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C549. Eat him

When the girl heard his cold warning, her slender body trembled. Although she was a rookie reporter, she was very clear about Ji's great power.

She didn't expect to lose her job in the third month.

Isn't Ji Yueze a very elegant prince? Doesn't it mean that he is always kind and friendly to his journalist friends?

Who is talking? Now he, like the hell's retreat, has almost eaten her heart.

"I I can delete the picture. Would you please don't destroy my camera? Please. " This girl carefully raised her head, a clear face of melon seeds, pear flowers with tears, very poor.

Ji Yueze looked at those big eyes with tears, and suddenly he was stunned. These eyes even looked like Tang youyou. "I am an intern reporter, and I was forced to take photos of you dating other women. You are a big star. When we reporters see you, which one is not excited and excited, would you like to cool down my work? I didn't mean to. Now you've crashed my car, too. Please don't ruin my camera any more. " Bai Yiyan's only idea at the moment is to let this man hold up his hand and let her go. It's a big deal. She will go to other news.

"No way!" Ji Yueze groaned coldly. He reached in and opened the door. The broken glass scratched the back of his hand. However, he seemed to feel the pain and let the blood flow down.

Bai Yiyan was stunned. She felt the pain. Why does Yueze seem to lose the pain this season? She didn't realize how serious her bleeding hand was. Instead, she raised her camera directly. Next second, he skillfully took the card.

Bai Yiyan looks at him and takes the card away, thinking that he should let go of himself.

It's a pity that she thinks so beautifully.

Next second, Ji Yueze directly threw his camera to a man-made lake nearby.

"No..." Bai Yiyan saw her camera fall into the water. After she screamed, the whole person rushed to the lake.

Ji Yueze didn't expect her to be crazy. This woman is still crazy. He subconsciously reaches out to catch her, but only has time to catch one of her coats. She fell into the lake with a thump.

"Don't Don't help! I can't swim Bai Yiyan didn't think she was a fierce Duck at all. She jumped into the water with her camera. When she was more scared, the depth of the water exceeded her height, making her have no possibility of self-help.

Ji Yueze watched the woman sink down. Her eyes narrowed. Can't she? Can't she swim?

"Help Save me I don't want to die! " Bai Yiyan fought for her life to fight against the water bloom. After a long time, she took a breath again and shouted loudly.

Ji Yueze just wanted to punish this excessive woman, but he didn't want to let her die here.

So, the next second, the figure of man Xinchang jumped into the water, with his superb swimming skills, the dying woman was fished back to the shore.

"Cough Cough... " Bai Yiyan felt that her five internal organs had been disturbed by water at the moment. She coughed up a lot of water with a very painful dry cough.

She was wet all over. She shivered in the cold. Her coat was dragged away by jiyueze. There was only a gray suspender skirt in it. At the moment, the long hair was stuck on her shoulder, and the thin suspender skirt was also clinging to her body. It looked pitiful. "You You lunatic You almost killed me! " Although the five internal organs are suffering, Bai Yiyan is really angry. She feels that she is so close to death just now, as if the next second, her breath will be blocked, and her young life will say goodbye to the colorful world.

At the moment, Ji Yueze is also a little embarrassed. He is wet all over, but his face is still cold. In the face of this woman's complaint, he only sneers: "who let you shoot what you shouldn't?" "Yes, if I take a picture, it's really big news!" Bai Yiyan finally went along with her anger, but her face was very pale. She quickly picked up her coat beside her and put it on her body, but it was still very cold. Shaking her lips, she said, "what's the relationship between Tang youyou and you? I know that you and she are alone in the hotel. This news... "

"Dare you say another word, believe it or not, and I'll throw you back into the lake?" When Ji Yueze saw that the woman was dying, he dared to expose his scar. He threatened to go back with a cold voice.

Bai Yiyan quickly closed her mouth in fear. The feeling of despair and fear in the lake just now made her dare not try again. "Well, I'll take it as if I haven't seen anything. Let me go!" Bai Yiyan looks back at the calm lake. She thinks that the guy who ate is lying down. Her eyes are red. It seems that she is really not suitable for the profession of journalist. Forget it, she can only find another job.

When Ji Yueze saw her pitiful look, he sneered, "even if you don't get it, you already know it. I won't let you go."

"What else do you want? Can I take a stone and smash myself into amnesia? " Bai Yiyan was still very happy just now. She felt that she had made a big scandal. Now, she only hates that she didn't see Ji Yueze, so she won't be so miserable by him.

"OK, you can smash it! If you hurt me, I will pay for it. If you die, I will pay for it! " Ji Yueze said coldly.

"I don't want it. I'm only twenty-two. I'm going to die. My family will cry to death." Bai Yiyan is only joking. She has no courage to smash her head.

"Then you'll find a way to let the secret rot in your stomach." Ji Yueze stares at her, but finds that her tearful eyes are still beautiful.

Bai Yiyan frowned. After thinking about it, she gave a ring and pointed out: "yes, I'm going to lose my job this time. Why don't you hire me to work in your company? I'm working under your hands. I'm sure I won't come here disorderly."

"What qualifications do you have to be my subordinate?" Ji Yueze ridicules that this woman thinks pretty.

"I have. Don't I know your big secret? That's why you have to keep me! " Bai Yiyan is also a smart girl. She knows how to look for opportunities. Ji Yueze's eye color darkens in an instant. Do you feel that you are going to be determined by this woman?