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LAN Xianxian had a very happy meal. She was depressed for many days. Finally, she found a breakthrough. She knew that her luck was always very good. Mei was Ling Mo Feng's distant relative, and she had a good relationship with his mother. Getting her help was just like the east wind in time. She was afraid that she could bring her happiness to the front just by blowing a mouthful. Only

Yes, Mei Jie said that she wanted to hear the evidence that Lan Yanxi didn't like Ling Mo Feng personally, which was a bit difficult, because LAN Yanxi saw her last fight and took a detour. Even if she wanted to block her for a few more words, LAN Yanxi also thought that she didn't exist like air.

However, there is no difficulty in the world, just for fear of people with a heart. LAN Xianxian firmly believes that there is still a chance to get the evidence that Lan Yanxi doesn't like Ling Mo Feng, but Mei Jie means that she can only think of another way as soon as possible.

LAN Yanxi has been at work for a while. Suddenly one day, she saw Ling Mo Feng's adjutant, Chu lie. She walked into her office and handed her a red bag. She looked at her face in a circle and asked Chu lie what it meant. Chu

lie said loudly to her, "this is the new year's red bag that Mrs. Ling asked me to give to miss LAN. Mrs. Ling also wants to invite Miss LAN to Ling's house this evening."

LAN Yanxi looked dazed, and a smart head immediately understood. Chu lie deliberately came to talk to her in this way, and Ling Mo Feng was even more merciless to her. However, Ling's mother wanted to invite her home as a guest, which was not a happy thing. Ugly

it's true that the daughter-in-law always wants to see her father-in-law, but the Ling family is totally strange to LAN Yanxi. Now, her relationship with Ling Mo Feng is like fire and water, but she is like a family in secret, which is developing like walking on thin ice. If she goes to the Ling family, does something wrong, says something wrong, and makes the Ling family elders unhappy, it will be miserable.

"Miss LAN doesn't want to go there?" Chu lie finally pulled a smile.

"No Of course! " LAN Yanxi stayed for a long time, nodded immediately, "please tell Aunt Ling, I'll go later!"

"Sir said off class, pick you up together, you haven't been to Ling's house, I'm afraid you don't know the way!" Chulie continued in his official voice.

"Oh, then Then I have nothing to prepare. At least I have to prepare some gifts! " LAN Yanxi said anxiously.

"Sir said that you don't need to prepare anything, just have a regular meal!" Chu lie said immediately.

"OK, that will do!" LAN Yanxi nodded. Chu

lie turns around and leaves. The colleague next to him immediately throws an expression to lanyanxi that he doesn't know whether it's sympathy or disaster.

LAN Yanxi looks at the big red bag with the drum in his hand, can't help but smile in his heart. Isn't it Ling Mo Feng's bag? Otherwise, how could Ling's aunt suddenly think of giving her a red bag? A few

I'm sure that it was Ling Mo Feng's bag. LAN Yanxi secretly took a look at it. Wow, he filled the red bag. Although it's not much for LAN Yanxi to talk about this cash, it's a man's distraction, so she just catches it. Wang

Xinyi walks out of the office, hands around his chest, and looks at LAN Yan and Xi Xi sympathetically at the red envelope. "

what kind of marriage is it? When my mother-in-law sees her future daughter-in-law, she still needs a third party to convey it. Isn't that insincere? Are you really going?" Wang Xinyi is straightforward, but the most important thing is honesty. She really broke her mind for this young subordinate. Blue

Yan Xi hurriedly shoved the red bag into his pocket and stood up in embarrassment. "Sister Xinyi, I don't care. Anyway, I'll go through a process!"

"Do you really think of marriage as simple as drinking water and eating?" Wang Xinyi looks at her in surprise, as if she is a rare species of creature.

"Of course not!" LAN Yanxi smiled two times: "sister Xinyi, don't worry about me. I accept the reality anyway." "

to see your mother-in-law, you can't go empty handed. I'll give you an afternoon off. Go out and buy something, so that you won't be despised!" Wang Xinyi said in a relaxed voice.

