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C1905 surprise

Today's weather is also very suitable. It's sunny and cool in autumn. Xia Xinnian stands in front of the wardrobe and carefully selects the clothes to wear today. Xiaoyuchen next to her has been dressed neatly. Holding her small head on one side, she sees that mommy is changing the fifth set of clothes.

"Mommy, you look great in everything." The little guy can see that mommy is always dissatisfied with her clothes. He immediately praises her.

Xia Xinnian looks back and says, "really? Then choose a suit for me. "

The little guy waited for this opportunity for a long time. He immediately ran to the top of the fart and pointed to a colorful long skirt: "Mommy, this looks good."

Xia Xinnian looked at his son wordlessly: "Mommy is going to see your grandparents today. It's too gaudy and not dignified to wear it."

"Is Mommy nervous?" The little guy blinked his big black eyes and asked.

"Aren't you nervous?" Xia Xinnian crouches down and gently straightens his son's collar.

"I won't, daddy said. My grandparents will like me very much." The little guy immediately laughed.

Xia Xinnian sighed: "yes, they will like you very much."

"Mommy, don't worry. I will make them like you, just like Daddy. At first, he didn't like you very much." The little guy has seen everything through.

Xia Xinnian chuckled: "you are a villain."

When Ji Mucheng came in and saw the mother and son in the cloakroom chatting, he leaned curiously at the door to see what they were talking about. Unexpectedly, he talked about him.

"Son, don't talk behind your back." Jimucheng is now cautious about this relationship. At this moment, when he hears that his son even brushes negative points in front of Xia Xinnian, he quickly makes a sound.

The little guy made a mischievous face at him and ran out of his long leg immediately.

"The child is too skinny." Jimucheng sighs. In retrospect, he didn't seem to be so naughty. Xia Xinnian's pretty face is slightly red, and arranges his slightly wrinkled dress.

"Your cloakroom is in space. In two days, I will enrich it for you." Ji Mucheng's quiet eyes turned around and said.

"No, I have a lot of clothes." Xia Xinnian shakes her head at once. She doesn't want to be a black sheep.

"You don't want what I gave you?" The man's tone is a little heavy and he shows some sadness.

Xia Xinnian choked. She deliberately raised her eyebrows and looked at him: "free?"

"Mind, are we still so clear? I can give it away for free. Of course, everything is free. " The man looked at her more hurt.

"I don't know that Ji's eldest son is so cheap. I don't want to give it away." Xia Xinnian played a trick on him.

"Xia Xinnian, say it again." Just now, the man was still weak. At this moment, he was so powerful that he stared at her dangerously: "not for nothing? What if I force it? "

Xia Xinnian shakes all over. What does it mean to send him? She dare not think deeply.

"Just this one on you, don't pick it." The man grabbed her hand and went out.

Xia Xinnian's hot face: "you What do you see? "

"I'm not satisfied to see you try on several sets of clothes at one go. I didn't know you would attach so much importance to this matter. In fact, it's just a regular meal. Don't be nervous. I'm everything." Jimucheng can't help smiling and appease her gently.

"You Hateful! " Xia Xinnian is really dizzy. Did the man just peep at her outside the door?

At last, the man couldn't help laughing.

Downstairs, the black car has been waiting for a long time. Xia Xinnian sat in with his son in his arms. The man also stooped to sit in. He sat down with his son in his lap. The man who knows how to love others will do a small thing no matter when, where and how.

Xia Xinnian's heart, in fact, was moved by him in these small details.

The car slowly drove out of the villa, towards a very strange direction of summer mind.

The city has changed a lot. The memory of the past has been blurred. Xia Xinnian only knows the direction of the car. It's said that it's the super rich area.

One and a half hours drive, Xia Xinnian saw a very spectacular manor, located just over half an hour away from the city center, with beautiful scenery on both sides, the gate slowly opened, Xia Xinnian's heart was suspended.

Although the ugly daughter-in-law always saw her parents-in-law, she had no confidence in her heart, because when the car drove into such a modern and elegant manor, her only pride disappeared.

She thinks that with a little fame and strength gained through her efforts over the years, she is enough to support her to meet anyone.

But now, she felt deeply ashamed.

The cool fingers were suddenly held tightly by a big hand. The warmth of the man's palm made her tremble slightly.

She looked sideways and saw the smiling eyes of jimucheng.

"Daddy, is this my grandparents' home? How big, how can it be like a park? " The little guy has been curiously lying in the window and looking out. The more he looks, the more he exclaims.

"Yes, Grandpa and grandma live in the park. This used to be the place where daddy left the field. After dinner, daddy will drive my SUV to take you around. You will like it." At the moment, jimucheng is also full of feelings in his heart. Looking back on his growth in these years, no matter what he did outside, he will always remember this growth place in his heart.

The car passes through the long Huajian Avenue and stops in front of a huge European style building on the hillside. Although the villa seems to have gone through some wind and frost, it can be repaired very well, just like new.

"Big brother is back." All of a sudden, before the car stopped, two figures, one tall and one short, came out of the living room. The boys were tall and handsome, the girls were charming and exquisite, with a sweet face.

These two are the two people that Ji family is now in favor of, Ji Xilin and Ji Tingyan, a pair of twins with opposite tempers and personalities.

As soon as the door of the car was opened, Ji Tingyan and xiaoyuchen hit each other on the front. Two big black and beautiful eyes looked at each other for five seconds.

"She's your little aunt." The gentle introduction of jimucheng.

"Ah!" Ji Tingyan let out a scream.

This call directly shakes out Ji Xiaohan, who is sitting in the living room drinking tea. He gets up and walks out. He doesn't know what the little daughter is shouting about.

Under the sun, the middle-aged man has a noble temperament and is well maintained. He looks like he is in his early forties. His facial features are mature and stable. However, his eyes become gentle when he sees his daughter.

"Xiaoyan, what's the matter?" Asked the season owl with a frown.

Ji Tingyan takes xiaoyuchen out of the car and says, "Daddy, there's a little boy like my brother here."