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Night fell!

Tang You You had been working overtime these past few days, so she returned home early for once.

"It's not enough to just have Father to accompany him. I want Father's Mummy to accompany me!" Tang Xiao Nai said greedily.

"Mummy!" Tang Xiao Nai immediately cuddled close to her chest: "Mummy, once you're done with your work, can you please accompany me more?"

Tang You You nodded: "Don't worry, after I finish my work, Mummy will take a leave of absence to play with you for a few days!"

At this time, Uncle Yuan suddenly walked over: "Miss Tang, Young Master just called and said he came back late."

"Oh!" A hint of disappointment flashed past Tang You You's eyes. The reason she came back early was actually because she hadn't seen him often in the past few days. It was such a coincidence that he didn't return home to eat dinner.

However, with the two children by his side, Tang You You hid that sense of loss.

A man with a tall stature walked into a luxurious private room.

When he saw the beautiful woman sitting in the private room, Ji Xiao Han's expression immediately changed.

"Elder Brother Xiao Han …" The lady suddenly stood up from her chair, her beautiful eyes looking at Ji Xiao Han happily.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her, his expression instantly returning to normal as he asked indifferently: "When did you return?"

"I just got back!" The girl lowered her head, sadness evident in her eyes: "Elder Brother Xiao Han, all these years, I have never had the face to see you. I am truly ashamed."

"Your father came out?" Ji Xiao Han looked at his uncle's adopted daughter, Ji Yun Ning, and his expression became complicated.

He could not deny that this woman had accompanied him in his saddest and darkest times. At that time, he even thought that he had some feelings for her that he did not understand.

Until that day when he went to meet her and drank the poisoned wine …

All of his feelings for Ji Yun Ning turned into smoke and disappeared.

"Yes, he came out two days ago. He also suffered a lot in prison and has aged a lot now." Ji Yun Ning lowered her head, her voice filled with sorrow.

"What did he want from me when he sent you here?" Ji Xiao Han ridiculed.

Ji Yun Ning's entire body trembled, she looked at Ji Xiao Han with a sad gaze: "Elder Brother Xiao Han, he did not ask me to come back, but rather, I wanted to see you. After all these years, I have always been blaming myself for what happened five years ago, I really did not know that there was something in that cup of wine, if I did, I would rather drink it myself …"

"Didn't your father say that he hoped that I would sleep with you after drinking that cup of wine?" Ji Xiao Han let out a cold laugh, but his eyes were still filled with ridicule: "If I slept with you, then my future would be ruined."

"Elder Brother Xiao Han, no, it's not like that. I never thought of harming the relationship between us. I know that you have always been very respectful towards me. That day … That day when you ran out, did you find another woman … " When Ji Yun Ning thought about this, her face turned pale, and her two small hands clenched into fists: "I'm sorry, Elder Brother Xiao Han. Actually, I don't care about anything that you did to me that day, I only hope that you would be safe and sound."

Ji Xiao Han's gaze turned cold and his voice became completely flat, "Yun Ning, you may have misunderstood, but I have never liked you. You are a woman that my uncle had sent to get close to me intentionally, and during my saddest and most painful times, you showed me tender care and concern, and took great care of me. That's right, I also thought that I was about to fall in love with you, but even after I understood my uncle's intentions, I still retained my rationality."

Ji Yun Ning's heart suddenly hurt.

Elder Brother Xiao Han, I don't believe that you can't see my sincerity. I admit that my foster father arranged for me to go over to take care of you in the beginning, but I was willing. Ji Yun Ning's eyes moistened.

Ji Xiao Han looked at her crying appearance and stood up, expressionlessly saying: "There's one thing that you're right. That day, I slept with another woman and also, I'm in love with her now. Ji Yun Ning, you're my past and I'm the most ruthless person.

When Ji Yun Ning heard that he had already fallen in love with another woman, her face immediately turned pale white. She grabbed onto her skirt with both hands and shook her head in disbelief, crying and crying: "No, Elder Brother Xiao Han, this joke isn't funny at all. I don't believe that you would fall in love with someone else, I understand you the best.

"Then it seems that you don't know me well enough!" Ji Xiao Han ignored her teary face and coldly said: "Ji Yun Ning, I won't pursue the matter of the past anymore because I am grateful to you for taking care of me in the past. In the future, don't ever call me again."

"Don't go …" Ji Yun Ning suddenly rushed over, and hugged Ji Xiao Han's waist tightly from behind, then stuck his face to's back in an infatuation, gently rubbing it: "Elder Brother Xiao Han, in these past five years, I have never forgotten about you, I have truly missed you too much, I have still missed your past. Elder Brother Xiao Han, I am still your favorite Yun Ning, I have not changed, my feelings for you have not changed either."

Ji Xiao Han's infatuated expression and cold gaze became even colder as he mercilessly pulled his hand away.

"Is it that Tang You You?" Ji Yun Ning said with a face full of grief.