LAN Yanxi listens, the beautiful eyes instantly brighten up, looking at Wang Xinyi with tears of gratitude and saying, "thank you, sister Xinyi, I also don't think I'll go shopping. I don't think it's very good!"

"It's not good at all. You've been rejected by that person. If you go to your mother-in-law's house and still have nothing to do with it, your future marriage will turn red sooner or later." Wang Xinyi thinks she is the loser of marriage, so she has to remind her.

After LAN Yanxi left with the bag, everyone in the office began to whisper.

"I used to envy her. I could marry such a good man as Mr. vice president. Now it seems that I sympathize with her." "

Yes, what about the best husband? I don't love her. It's more painful than being a stranger. " "

I just hope that Mr. vice president doesn't really fall in love with someone, so that I can have a sense of balance in my heart." "

I don't know what kind of woman Mr. vice president would like!" "

it must not be LAN Yanxi's, hahaha!"

A group of gossip women frowned and laughed, taking lanyanxi as a joke for the office. LAN Yanxi stops by the side of the road, brushes the post with her mobile phone, and after reading the suggestions of many netizens, she decides to buy a hand ornament for Aunt Ling and his sister first, and then buy some good wine and cigarettes for his father. Blue

Yan Xi hurried to buy these things. When he got back to the general office, it was dark.

"It's over. Ling Mo Feng won't have left after work, will he?" On the way back, LAN Yanxi met the rush hour and was stuck for half an hour. She was worried that Ling murfeng would leave first. No.

Yes, fortunately, when she hurried back to the office, she saw Ling Mo Feng sitting alone on the sofa in a leisure living room outside the office, reading a newspaper in her hand.

Is this a special trip waiting for her? Blue

the surprise and excitement that Yan Xi can't say. This is the first time since two people have been together, a man can sit here and wait for her in such a dignified way without concealing it.

Ling Mo Feng seemed to be fascinated by what he read in the newspaper. He didn't find LAN Yanxi standing in the corridor behind him. Blue

Yan Xi slowed down and watched the light above his head fall on the man. His face was slightly sideways and his perfect facial features were clearly outlined under the coax of the light. It was so beautiful that people lost their souls.

"Cough..." LAN Yanxi is not good at shouting his name directly in front of the colleagues who have come back, so he has to go to his side and give a light cough. There are obviously a lot of staff passing by. I heard that Mr. vice president is waiting for LAN Yanxi to get off work for the first time. I want to come and see the charming demeanor of Mr. vice president.

As expected, I didn't disappoint. I really saw him. He was approachable and didn't have the dignified attitude when I was working. Many courageous girls smiled and greeted him.

Ling Mo Feng heard LAN Yanxi's voice in so many voices. He immediately put down the newspaper in his hand and looked up at her. There was no expression on Jun's face, but in those deep eyes, there was a soft and sweet feeling that only LAN Yanxi could see.

"Let's go!" Ling Mo Feng stood up and went straight ahead. LAN Yanxi followed him, lowered his head and deliberately stretched the distance between the two men.

All the people were looking at these two people. They felt like two enemies instead of love.

Of course, it's all about acting. Ling Mo Feng deliberately slows down and waits for her. However, lanyanxi is more involved in the drama than him. His pace slows down, and so does she, so he doesn't walk with him at the same time.

Men are helpless and funny. Under the building, several cases of motorcades were waiting in order. Chu Li saw the two of them coming and quickly opened the door of the car in the middle.

Ling Mo Feng's tall body opened to the side, ladies first. Blue

Yan Xi is not polite to him. He bends down and gets into the car. Next second, the man's tall and straight body sits in. One

some people who are watching the bustle have just come to an end. But the women who like Ling Mo Feng don't feel good at heart. Although it's wonderful to watch LAN Yanxi being ignored by Ling Mo Feng just now, they still owe a lot to think that they are sitting in the same car at the moment.