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C1540 someone is drunk

Even if his sister didn't shout for him, Ling Mo Feng looked at the pretty face in front of her, and couldn't help kissing her forehead.

In fact, he also wants to have a more warm kiss, but in front of so many people, Ling Mo Feng, who is introverted, is absolutely impossible to make.

LAN Yanxi closed her eyes slightly, even if it was just a kiss like a dragonfly nodding water, for her, it was also extremely satisfied and happy.

Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu are in different moods. Ji Xiaohan has experienced the warmth and romance of marriage and the happiness and satisfaction witnessed by his relatives and friends. But Luo Jinyu has not experienced all this yet. Looking at the picture of Ling Mo Feng and his fiancee's love and light embrace, he can't help but think of the little woman in his family. He sighs and sighs. He must have Give her a positive identity as soon as possible.

Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yan Xi sat on the main table. The banquet officially started. There were rich dishes and mellow wine. Everyone was enjoying delicious food and wine. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy for a while.

LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng, as young generation, are busy toasting their elders. Ling Mo Feng is also in a high position, and many people come to toast him. In a moment, they push the cup to change the lamp and laugh, which makes the antique hall more lively.

But there are a few people who are not fit for the bustle.

Sister Mei is smiling and gossiping with some relatives around her. However, soon, there are some people who don't know much about her. They will try to promote her pain. If it's just an outsider, it's just her relatives, three aunts and six aunts, who are all looking at her with colorful glasses. They are kind enough to persuade her to get married and have a child to prevent old age.

Sister Mei was so upset that she felt that she had come to the wrong place and had nothing to do to find guilt.

In fact, Ling Mo Feng didn't invite her. It was Ling's mother who called her. Sister Mei came happily and wanted to make a good show for you. But at the moment, she wanted to break the recording pen and put it into the blue fiber's mouth for her to swallow.

Fortunately, she has wisely judged Ling Mo Feng's true love for LAN Yanxi. Otherwise, she is the only one who is embarrassed.

Sister Mei was on pins and needles, and wished she could leave at once. The two uncles of the blue family also sat there, hoping that the banquet would be over soon.

Lanlin is slowly eating with vegetables and wine. She sees a man puffing around. She wants to have a cigarette and relax.

Blue fibril didn't come today, but grandpa didn't allow her to come. He also said that as long as there were blue Yanxi and Ling Moheng in the occasion, she would not appear.

Lanlin's breath holding voice for so many years has finally reached the glorious moment of exaltation. Of course, she needs to drink more wine to celebrate.

LAN Yanxi's drinking capacity is not good. At last, she can only substitute tea for wine. In the face of enthusiastic guests, she is full of tea. But Ling Mo Feng, who is standing beside her, has no such treatment. All he drinks is wine. Even if his drinking capacity is good, he can't stand the enthusiasm of his relatives and friends. His handsome face has been swollen red, and blue Yanxi's eyes are more and more deep and warm.

He had an impulse to drag her to the next empty room

However, reason has suppressed this impulse again. He can't do it, and he won't do it.

Today is his big day, he is very happy, drunk, also happy.

Wang Xinyi also sat at the table and saw the love interaction between LAN Yanxi and Ling Mo Feng. She looked straight for a moment. She suddenly recalled her last marriage. It seemed that she had directly omitted the engagement link and entered the marriage palace. At first, the two were still a little passionate. But three months later, the nature of the man revealed. The relationship was warm from the beginning It became pure and flawless. She was busy with her work and her husband was busy with his work. It was difficult to meet each other day and night. At last, her husband betrayed her and found a woman younger and sexier than her. The woman went straight to the door to pick up her position in the Imperial Palace. She was still pregnant for two months. At that time, Wang Xinyi really wanted to beat her up and miscarry her directly, but she was rational She felt that it was not a pity to throw away the unfaithful and unclean man. She decided to divorce.

The thoughts drifted away in such a lively scene. When Wang Xinyi calmed down, she found that two lines of tears had slipped down her face. She immediately bowed her head in shame and reached out to erase them.

However, when she thought that everyone's eyes were on the two protagonists today, she looked up and saw the man sitting at the table who had hurt his leg. He was looking at her in surprise.

Four eyes, Wang Xinyi even though political ups and downs for many years, but also Leng is to look at him to blush.

She gave uncle Yu a look of anger. Why is this man staring at her all the time? Can't she have a flower on her face?

In fact, Wang Xinyi really misunderstood uncle Yu. Uncle Yu just looked up casually, and saw that she seemed to be wiping away tears. Only in a moment of consternation could he have more eyes.

Maybe the brain circuit of a woman is really strange. Wang Xinyi feels that uncle Yu has intentional suspicion.

Wang Xinyi stares at him. Uncle Yu is scared and lowers his head. He dare to take another look.

