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C1835 Is It Her?

A familiar image flashed through jimucheng's mind. Five years ago, the woman he slept with seemed to have a similar impression.

It was a night that Timothy never wanted to remember, because he was forced to have a relationship with a woman because the wine was flavored.

Now, he is in such a bad mood that he would like to erase all the things that happened that night, because he remembers that his parents met in this way, which is not love, but more like a game between adults.

Thinking of his mother's education since childhood, he is not allowed to mess around outside, let alone bully other girls.

Originally, his life was on the normal track, but he still walked a step askew. That night was like a dream. However, he gave a lot of money as compensation, which was more or less a comfort to the bottom of his heart.

Just when jimucheng was still stunned by the heart-shaped birthmark he had just seen, the young woman had disappeared into his sight holding her son's small hand.

When he thought of looking for it, he found that there was no mother and son in the crowd.

Cold as water, as if the heart was pulled out with hands, a wave of ripples.

Jimucheng quickly walked out of the cabin with the crowd.

At the exit, people are weaving like a tide. The arriving and arriving passengers are concentrated in the hall. It is obviously difficult to find a person through the crowd.

Jimucheng is not a boring person, but the heart star birthmark on mommy's shoulder reminds him of a bad memory five years ago.

Maybe it's a mystery. He just wants to make sure that the woman has something to do with herself.

With his advantage of high altitude, jimucheng still saw the woman in the crowd. She had just taken a travel car and pushed it. The little boy was sitting on two big travel boxes with her gentle arms.

The little boy smiled happily.

Wait until jimucheng slow God, just discover oneself unexpectedly stare at each other for a long time.

The woman's face that is full of maternal love gentle also carefully and seriously look into the heart.

Just now, on the plane, Xia Xinnian has been making up for her sleep with her head askew and head askew. Jimucheng hasn't even seen her.

At the moment, in the crowd, she gives Jimu a kind of amazing feeling.

Because it's Midsummer, she is wearing a cool black dress with long black hair and waist. Her features are delicate and endurable, like the Jasper in the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River. From head to toe, everything is delicate and small. Even the corners of her mouth are full of soft love.

However, she has a charming smile, only for her son.

Jimucheng felt a little annoyed, and imagined what kind of scene it would be if the woman looked at herself with a smile.

Xia Xinnian watched the caravan and chatted with his son. The little guy was smart. He saw an ice cream shop in front of him. He immediately gave full play to his child's nature. His big eyes blinked and his small mouth tooted: "Mommy, I want to eat an ice cream, OK?"

Xia Xinnian knew that his son was greedy for food. He loved cold drinks, but he could not eat too much.

"Just one!"

The little guy put up a little finger, which was obedient.

Xia Xinnian can't help him. He pushes the car, goes to the ice cream shop and buys one for his son.

The little guy happily took over. He took a bite of the little mouth ah Wu, and his eyes were all bent.

Xia Xinnian sees his son happy and chuckles, trying to push her toward the exit.

"Mommy, take a bite, too!"

Xia Yuchen asked.


Xia Xinnian stretched out his head, opened his mouth and took a bite. The cream accidentally touched the corner of her mouth.

At this time, she planned to reach for a tissue to wipe her mouth, but didn't expect a big hand to snap her slender wrist.

The mother and the son were startled by the sudden appearance of the man. Xia Xinnian had no time to wipe the corners of his mouth. He raised his small face and looked up at the eyes that were as deep as cold.

When jimucheng came here, she buckled her wrist out of instinct. However, when she turned her head, there would be white liquid on her bright red lips, which made her shocked.

Xia Xinnian was so angry that he threw off his big hand and said, "what's the matter, sir?"

Her voice is very clear and pleasant, just like the gentle breeze, very polite.

Jimucheng's face recovered as usual. Seeing her angry and questioning, he said lightly, "have we seen it?"

Jimucheng felt that if it was this woman five years ago, she might have an impression on herself.

But the eyes of the woman in front of him are as cool as water, but they don't seem to know him at all, which makes him depressed.

Do you really recognize the wrong person?

Xia Xinnian didn't speak yet. The little guy beside licked the ice cream and said coldly: "uncle, you are too old-fashioned to chat up."

Jimucheng's handsome face froze.

Xia Xinnian snorted and replied coldly, "I don't know!"

With that, Xia Xinnian pushes his son to leave. The little guy says, "uncle, my mommy doesn't like rude men!"

Xia Xinnian takes a look at the corner of his mouth. Then, he seriously rebukes: "Xiaochen, Mommy reminded you not to talk to strangers!"

The stranger's three words, just like a hammer's heavy blow, found that he was a little out of shape.

The man's face was as cold as iron. He turned around and stopped pestering.

Xia Xinnian pushes his son and his travelling away from the man. When he gets to the gate of the airport, he sees a smiling man.

"Miss Xia, I'm sorry I'm late. There's a traffic jam!"

When the young man came quickly, he apologized.

Xia Xinnian smiled: "it's OK, let's go!"

"Well, I'll help you move!"

The young man, Zhang Tu, is a personnel member of Xia Xinnian company.

Xia Xinnian thanked and stood by with his son in his arms.

Nearby, a black limited edition sports car passed by. Jimucheng's eyes turned carelessly, and he saw a man helping the mother and son to move the running brigade. His thin lips flashed a sneer. Maybe the man would become the stepfather of the little boy.

"Brother, here, look here."

Just when jimucheng was bored, a clear voice came from a distance. He immediately looked at the voice. He saw a girl about 20 years old, who was forced to pull a boy of the same age, and was waving his hands to him happily.

Jimucheng changed her cold face and her eyes were full of gentle smile.

After a while, the beautiful pair of people came to him. Jimucheng looked at the two brothers and sisters, reached out and touched their hair: "how do you know I want to go back to China?

I have nothing to say first. "