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Mu Weicheng is the youngest son of the younger brother of the old president. He is only 27 years old. He is a down-to-earth man. Moreover, his most famous event is that he refuted the old president's decision-making on the spot in a political conference, put down his cruel words, and said a different statement of conspiracy, which shocked the whole military and political circles. Now, the general election is coming, but he stays in the north and never participates in it In this political competition, he is only doing his part. He has grown up with his achievements. He is young and a rare military genius. It is very helpful for the state to study and make war plans.

Everyone felt that he was very proud, even his own uncle's face dare to refute, we can see how arrogant. At that time, he was young and didn't understand the charm of power. If he sat in the vice president's position for a few days, he would understand how wonderful it was to control power. The wind and water would turn around in turn. It doesn't matter if I lost, and Ling Mo Feng would also lose. One day, my descendants could revenge for me, even if I had been in the yellow soil, my descendants would I'm comforted that people can still tell their dreams. "

Sister Mei was speechless for a moment. She felt that the old man was crazy.

"With all due respect, Mr. President, I don't think Ling Mo Feng can talk to you about this condition. Not only will he not talk about it, but he will collect all the evidence and send you to the place where you should stay. Maybe in the near future, we will meet again there." Sister Mei was frightened. Did the old president lose all his fighting power? Does that prove that the tree she relies on has fallen, and that she can be fatally exposed to the sun at any time?

The old president looked at the sky outside the window with a little more confusion. "Losers are not qualified to choose where to go. Maybe I'm really old, maybe I'm greedy. When I was elected, I swore to the national flag in front of so many people, and now I want to come back. Those oaths are like a mountain in my heart I'm always on the alert for my crimes. "

"Mr. President, you Are you going to give up on us? " Mei Jie is extremely shocked and even angry. She has done so many things to pave a road, but let Mu Weicheng go straight to Qingyun. They are all the cornerstones of him. If it is true, Mei Jie is not willing to die.

"Did I give you up? No, you are incompetent. Our relationship is like a pyramid. I stand at the top. You are every cornerstone of me. I trust you, but what about you? One failure after another, one incompetence after another, leads to the foundation stone hanging in the air. It is me who falls from the highest place, the most painful is me, and the most miserable is me. " But the old president seems to have calmed down. He said nothing but bitterness.

Mei's breath was sluggish, and her face was twisted and ferocious. She stood up angrily from the ground: "who promised me that, as long as I help you deal with this mess, you will allow me to be a high official and rich man. Did you forget what you promised me? I abandoned everything, betrayed my faith and followed you. If you say no now, you will not do it. Where do you want us to go? "

"Ah Mui, a lot of people tell me that you have mental illness. I didn't believe it before, but now it seems that you believe it. Would you like to see a doctor and calm yourself first?" The president smiled at her, but it was full of sarcasm.

"You You can't do this to me, you can't. " Mei was so angry that she retreated step by step, her face white and gnashing her teeth.

"The only way you can save yourself now is to help me and put my nephew in the position of vice president. I can bear all the responsibilities. If you are charged with a crime that I intimidate, you will be given a lighter punishment." The old president continued to offer his terms with a cold face.

"How can I help you? Does your nephew listen to you? They would rather stay in the Northern Wilderness than come here to work with you. His ambition is not in politics. He is just a strategist. It is meaningless for you to force him like this. " Mei felt that he would let Mu Weicheng go back to the center of power to fight. People don't care about it at all.

"I have a way to get him back. You just have to promise me to vote for him on election day." The old president said with a cold face.

"Well, I'll help you, but you have to help me, otherwise, I'll still shake everything out of you. I know a lot. By the way, you can't kill me and kill me. I'm dead, and all the criminal evidence will be exposed. Only when I live can I keep all the secrets." Mei said angrily, turned around and left. For the first time, she ignored the upper and lower levels. She left full of resentment. She felt that she was living in a huge lie. Everything she worked hard for eventually turned into a bubble. She might drown herself and suffocate herself.

The manager sighed and put his hand over his chest. There, the doctor suggested that he should make a stent immediately, otherwise, he might not wake up at any time.

The old president breathed two mouthfuls of air hard. If he became a patient and could only lie in bed or sit in a wheelchair every day, he would rather never wake up.

But his great wish is to find an heir.

Now the young generation of the family aspirant, he only valued his little nephew Mu Weicheng. "After planning for so long, in the end, I was defeated by fate. Even if I was unwilling, I had to admit my life." The old president suddenly lost his combat effectiveness. It wasn't that he suddenly saw through life, but that his body had aged and suffered for several months, which made him suffer from severe heart disease. He had no power but to admit defeat.

Mei ran downstairs in one breath, sat in the car, trembling all over, she hated to scold, but she could not scold, wanted to cry, but could not shed tears.

She bited her teeth in hatred. Since she can't escape now, she should have revenge. Who has offended her? She has a steelyard in her heart, and has always remembered.

One will not let go.

Mei Jie's first thought was blue fiber. She didn't know why she hated this woman so much. It was clear that she didn't do anything special to her, but Mei Jie felt that her life was a waste of air. She also wanted to marry someone. Ah, Mei gave a cold laugh.

Ridicule her can only marry divorced man, sister Mei must also let her repay what is the taste of divorce. Sister Mei decided to carry out her plan immediately if she didn't do it.

She took out her cell phone and gave it to the blue fiber.