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C1603: Disputes between giants

Everyone at the scene stared at the sharp fruit knife on the ground, and their faces changed greatly. Unexpectedly, blue microfiber hid a knife in her sleeve, which was terrible.

LAN Yanxi also gave a low cry of fright. Next second, her waist posture was gently hugged by a big palm. Ling Mo Feng's face was gloomy and ugly, and her voice was cold as frost: "blue and slender, you dare to move her."

Blue fibril plan fell down. She fell on the ground and laughed loudly. The more she laughed, the more sad she was. She looked up and saw Ling Mo Feng holding blue words as treasure tightly in her arms. Her heart was pricked like a needle.

Originally, do not belong to their own, will never get.

"Slim, you are confused." Blue mother saw her daughter's so sad laughter, she was distressed and angry. She squatted down and helped her daughter up.

LAN Bai's face is blue and white or red at the moment. His daughter even wanted to kill in public. This spread out. After that, the reputation of her daughter is no longer good. No one's family is willing to marry a daughter-in-law who dares to kill with a knife.

The old man was very angry. He couldn't help but cover his chest and gasp for breath. He reached out to the lambs and said, "go out Take her. "

"Grandpa!" LAN Yanxi then found that Grandpa's face was very pale, and cold sweat came out. She cried out, ran to hold the old man and asked anxiously, "Grandpa, what's the matter with you? Don't scare me. "

Ling Mo Feng also came over quickly, and saw the old man's eyes closed and he was in a coma.

"Grandpa!" LAN Yanxi shouted, and tears rolled down.

LAN Bai saw that the old man had been stunned by his anger. He was so worried that he hurried to help: "hurry up, take my father to the hospital. I'll go upstairs to find the medicine."

While Lambert was talking, he was already walking up the stairs.

And at this time, the lanchen family also rushed over. Lanlin saw that the old man was sitting in the car crosswise, and her face froze for a while.

The scene suddenly became chaotic. Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi had already taken the car to send the old man to the hospital, while LAN Bai took the medicine and followed LAN Chen in the car.

Lanlin stood by and watched one car after another leave. Her mind was blank.

At last, the hall, which was still bustling, was empty. She could not help sitting on the steps beside her, chin on her chin, and complicated thoughts were rolling in her mind.

Grandpa is not going to be angry with the blue fiber father and daughter. So, has grandpa's will been written?

LAN Lin thought so. She suddenly turned around and walked to the hall.

Just walked to the stairs, a servant aunt blocked her way: "miss three, what are you doing upstairs?"

"I'll help my grandfather get something. Why don't you let me go up?" Lanlin showed an angry expression at once.

The servant's aunt immediately accompanied the smiling face: "well, the old man has explained that his room is not allowed to enter without his permission."

"How could my grandfather have said such ridiculous things? Who am I? I'm his granddaughter, get out of my way. " At this time, Lanlin directly put out the big lady's momentum to suppress the servant.

The servant's aunt was also firm, standing still: "miss three, you'd better not embarrass me, the old man really attached, I want to let you go, I have to lose my job."

"Believe it or not, I'll let you go now?" Lanlin is furious at the moment. She is eager to know whether grandpa left a will or not. If so, she has to see the contents and make plans.

Just now, the blue fiber father and daughter had a good play. He was so angry that he fainted his grandfather. He would not want to profit from the board meeting.

"I'm really sorry. I work for Mr. blue. Miss three may not have the right to let me go." The servant aunt is still firm in her duties and will not give in.

Lanlin is so angry. Does she really have no place in the blue family? A servant dare to be mad at her.

However, if the servant doesn't give in, she can't break in. If Grandpa survives this time, she can't explain 100 mouths clearly.

"Wait, I'll check with you later." Lanlin bit her teeth angrily and turned to leave angrily.

In the first military hospital of the military region, Mr. blue was directly sent here for treatment. As soon as he arrived, there were doctors waiting at the door.

Seeing Grandpa being pushed into the rescue room, LAN Yanxi felt cold and pale.

Ling Mo Feng stood by her side, watching her wring her hands, very hard, her fingers were pinched white, knowing that she must be very worried and scared at the moment, he had to reach out to her, grasp her tightly wring hands, gently separated, and sure enough, he saw the fingers in the palm of her hands, which were all red marks forced out by her fingertips.

"Don't worry. The doctors here are very professional. Your grandfather will be fine." The man didn't want her to hurt herself again. He took one of her hands and took her to a nearby leisure room to sit down.

Chu lie guards at the door with his bodyguard and keeps others away.

"It's all my fault. I'm the one who got in touch with Grandpa." LAN Yanxi is extremely remorseful and distressed.

"I can't blame you. The blue fiber family is unreasonable. It's your grandfather." Ling Mo Feng comforted her in a low voice.

Blue fibril leaned on his shoulder and murmured, "if I don't fight with blue fibril, I won't have today's business."

"Blue fibril must have offended someone, so that's what happened. For the moment, she has always suspected that it's the person you're looking for." Ling Mo Feng is calm at the moment, thinking about the humiliation of blue fiber. He thinks that it is probably related to the struggle between the two factions. Maybe the old president sent someone to do it, and then blamed it on him and LAN Yanxi. He wants to hurt LAN Yanxi by the hand of the blue family. This profound calculation is really overwhelming and unpredictable.

"Do you doubt me, too?" LAN Yanxi's brain is dull at the moment, so he said it casually.

Ling Mo Feng couldn't help chuckling: "you don't have the guts. I hope you can retaliate against those who choose to hurt you."

"Maybe it's not a good thing that I'm too kind. Everyone thinks I'm bullied. If there's something wrong with Grandpa, even if blue fiber is miserable now, I won't let her get better." Blue Yan is biting his teeth with hate.

"And so on." Ling Mo Feng looked at her pale face and was so distressed that he could only hold her in his arms with more force.

At the door of the rescue room, LAN Chen and LAN Bai arrived in a hurry. LAN Chen immediately asked LAN Bai, "brother 2, what's the matter with dad? How can he be in a coma?"

Lambert always put the prestige of being the eldest brother in front of his younger brother. At this moment, he was mute and didn't know how to answer.

"What do you do if something happens to dad?" LAN Chen saw that Lan Bai could not answer, and asked him angrily.

"Nothing will happen to Dad." Lambert replied without foundation.

LAN Chen said angrily, "if you are the one who made dad angry, don't blame my brother for not respecting you."

"What do you want to say?" Lambert immediately looked at him in black.

"What do I say? Dad trusted you so much that he made you the president of the company. It's good of you to be angry with him. You are your chairman. " LAN Chen's face was blue, and he was sarcastic.

LAN Bai's face stiffened, and he immediately became angry: "you are bullshit. Of course, I hope dad will live forever. It's you. What's your heart? Why do you want to curse dad to death? What's the good for you? "

"Who on earth sent him to the hospital because he was angry?" Lanchen immediately refuted him with a louder voice.

Seeing that the two men were making a big noise in the corridor of the hospital, which seriously affected the hospital's regulations, Chu lie immediately went over and said, "please keep your voice down, you've affected others like this."

The two men snorted, turned their backs to each other and stopped talking.

Chu lie looked at the two sons of the two families and couldn't help shaking his head. The old man was still in the room. They had already begun to fight for property. It was so chilling.

After half an hour's rescue, the old man woke up, but when the doctor came out, his face was very heavy: "where is the patient's family, please?"

Two brothers, lanyanxi and lanbai, came forward quickly.

"The patient woke up, but his mental state is not very good at present. If he wants further treatment, you can come to the office with me." The doctor said and took them to the office.