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In the evening, Xia Xinnian and Ji Mucheng lived down. After taking a bath, Xia Xinnian came out and saw his son and Ji Mucheng playing in bed. The little guy's eyes narrowed and he was very happy.

"Mommy, daddy just told me a horror story to scare me." The little guy filed a complaint at once.

Xia Xinnian's speechless white look at the man: "how old are you? You scare children."

"It's not scary at all. I told him to study hard when he was young, otherwise, he couldn't find a beautiful girlfriend when he grew up." Jimucheng's explanation of crying and laughing.

"You also said that I will not be strong and will find my girlfriend who likes to bully me like a little aunt." The little guy's face was full of anger and grievances.

Xia Xinnian chuckled. I'm afraid that the little aunt's naughtiness is also famous. I don't know who can subdue her in the future.

"My sister-in-law is beautiful and lovely. If you want to find a girlfriend like her, Mommy will wake up with a smile in her dream." Xia Xinnian comforted his son immediately.

"Well, as long as mommy likes it," he said

Ji Mucheng is helpless with his son's submissive expression. The little guy grew up with his mother. He has too much dependence on Xia Xinnian. Moreover, the little guy is considerate and sensible. He is really afraid that he will become a man of Ma Bao. So from now on, he has to let his son learn to stand on his own.

"Well, stop playing and lie down and go to bed." Jimucheng pulls his son over and presses him on the bed.

The little guy immediately got up: "I don't want to sleep with you, I'll go to grandma."

"Don't go." Jimucheng grabbed him and said, "let Grandma and grandpa sleep well. Don't disturb them."

Xia Xinnian also hurriedly stopped his son: "Yeah, don't go, sleep with us tonight."

The little guy had to nod his head: "OK then."

This night, Xia Xinnian slept soundly. The little guy's small body was squeezed over from time to time. He must rely on her to sleep, and his little hand must hold her arm to sleep.

It's hard for jimucheng. He also wants to sleep with his own woman. Unfortunately, there is a little girl in the middle who gets in the way. No matter how long his arm is, he can't get closer to her.

Come on, anyway, he was born by himself. He would bear him for a few days. After a few days, he would let his son sleep in the children's room alone.

After a disaster, Xia Xinnian's reputation and career finally returned to normal.

There is still deep sympathy for her forced injury. Of course, now the media is more concerned about when she and Timothy entered the marriage palace.

Unhappy people have their own misfortunes, but happy people are the same. They find true love and live together.

The competition has come to an end, and Xia Xinnian is relieved at last. She goes to Liu Chengtian to ask for half a month's leave.

Liu Chengtian naturally approved her holiday, but still hinted at Xia Xinnian's help to jimucheng.

Xia Xinnian found that she had not mentioned it all the time. She immediately promised to mention it this time.

Liu Chengtian's help to her is also remembered by her. He is a good boss. It's lucky to meet such a boss in his life.

When Xia Xinnian asked for leave, he went directly to the company to find jimucheng. Jimucheng was also arranging the leave. Jixiaohan came to the company to take a rare seat. His son's leave was a big event, so he naturally asked for help.

Ji Xiaohan is sitting in the office drinking tea. Ji Mucheng's assistant is explaining things to his new assistant. Lu Qing, Ji Xiaohan's former assistant, now holds an important position in the company. He is very loyal and reliable. He is regarded as Ji's capable general.

Ji Xiaohan's success lies not only in his own business talent, but also in his reuse of talents. As a junior, Ji Mucheng has been learning from his father how to do business. He does not expect to surpass his father, but only hopes not to disappoint him.

"Mr. Ji, Miss Xia is here." His assistant knocked on the door and came in, whispering.

Ji Xiaohan raised his hand directly to him: "you go to see Xinnian, don't you want to choose a wedding dress? Don't come to the company in the afternoon. "

Jimucheng's handsome face stretches out and nods happily: "OK, let's go first."

When Ji Mucheng came to the office, she saw Xia Xinnian dressed in professional clothes. She stood in front of the floor to floor window and turned her back to him. When she heard the sound of opening the door, she looked back.

Looking at this gentle look, jimucheng immediately walked by with a smile: "are you ready for your vacation?"

"Well, I don't want to go to the company this afternoon." Xia Xinnian nodded and smiled.

"I'm officially off. Let's go. Let's go to lunch first and pick up the wedding dress in the afternoon. Tomorrow's plane will go abroad." Jimucheng can't wait to spend time with her. Before meeting her, he always felt that his life was a little short. He didn't find that he lacked her until she appeared.

"So fast?" Xia Xinnian is a little surprised.

"Yes, it's all about playing. Just stay with you." Jimucheng doesn't choose places, only people. With her around, he won't feel bored going to any corner of the world.

"Well, you can decide." Xia Xinnian is not a person who likes to make up his mind. Someone has planned the trip for her. Of course, she is happy and relaxed.

After lunch, they went to a high-end wedding dress shop to choose wedding dresses.

The shopkeeper knew jimucheng and introduced the most expensive and high-end wedding dress to them.

As soon as Xia Xinnian entered this kind of shop, she felt uneasy, because she was also engaged in the clothing industry. Some of the prices were inflated, and she sometimes felt it was not worth it. Maybe, she was still a thrifty person in her bones. She couldn't be a big loser.

"Do you like it? You try. " Jimucheng has a good eye. She picked a set introduced by the shopkeeper. Xia Xinnian took a look at it, which is also very exciting. However, she believes that the price will make people's heart beat faster.

"Try it." The man saw her hesitation and whispered firmly in her ear.

Xia Xinnian's face swells. Can this man see what's on his mind? It's over. Is she going to be controlled by him.

Xia Xinnian had to stop thinking and try it on directly.

This wedding dress is off the shoulder. It exposes her whole white skin. It looks sweet and vivid. Xia Xinnian is embarrassed, and then spreads her head. But even then, the black hair is set against the white skin, which still gives a charming and sentimental feeling.

When jimucheng saw her coming out, he seemed to see the angel he had been waiting for for for a long time. He was slightly distracted and couldn't move his eyes for a moment.

"Pretty?" Xia Xinnian's face is full of shame and looks up at him.

At the moment when jimucheng saw her, what appeared in her mind was the picture of making faces at her through the car window when she was a child, and the appearance of her wrestling and crying in the hall. The thin lips of the man could not help but hook up.