Wang Xinyi's heart is full of anger. It's your wit.

The banquet finally reached the point of tail rising. Sister Mei couldn't sit down. She forced a smile to say goodbye to her relatives, walked out of the gate and immediately blacked her face.

The two uncles of the blue family saw that someone had begun to leave. They also used to say hello to the old man and the elder of the Ling family. Then they left quickly.

Ji Xiaohan and Luo Jinyu came together. Today is Ling Mo Feng's special session. Naturally, they won't take the lead of him. They say hello to Ling Mo Feng, who is drunk and confused. What does Ling Mo Feng want to say to them? He's not stable. His long arm directly hugs the blue Yanxi beside him.

"He's drunk, Mr. Ji and Mr. Luo. Go back first. Thank you for coming today." LAN Yanxi immediately smiled at them.

"He's really drunk. You take good care of him. When you have time, I'll introduce my wife to you." Ji Xiaohan immediately said with a smile.

"I've met your wife. I asked her to help me last time. I'll take the time to go to your house and thank her personally." LAN Yanxi smiles and nods. He has a good impression on Tang youyou.

"Oh, by the way, I almost forgot. You met." It suddenly occurred to Ji Xiaohan.

After saying goodbye, Luo Jinyu and Ji Xiaohan left the door together. Their motorcade was parked on both sides. Several black cars drove away one after another, attracting people's attention. The charm of wealth is amazing. "Yan Xi, congratulations. I'm late. I've already punished myself." Wang Xinyi saw that there were fewer guests, so she went to LAN Yanxi and gave her best wishes with a smile.

LAN Yanxi reached out and hugged her: "sister Xinyi, I'm very happy that you can come, really."

"I've had a drink and I can't drive for a while. Maybe I'll ask you to help me get a driver." Wang Xinyi didn't plan to drink at first, but just now he was inexplicably tired and greedy for a few drinks. Now it's time to go to work. Wang Xinyi can only ask LAN Yan for help.

Of course, lanyanxi would like to help. She chuckled, "sister Xinyi, please wait a moment. I'll find someone to see you off."

Wang Xinyi stood and waited, and saw LAN Yanxi walking towards the distance. The object of her speech was the middle-aged man who was hit by her today. Wang Xinyi didn't know where his heart was empty, and his expression was a little stunned.

After a while, LAN Yanxi said with a smile: "sister Xinyi, uncle Yu is a person I trust very much. He is good at driving. Let him take you to work."

"He?" Wang Xinyi eyebrows tangled: "can change a person?"

"Sister Xinyi, uncle Yu is very good. I promise you. Besides, he is very responsible and will guarantee your safety. I'm not sure if I change someone else." LAN Yanxi didn't understand Wang Xinyi's careful thinking at all, she explained earnestly on her face.

Wang Xinyi's face was a little embarrassed, so she had to stop talking. She was afraid that Lan Yanxi would see her heart failure.

"Mrs. Wang, please follow me." Uncle Yu has a responsible attitude.

"Madame?" It seems that Wang Xinyi hasn't heard people call her that for a long time. Her brain exploded in a flash. LAN Yanxi's face was also stunned for a second, then she quickly smiled and corrected: "Uncle Yu, sister Xinyi is single at present, otherwise, you call her lady, don't call her lady."

Uncle Yu was stunned and nodded.

Wang Xinyi, however, was very stuffy. He said to LAN Yanxi, "Yanxi, I'll go first. I wish you a happy marriage. See you at the office."

"Sister Xinyi, please walk slowly." LAN Yanxi waved at her.

Uncle Yu and Wang Xinyi walked out of the gate one by one. The sun shone on them. The ground was hot and sultry. Wang Xinyi walked to his car without saying a word, and then reached out a car key from his bag and handed it to him.

Uncle Yu reached for it, opened the door and started the car.

Wang Xinyi's expression froze for a moment. At last, she opened the copilot's door and sat in.

This is her car. Of course, she needs to sit in the front to be more comfortable.

As soon as Uncle Yu got into the car, he found that there were some decorations in the car Strange.

It's all red. Seats, steering wheel are covered with red leather covers, and gears. Almost all the places you can see are red. He's a big man with an embarrassed expression. He's an expert in vehicle technology. He didn't know where to touch his hand for a while.

Wang Xinyi guessed that he was depressed, and she immediately smiled politely: "the fortune teller said, red Wang me."

"Oh!" This is the funniest explanation uncle Yu has heard. Does anyone really take the fortune teller's words as the truth?

"By the way, is your leg OK? Will it affect driving?" Wang Xinyi couldn't help asking.

Uncle Yu shook his head: "no, my legs are OK."

Wang Xinyi didn't know whether she had drunk some wine or because she was really lonely and empty for so many years. She turned her head and stared at Uncle Yu boldly.