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C1722 her embarrassment

The woman beside him fell asleep peacefully, but Ji Xiaohan couldn't sleep. Maybe it was the strange bed, maybe the emotion surging up in his heart, which made him still awake in this early summer night.

The man gently takes the arm under the woman's head away, the woman murmurs, and sleeps to the other side, as if angry.

Season owl's lips are thin and cold. He really spoils this woman, but it's a small demand that doesn't meet her. Even in his sleep, he has a small complaint.

However, the feeling of being relied on by her is the security that Ji Xiaohan wants most.

He got up gently from the bed and looked at Tang Youyou, who was asleep, for fear that he would wake her up.

Ji Xiaohan took a pack of cigarettes from the side and dressed in a gray nightgown. The tall figure flashed across the stairs and went down the first floor.

The two bodyguards outside the first floor heard the news and immediately pushed the door in warily. When they saw that it was Ji Xiaohan, they respectfully and whispered, "Sir, I haven't slept yet."

Ji Xiaohan took two cigarettes and handed them to him: "it's hard for you."

The two bodyguards were immediately flattered. They took over with both hands and answered with honor: "it's our honor not to work hard for you."

Ji Xiaohan knows that they are loyal to him. Of course, he has never been unfaithful to people around him. Only in this way can we have a strong relationship between monarchs and ministers, so that we can be more united and guard this safe and stable life together.

"Where are you going, sir?"

Asked the bodyguard.

"No, I'll sit here for a while."

Ji Xiaohan takes a bottle of cold beer from the next cupboard and unscrews the lid.

Two bodyguards know that he likes to be quiet, so they exit the door and leave the space for him.

Season owl cold lies on the sofa, drank a mouthful of wine, cold into the throat, let the mind also become more clear some.

Looking back over the past year, he felt that he had been waiting for a long time, but in the shortest time, he enjoyed the best life. His wife, children, mother and naughty younger brother had become his wife and father for the first time, and his grandfather's death had given him a huge blow, the new life to come, and infinite expectation.

Season owl cold closed eyes, thin lips raised the smile of satisfaction, if there is a time recorder, he will go to buy one, to record these beautiful things.

I hope that the days will go on like this, and there will be no more storms and no more injuries.

When you are young, you will despise the ordinary, not the life is not brilliant enough, not full of fun, no adventure and challenge, but when you find the true love, you will find that any adventure is frightening, but you will use every means to exchange for the ordinary and peaceful life.

In a blink of an eye, more than a month has passed.

Lanyanxi has been pregnant for more than two months. God knows how much she suffered. She always thought she was healthy, but when she found out what she was eating, she was really desperate.

Why is pregnancy such a torment? I feel that in addition to Ling Mo Feng's presence, the whole world she feels is gray. She can't lie down well or sleep well. She always sweats and sweats like a patient. She can't work hard every day.

At dusk, the whole city is covered by the sunshine. Lanyanxi sits on the rocking chair outside the door and reaches out to touch the smooth belly. Suddenly she feels bored. She turns around and goes back to the living room. She takes a pillow and directly tucks it into the dress and skirt. She flattens her belly and grows tall. She can't help but walk upright.

She walked around the living room like a penguin, feeling the way she looked after the big month.

Suddenly, as soon as she turned around, she saw a big body standing on the steps outside the living room.


She let out a scream. Next second, she turned around and took out the pillow in her stomach quickly. She held it in her arms and turned around angrily to stare at Ling Mo Feng who stood quietly outside the door.

"You When did you come back? "

Embarrassed to be seen, LAN Yanxi was angry, as if Ling Mo Feng owed her money, she asked him angrily.

Ling Mo Feng is wearing a black coat on his arm, and his tie has also been untied. His white shirt has two necklines open. Standing there in a manner of expression, it is the most charming scenery at dusk.

The man was questioned by her inexplicably, and could not help but smile and answer: "just came back, what's the matter?

Don't welcome me back? "

"Why didn't your car come in?"

LAN Yanxi still felt depressed. He must have seen his funny appearance just now. It's really disgraceful.

"I didn't let them drive in, for fear of disturbing you to rest. I came back from the outside alone."

Ling Mo Feng still explained gently.

What else did lanyanxi want to say? It seems that he can't say it again. In order not to quarrel with himself, he walked such a long way back, and she was willing to scold him again.

"What were you doing just now?"

When Ling asked, he couldn't hide his smile.

Blue words Xili namely back body, clap to hug pillow, explain forcibly: "nothing, I am in tidy sofa."

"I see it."

The man felt that she was so cute as to pretend to be stupid. He couldn't help but want to tease her.

"You Hateful! "

The pillow in blue Yanxi's hand, throw it directly.

The man's body skill is good. He catches her and walks to her. His eyes are full of tenderness: "how?


What I'm afraid of? I'm your husband. I won't laugh at you for what you do. "

"If you don't laugh, you're laughing."

Blue Yan stamped his feet angrily.

Ling Mo Feng gently reached out his hand to straighten her long, messy hair on the side of her ear, and explained in a low voice, "I laugh because you look lovely, not because your behavior is funny, you know?"

"I don't want to talk to you!"

LAN Yanxi doesn't want to hear his explanation. He'd better forget all the pictures he saw just now.

Ling Mo Feng heard her words, eyes color a hurry, long arm moment will turn around she hugged, thin lips against her shoulder, low sigh: "Yan Xi, you and I also see outside."

LAN Yanxi is not angry, but she can't hold her face. She is childish to do this kind of stupid behavior in front of her favorite man.

"Ling Mo Feng, I'm going to have a baby. Will you dislike me?"

LAN Yanxi was held in his arms like this. He felt very secure, so he stopped struggling and began to talk nonsense.

Ling Mo Feng's eyes were stunned, and he asked, "how can I dislike you?

You can rest assured that even if you have children, my favorite person is you. "

"But what if I lose shape when I have a baby?

It's fat and fat. "

LAN Yanxi now adds a group chat of Baoma, in which she sees some embarrassing things that they self expose, and she suddenly becomes very flustered.

"Yan Xi, men like fuller women."

Ling Mo Feng's face is full of desire to survive.

"I don't mean plump, I mean very fat."

Blue Yan hopes to be reasonable.

"Yan Xi, the meaning of marriage is that when two people grow old, you are fat, maybe I will be fat too. I don't dislike you, and you don't dislike me."

Ling Mo Feng smiled bitterly. He really couldn't give her a satisfactory answer, but he just had to show his attitude.

"Then I also heard from Baoma in the group that after giving birth to a child, the couple's life will be greatly affected. Would you dislike me again? "

LAN Yanxi has no sense of security at the moment, and only in front of Ling Mo Feng can she dare to speak frankly about these private topics.

"No, you don't believe in yourself, but you should believe in me."

All of a sudden, the man smiled, and he was proud of himself.

Blue Yan Xi blinked beautiful eyes, suddenly understood, clenched a fist to beat his chest: "you come less, I just don't believe you."

The man hugged her tighter and laughed.

"What do you watch at home every day now?

If you're really bored, you can go to the office building with me. You can find something to do by yourself. "

Ling Mo Feng is a bit sad and can't laugh. What she thinks about now is nothing but leisure.

"Well, I'll go with you tomorrow. It's just that the charity donation that I did before is approaching the end. I'm going to see the situation."

LAN Yanxi nodded and promised to go out with him tomorrow.

"Well, I'll make dinner in the evening. What would you like to eat?"

Ling Mo Feng nodded. He came back so early to make a dinner for her.