.

"Would you like something to eat?" Seeing that she was pale, Wang Cheng immediately asked kindly.

"No!" Bai Yiyan said hatefully. "

do you want to hear the story?" Wang orange suddenly looked up and laughed, as if he thought of a very funny thing. White

Yiyan was more disgusted with her tone, and said coldly, "I don't want to hear you talk again, please go out!"

"You don't want to hear it? OK, but now I want to tell you a story, and you should listen carefully, because this story may have something to do with you! " Wang Cheng waved to the man, "bring me a chair!" "

OK, elder sister!" The little gangster hurried out and moved in the chair.

Bai Yiyan really doesn't want to face this hypocritical and terrible woman. She turns her face to one side. But Wang looked at her. The ugly face was so ugly that he would have nightmares.

"Bai Yiyan, do you know that I was paying attention to you a long time ago?" Wang Cheng's face changed. Bai Yiyan was frightened by what he said.

"What do you care about me? Are you abnormal? " Bai Yiyan finally gave her a good eye, but it was a sarcastic tone. "

No, I pay attention to you because my mother and your mother have had a relationship!" Wang Cheng, with his hands around his chest and his eyes hanging slightly, had a sarcastic expression: "your mother, that bitch, betrayed my mother, and I found you. Is that retribution?" Bai

Yiyan listened very closely, with a sneer on her face: "what are you talking about? I can't understand a word. I can't believe a word. Save your strength. " "

Bai Liuyin, now renamed Bai Zhenzhen. She was pregnant with you and my mother was a friend. They worked together in a club..." "

What do you say?" Bai Yiyan's eyes were fixed on her, and her bound body could not stop shaking: "don't talk nonsense, Bai Zhen is really my aunt. She is not my mother. You have made a mistake. It's ridiculous."

"Am I wrong? Or have you been kept in the dark, like a fool, shouting at your own mother every day Wang Cheng shrugs his shoulders, with a look of satisfaction and a tone of light mockery. "

you nonsense, Bai Zhen is my aunt!" Bai Yiyan argues.

"It's pathetic. She was abandoned by her own mother and raised by her half sister. She was kicked around like a ball when she was a kid. Bai Yiyan, I always thought I was miserable, but I didn't expect that you are more miserable than me."

"Shut up and don't say anything. I was born by my mother. Bai is really my aunt!" Bai Yiyan roars loudly. She can't accept her distorted facts, but her heart is full of fear and uneasiness. "

what I said is true. Don't you realize that your face is very similar to Bai Liuyin? What's your resemblance to your mother? It's not a mother-in-law! " Wang orange satirizes. White

Yiyan's brain aches and pains. It seems that Ji Yueze just said that she doesn't look like her mother. What's the matter?

Isn't she really the mother's own daughter? Is Bai Zhen really his mother?

Who is joking with her like this?

"You lie, Bai Zhenzhen. If it's my mother, why doesn't she recognize me? Why didn't she let me call her mother when we were together for so many years? " Bai Yiyan still can't believe that it's true. She feels that it doesn't make sense.

"Well, you really don't know anything. You can't describe it with pity. Your birth was originally a tragedy. Bai Zhenzhen gave birth to you. She was arrested and imprisoned just after your full moon. You were left in her family. Fortunately, you have a nice little aunt who is willing to raise you without marriage. Then she married your adoptive father with you. I heard that you raised her The father is good to you, but her life is short. She died in her thirties. Your little aunt had to remarry with you again. This time, she was lucky. She married a rich man and gave birth to two sons. Her status is preserved. Unfortunately, you can no longer enjoy her care for you, because she has her own children. " Wang Cheng said slowly, just like telling a story, it has nothing to do with himself, so he is not sad or unhappy.

However, Bai Yiyan is going crazy. Her pretty face is inflamed and red. Her heart beats faster and coagulates. She feels that her whole body's blood is frozen. She only has to stare at that nonsense woman. She feels that all she said is not true. "

Bai Yiyan, do you know why Bai Zhenzhen dare not recognize you? Because she is afraid, she has been in prison, and she seems to have killed people, such a notorious woman, does she dare to let you be her daughter? However, no matter how well she keeps it, someone knows the secret, so you have become the biggest weakness of Bai Zhen! " Looking at Bai Zhen's face, Wang Cheng looks pale and faints. He knows how hard she has been hit. I'm afraid that she will be fainted by Qi. "

you nonsense, it's not true, it's not true, I'm not the daughter of Bai Zhen, I'm not a mother daughter relationship with her!" Bai Yiyan retorts weakly, but the more she does not admit it, the more she feels Wang Cheng's words are true.

Bai Zhenzhen has been very concerned about her since she came back from abroad. She bought her snacks, sent her beautiful skirts, often took her out to play, eat out, and deliberately paid her to learn dance and Taekwondo. She always thought her mother was too busy to take her when she was working, but now she wants to come. Instead of having no time, she gave her to Bai Zhen on purpose Really, let Bai Zhenzhen play with her.