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Tang You You did not expect that the man would actually come in. Her breathing became sluggish, and in the next moment, the hairdryer in her hand was naturally taken away by the man.

"Can you blow?" Since Tang You You could not reject him, she could only doubt his ability to move.

Using the advantage of her height, Ji Xiao Han looked down at the small, straight, and taut body from above.

"The children seem to know about us." Ji Xiao Han opened his mouth and began to chat with the others to change his mind.

"En!" Tang You You's little face tightened up a bit as she closed her eyes. "How did they know?"

"It might be the Uncle Yuan …" Ji Xiao Han didn't want to tell her that, in fact, he was the one who asked Uncle Yuan to tell this news to the children.

Tang You You sighed: "We really shouldn't have let them know about this so early on, they will definitely let their imaginations run wild."

"What does it matter?" They are our children. Why don't we let them know that we're having a good time? " Ji Xiao Han, on the other hand, had a different understanding of the same thing.

Tang You You suddenly turned around, her hair flowing between the man's fingers.

Ji Xiao Han only felt an electric shock from his fingertips all the way to his heart, following that, it went straight to his lower abdomen.

"Was it the IPAD that you asked the Uncle Yuan to show to them?" Tang You You narrowed her beautiful eyes and stared at him with suspicion as she asked.

Ji Xiao Han did not expect the lady to guessed correctly, the handsome face was slightly embarrassed, but, he did not feel like he did anything wrong.

"Yes, I don't want to hide this from the children. Although they are young, they can already accept anything. Moreover, the children have asked me more than once, whether they will fall in love with their Mummy. I have also promised them that I will. Now, I have fulfilled this promise …"

Tang You You could not believe it. Her beautiful eyes widened as she ridiculed, "You actually agreed to this matter of theirs? What do you think? How do you know I'm going to fall for you? "

I'm very confident in my charm. Of course, after meeting you, I lost that confidence because of you. I said before, I won't force you to fall in love with me too early. I will give you time. When Ji Xiao Han spoke of love, he did not lose out at all to the title of Casanova.

Tang You You's mental state was weak to begin with, so she could not bear to be provoked by him. At this moment, his words made her feel extremely frustrated.

She said somewhat vexedly, "You're still saying that you won't force me? Aren't you saying these words to me just to force me?"

"Do you really feel nothing for me? I don't believe it. " Ji Xiao Han's finger indistinctly moved around her snow-white, small, and delicate chin, attempting to raise her little face and once again ruthlessly kiss this small, stubborn mouth.

However, Tang You You saw through his evil intentions. With a twist of his waist, he turned and walked out of the bathroom, "I'm going down to see my child!"

Raising her finger, the warm feeling disappeared, and Ji Xiao Han turned to the side with a slightly stiff body, watching the woman walk towards Walk Outside.

This woman's vigilance isn't bad. From the looks of it, she isn't the only one. For other men, is she also that sacred and inviolable?

Thinking of this, Ji Xiao Han was not disappointed, but instead happy.

A woman with self-respect and self-love was absolutely worthy of him treating her wholeheartedly.

After nightfall, Mu Shi Ye drove his sports car and stopped in front of the small district's entrance.

After getting off the car, he checked in and entered the residential complex.

He arrived at an elevator and checked the information on his phone before pressing the elevator button.

His heart was racing as the elevator rose.

He understood Pei An Xin's personality the best. She was a very proud woman, with a very high self-esteem.

How could he communicate with her when she saw him later?

Mu Shi Ye who had always been conceited, instantly lost his confidence when facing the woman he liked.

When the elevator door opened, Mu Shi Ye found the room number. At that moment, he took a deep breath, raised his hand and knocked.

After knocking for a minute, the door opened and a middle-aged woman stuck her head out. "Sir, who are you looking for?"

"Who are you? Isn't this Pei An Xin's home? "

"Miss Pei went out. I'm a babysitter hired by her." The old woman looked at him and realized that he was dressed extraordinary, with a noble temperament. She thought he was Pei An Xin's friend.

"Well, when will she be back, do you know?" Mu Shi Ye asked as he looked inside the house. He saw a little fellow crawling back and forth on a child's cushion on the floor, playing with a toy.

The nanny shook her head. "I'm not sure. If you have something to do with her, you can call her."

"I'm sorry, I'm her friend from before. I don't have her phone number now, can you give me her phone number?" Mu Shi Ye asked as his eyes locked onto that adorable little fellow's body.

The nanny noticed that Mu Shi Ye did not look like a bad person, he had a rich Young Master appearance, naturally she did not suspect that he had other intentions, "Wait for me, I will look for her number using my phone."

"Thank you!" Mu Shi Ye was extremely grateful, and did not take any further steps into the room. He leaned on the door, and looked at the cute little fellow with a smile.

The little guy was already one year and seven months old. Amongst his slightly messy black hair, he had a round face and looked like he was very nutritious.

She was wearing a pink t-shirt and there was only a nappy on the bottom. When she turned around, she saw Mu Shi Ye standing at the entrance.

She immediately stood up, dragging a cute cloth doll with her, and her two short legs shook as she walked towards Mu Shi Ye.

"Uncle …" After the little guy walked a few steps, he stopped and retreated a few steps timidly. He pointed at Mu Shi Ye with his little finger and started yelling. His voice was still a little blurry, because the little guy had just learned how to speak, so he could only say a few very simple words.

Mu Shi Ye looked at the little fellow who was standing two meters away from her with a gentle and excited gaze.