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When they arrived at the restaurant they had booked, Ji Xiao Han and his group got off the car and walked towards the elevator.

"Xiao Han …" Suddenly, a gentle female voice was heard from the door. Everyone's expression froze.

When Ji Xiao Han saw her, his expression revealed a hint of faint surprise.

The little guy immediately became unhappy. He pouted his little mouth as he glared at this woman who was trying to get close to his father.

"This is my friend's child. He brought it here for dinner." Ji Xiao Han did not want to expose the child's identity at this time.

He only wanted to give the children a safe environment. Once their existence was exposed, there would be a lot of danger.

Gong Wen Man's gaze swept across Tang You You's face, and the corner of her mouth hooked up into a faint smile: "This is the girlfriend that you publicly admitted to before? "What's her name?"

"Tang You You!" Ji Xiao Han's gaze stayed on Tang You You's face for a few seconds before he replied softly.

Although Gong Wen Man concealed her jealousy well, one could tell from her subtle expression how much she despised Tang You You.

"Xiao Han, since we've met, why don't we have a meal together?" Gong Wen Man took the initiative to bring it up, and when she looked at Ji Xiao Han, her expression was filled with gentleness.

Just as Ji Xiao Han was about to say something, Tang Xiao Rui suddenly grabbed onto his big hand and laughed: "Uncle Ji, this aunty is so beautiful. Why don't we let her eat with us?"

When Gong Wen Man heard this little guy call her Auntie without being able to see, and forcefully calling her old age, but she was clearly just 26 years old and wasn't married yet, how could she be called Auntie?

Ji Xiao Han lowered his head and looked at his son's pair of thief like eyes, he had a bad premonition, what kind of tricks did this little fellow plan to pull this time?

"Let's go, Uncle. I'm really hungry!" Tang Xiao Rui swung Ji Xiao Han's big hands, dragging him towards the elevator.

Tang You You immediately scolded: "Xiao Rui, don't disturb your Uncle Ji's chat with your friends. Come over, I'll lead you upstairs."

Mu Shi Ye, who was at the side, carried his daughter, who had already fallen asleep, and watched the interesting scene with an expression of watching a good show.

After interacting with him a few times, he discovered that Tang Xiao Rui's IQ was definitely much higher than his age. He felt that Tang Xiao Rui was a petty person, and the way he spoke was very domineering and fierce.

At this time, he actually brought out the idea of letting Gong Wen Man eat dinner together with him. This meant that this little fellow's stomach was filled with evil water.

Tang You You looked at his son's evil little eyes and became vigilant.

Although Gong Wen Man hated being called an aunt by Tang Xiao Rui, since the little guy praised her as beautiful and also offered to eat together with him, she instantly pretended to have a gentle expression. He wanted to stroke the little guy's head to show how much he liked children.

Unfortunately, the little guy immediately scurried away. Her hand stiffened mid-air, and she was unable to touch it. She awkwardly retracted it back.

"Uncle, let's go, let's go. Facing such a beautiful aunt, I can definitely eat two more bowls of rice." Tang Xiao Rui's goal was clear, it was to pull this woman who had thoughts for her father onto the dining table and ask her about the situation.

Tang Xiao Nai's small face fell. She didn't know what kind of plane her brother was playing, and even though she obviously didn't like this woman, he still dragged her along to eat.

Ji Xiao Han looked at his son, then glanced at Gong Wen Man, and in the end, his gaze landed on Tang You You's face.

Tang You You deliberately turned his face elsewhere. She did not know this woman, so how about eating together with her and letting Ji Xiao Han make the decision.

"Alright, then let's go together!" After being played around by his son, Ji Xiao Han suddenly could not say a word to reject. After all, he was a man.

Gong Wen Man's mouth formed a smile as if she had succeeded, and followed Ji Xiao Han into the elevator.

Whether intentionally or not, she pushed Tang You You into a corner of the elevator and stood next to Ji Xiao Han.

Of course, Tang You You would not fight over the position with her, what she needed to take care of the most right now were her two children.

Gong Wen Man turned her head to look at the little milk baby that was sleeping soundly in Mu Shi Ye's embrace, and asked curiously: "Young Master Mu, is this your daughter? When did you get married? How come I didn't know? "

As one of the upper class, if Mu Si Ye were to get married, she would definitely be one of the guests invited.

However, Mu Shi Ye didn't need to hide his child behind his back like Ji Xiao Han, as he didn't dare show it to others. This was because the relationship between him and Pei An Xin had been stirred up a few years ago, and now that he had this little darling, he started to seriously consider a normal person's life.

"Yes, my daughter." Mu Shi Ye calmly replied.

"Si Sheng Nv?" Gong Wen Man asked in a very unskilled manner.

Mu Shi Ye's expression became somewhat stiff and ugly, his tone also became indifferent: "I'm already in my arms, can it be Si Sheng Nv?"

Only now did Gong Wen Man realize that she had said something wrong, she wiped the hair beside her ear with a dry smile: "That's right, I'm really sorry, I was just a little curious, your daughter is already this old, why aren't you married yet?"

"You're not young anymore, and you're in no hurry to get married." Mu Shi Ye's thin lips curled up as he silently mocked the fact that she was a leftover girl at such an age.

Gong Wen Man's face froze, she was usually sensitive to her age, but suddenly did not speak anymore.

The elevator door opened and Ji Xiao Han walked out first. Gong Wen Man followed behind him leisurely, and when she turned around, she saw Tang You You holding onto a child in each of her hands as she followed behind him. She thought to herself coldly, these two children couldn't really be Ji Yue Ze's illegitimate children who were uploaded to the internet, right?

Could it be that the little boy looked a little similar to Ji Xiao Han?