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Bai Yiyan was unprepared, nervous and scared, which made her hands tremble. She didn't write more beautiful words with confidence. Now, she is crooked and twisted. She doesn't have any style at all. Even after looking at it herself, she dislikes it very much.

A small face, bleak up, Li dye dye dye dye dye is also intended to see her joke, did not expect, she really saw.

At the moment, several media invited from the opposite side naturally gave a close-up to Bai Yiyan's three words with such an interesting episode.

Bai Yiyan was even more nervous. Her palms were sweating. Fortunately, after she finished writing her name, she followed Li Ranran to the viewing seat. Her position is arranged next to Li dye dye. As soon as Li dye dye goes in, she sees countless familiar faces. Naturally, she quickly plays with each other. All of them are famous fashion figures in the circle. There are also many big stars meeting. Many of them come from the noble family, Shu Yuan. Li

dye dye knows them, and directly ignores Bai Yiyan, who is next to her They talk and laugh on purpose. They are charming.

Bai Yiyan had long guessed that she was a little transparent when she came here, but she was also secretly cultivating her heart.

It doesn't matter to leave her alone. Anyway, she came here to enjoy the new clothes and bags.

"Ranran, who is she? How come I haven't seen it? "

Suddenly, someone pointed to Bai Yiyan and asked, with a proud expression.

Bai Yiyan looks around and sees a woman surrounded by Li Ranran. She asks a rich lady. She wants to bury Bai Yiyan. Who let her take her favorite God, Ji Yueze?

Li ran immediately smiled and said, "you don't know her? Is Bai Yiyan, who has a high popularity recently

"Oh, is that the one who was called Cinderella by netizens?" Someone pretended to reflect immediately.

Bai Yiyan is shivering all over. Cinderella? Who gave her the name? It's just annoying.

Does she offend anyone by eating instant noodles? Why give her names? Let her know that he must be beaten to death.

"That's it!" When Li Ran heard such a funny name, she couldn't help it again. She was very happy.

"I didn't expect to dress up and see it!" At once, someone commented on Bai Yiyan's comments.

"Of course, I can see it. It's just that I wear the famous brand as a miscellaneous brand." A word from someone caused another laugh.

Bai Yiyan is speechless about these people. Don't everyone come to the show? How did Chengdu come to see her? Today is not her main show. These people are really boring.

"Bai Yiyan, what are you doing standing so far away? Come here and have a chat!" When Li Ran sees Bai Yiyan, she hears the laughter here, but she is still calm. She doesn't mind, which makes Li dye unhappy.

The guys standing here are bigger than her. She didn't even come here to ingratiate herself. Instead, she became a solo show. It's really rude.

Bai Yiyan immediately replied loudly, "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at chatting. I'm sure I'll die chatting!"

Bai Yiyan refused Li dye's invitation so rightfully, which made Li dye's face ugly.

The women nearby just laughed. After hearing Bai Yiyan's cold reply, their faces changed.

It's really rude.

Li Ranran was so angry with her that she immediately put her hands around her chest and went to Bai Yiyan's face, intending to find fault: "Bai Yiyan, there are some seniors you need to learn. If you want to be a good actor, you should contact them more."

"What to learn? I'm not good at learning since I was a child. Otherwise, I won't be an actor. Besides, how can I learn how to sneer at others? Sorry, I can't learn! " Bai Yiyan is still that kind of cool tone answer.

"You..." This time, Li Ranran choked her so much that she couldn't speak. She just had a dark face and wished she could slap Bai Yiyan's face to make her not understand the rules.

Some people immediately sneer: "relying on the support of someone behind us, it's so arrogant. It's really a small man's ambition. The chickens and dogs have risen to the sky!"

Bai Yiyan listened and immediately glared at her. The other side's shoulder shrank from her eyes, but she didn't dare to talk more.

Li Ranran found that even if he wanted to bully Bai Yiyan, he had no choice but to stop.

However, she hated Bai Yiyan in her heart. She felt that in front of others, her new comer didn't give her elder a step down, which made her lose face. After that, it's up to her to deal with this ungrateful woman.

Bai Yiyan is also very angry. Although she didn't write it on the surface, she secretly swore that she would never share the stage with Li dye again. Otherwise, she was afraid that she would go mad.

Although they sat together, Li Ran Ran only discussed the topic of the show with the person on the other side, laughing and talking. She was in a good mood, but she tried to put it on.

I hate to kick Bai Yiyan away from her, so as not to hinder her eyes.

Then watch the show. The storm is over.

After watching the show, Bai Yiyan plans to leave, but Li Ranran suddenly stops in front of her: "Bai Yiyan, we are coming here in the same car today. Let's go back later and leave with the car."

"Don't you hate me? I'd like to ride in the same car! " Bai Yiyan asked with a sneer.

"Hate to hate, but in front of the media, we still pay attention to the image!" Li Ranran frowns.

"Pay attention to your image. My image has been destroyed for a long time!" Bai Yiyan said lightly.

"Anyway, let's unite to avoid losing the boss's face." Li Ranran moves Ji Yueze out.

This is a good move. Bai Yiyan didn't say anything more. They still left in the same car. It gives a picture that the public thinks is very good. The elder brings the new person to the stage. Well, Li Ranran is really a good example to be praised.

Back to the company, Bai Yiyan was silent and didn't say a word. Brother an and her assistant came around: "my little darling, is this show good?"

Bai Yiyan nodded: "nice!"

"There will be many other occasions like this in the future, so we need to adapt to them!" Angie smiled and comforted her.

"Well, I will!" Bai Yiyan also smiled.

At this time, angor's cell phone rang, and he picked it up. Then he hung up and said to Bai Yiyan, "the boss is in a hurry to see you. Go upstairs to find him." Bai Yiyan heard that Ji Yueze was looking for her. Her expression changed. A smile flashed across her mouth: "OK, I'll go up now."