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C746 induce her to swear

Ji Xiaohan's words shocked Tang youyou. His beautiful eyes, like water, were on his face. Xu Jiucai thought of getting angry. He was angry and said: "if he really wanted to fight this idea, it would be too insidious. You can rest assured that I only love you in my life, and no man can touch my heart any more." When Ji Xiaohan saw that she was serious about her heart and her lips were thin and his belly was black. Just now, he deliberately revealed Ji Shangqing's active slanting thoughts. He just wanted to test the little woman's reflection. Unexpectedly, she looked more serious than he thought. What she said made Ji Xiaohan extremely satisfied and in a good mood.

"Really? Yo, I want you to swear that I'm the only one in my life. " Season owl cold pressed down to want to sulk the impulse that make a sound, two strong arms light support on her slender cut shoulder, the voice takes a little uneasy and expect. At the moment, Tang youyou is shocked and angry. How could he look at the black look on the bottom of the man's eyes? Hearing that he spoke in such a serious and tense tone, she immediately reached out a small hand and swore to the sky: "I, Tang Youyou, swear that I only love Ji Xiaohan as a man in my life, oh

, no, except my son." Seeing that she actually swears, this time, Ji Xiaohan feels that he has made a joke too much. He grabs her small hand in his hand, touches his thin lip, kisses her, and smiles on his beautiful face. The voice line is deep and attractive: "your mind, I know, remember your oath, no man can enter your place except me Inside! "

Between Ji Xiaohan's words, her finger gently points at the place where she bulges. Originally, it was still a heavy atmosphere. Being touched by his dishonest finger, it ignited the heat instantly. Tang youyou's pretty face blushed, but he nodded obediently like a child: "well, no!"

Season owl cold feel of her serious appearance lovely extremely, inexplicably want to tease her again, but hear the footsteps outside the door, then, two small heads, probe in.

"Daddy, Mommy, you're up!" Tang xiaonai's childish milk voice came in.

Ji Xiaohan and Tang youyou both step back. In front of the children, no matter how kind they are, they can't have a sense of being unsuitable for children.

"How are you getting up?" Tang Youli quickly walked over and closed up his daughter's little coat. Although he said that the constant temperature air conditioner was on in the bedroom, the corridor outside was still very cold.

"We can't sleep!" Tang Xiaorui answers.

"Come here first, and I'll change your clothes!" Tang youyou hurriedly led the two children back to the children's room to change them into the uniform of the school.

Tang Xiaorui's suit is a blue suit. There is a long wind suit of the same color and a blue and white scarf outside. The whole person looks like a little prince. He is a gentleman and elegant.

Tang youyou looks at his son's small appearance and thinks that Ji Xiaohan must have been like this when he was a child. It's really pleasing to see.

The mind moved, and Tang youyou held his son's face. It was a fierce kiss. Well, kissing his son's small face also seemed to kiss the season owl cold when he was a child.

"Mommy, why do you always kiss me?" Tang Xiaorui has a miserable face. She feels that mommy is crazy.

Next to him, Tang xiaonai also shouted, "well, Mommy, you usually love kissing me the most. Don't kiss your brother. He's a boy, and you can't kiss around!"

Hearing his daughter's jealous tone, Tang youyou laughed happily and pinched her delicate face: "how do you know that you can't marry without permission?"

"The teacher said that a little girl in the school loved to kiss her brother's face. When she was seen by the teacher, the teacher taught her a few words." Tang xiaonai said with a serious face.

The little handsome man standing beside, his white face red, glared angrily at his complaining sister.

Tang youyou immediately put his hands around his chest, waiting for his son to be honest.

Tang Xiaorui had no choice but to shake his head: "Mommy, you don't look at me. No matter what happened to me, it was the girl who came to kiss me when I didn't pay attention." "Well, don't tell me, you like that little girl!" Tang youjue: although children can't tell what it means to like, they can't build up this kind of crooked thought from childhood. They must correct it. Although the beautiful and delicate features of their son can foresee how many girls like him in the future, it's one thing that they like him. It's another thing that he likes others.

"I don't like it!" Tang Xiaorui's extremely firm answer.

Tang xiaonai, with big eyes, saw that his brother was being held accountable by his mother, and immediately stood by his brother: "yes, Mommy, of course, my brother doesn't like her. My brother said that he would only like me."

Tang Xiaorui white troublemaker's younger sister's one eye, immediately disdains: "when did I say to like you."

"You said that before!" Tang xiaonai said seriously.

"That was before!" Tang Xiaorui argued with her.

"Don't you like me anymore?" Tang xiaonai's small mouth suddenly flattened down, a pair of expressions to cry to show you at any time.

Tang Xiaorui's most important thing is that her sister cried. She immediately reached out her little hand to hold her little face and kissed her on the forehead: "OK, I like you. I like you the most. It's stupid and lovely!"

Tang xiaonai blinked her big eyes and lost her brain for a moment. When Tang Xiaorui ran out of the door, she reflected and asked Mommy, "did my brother scold me for being stupid? I'm not stupid, bad brother! " Tang youyou is going to be angry and laugh at these two little living treasures. It has to be said that the son's EQ and IQ are much earlier than that of his daughter. Now, both of them have grown up half a year old. However, the daughter seems to be stupid and stupid, but the son is totally a villain. The daughter must be the one who was bullied by

Tang youyou bit his teeth, and he must teach his son a lesson later Son, he is not allowed to bully his sister.

"No, brother likes you." Tang youyou squats down and touches his daughter's face: "come on, we're dressed!"

At the breakfast table, Tang xiaonai was still sullen. From time to time, he stared at Tang Xiaorui with big eyes. Tang Xiaorui did not move to Zhong, so he had the momentum of his father.

"You long, I've discussed with your grandfather about the family name of the child. Today, I'll go to school and tell the teacher about it. Then they'll be named Ji." The old lady made a very solemn announcement.

Tang youyou nodded: "OK, please grandma!"

"Will I call Ji xiaonai later? Does the name sound good? "

Everyone nodded: "nice!" Looking at his daughter's confused face, Ji Xiaohan smiles with his thin lips and reaches out to touch her little head: "xiaonai, remember, you will be the little princess of Ji's family later. When someone asks, you must remember how to answer."