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C1926: Xia shuran panics

Xia Xinnian looks at him gently. She can't deny that men's words are reasonable. She looks down and smiles bitterly: "you're right. For you, no one dares to offend you easily, let alone bully you. I'm different. Before meeting you, I'm helpless. I'm afraid of getting revenge again. Isn't it good to say something? When is the time for complaining? I know their ruthlessness. I'm not afraid of them. I just don't want this cause and effect to involve me and my children again. "

Jimucheng Mou bottom flashed the color of heartache, he didn't say anything more, just gently rubbed her long hair: "I know."

Xia Xinnian's heart is more stable. The fear before has disappeared. As long as he is there, he can protect her and her children.

Summer home!

Xia Fu is sitting on the sofa and smoking. The company has lost five orders one after another, which makes him very upset and desperate.

Before the company has been running well, he carefully considered, these years, he is also serious business, although the integrity of the loss, can not be considered to offend people, why someone would be so cold to intercept his orders halfway?

He's waiting for an outcome now, and he wants to know who's behind it all.

Xia shuran's mood fell to the bottom of the valley in the last two days. She was in agony and wanted to take her two daughters back to raise herself. Unfortunately, both daughters were reluctant to follow her. After playing for a long time, they quarreled for grandparents, so she had to send them back.

Xia shuran didn't want to go back to that cold home. She drove back to her mother's home.

When she pushed the door, she could smell the choking smoke. She hurriedly went to the sofa and cared for her father: "Dad, why do you smoke so much? More injuries. "

"Shu ran, you came back just in time. In the evening, I asked Jiaxuan to come over for dinner. I have something to discuss with him." When Xia Fu saw his daughter, his eyes brightened, as if he had found a life-saving herb.

Xia Shuran heard that, her expression was frozen, and she quickly found an excuse to prevaricate: "Dad, the company has a lot of things recently, Jiaxuan is very busy, he may not have time..."

"What is no time? I'm his old man too. I have to come and ask me if I can be busy. If you don't call, I'll call... " When Xia Fu heard this, he was furious. He threw the cigarette end away and wanted to find his mobile phone.

"Dad, forget it. Don't call him." Xia shuran was angry at her father. She hurried to grab his arm and said, "I've been having trouble with him recently. I don't want to see him now."

"What's the matter? He dotes on you so much. How can he make you angry? Didn't you have a good relationship before? " Xia Fu's expression was startled, and he couldn't believe it.

Xia shuran is about to cry. In fact, in the last few years, she only reported her happiness to her mother's family, but not her worry. In the eyes of outsiders, she was loved and cared in which family. But in fact, two years ago, she couldn't have a child, and the attitude of which family changed to her. Because Xia Xinnian returned to China, he Jiaxuan never forgot her, which led to the deadlock of their relationship between husband and wife.

"What are you crying for? Did he bully you? " Xia Fu turned his head and saw that his daughter cried silently. He was shocked at once. As a father, he still loved his daughter very much, although he had a son and his daughter's intimacy made him like her more.

"Dad, he Jiaxuan He's going to divorce me. " At last, Xia shuran didn't hold on. She cried in tears and had no image.

"What?" Xia Fu's whole body was shocked and his expression was shocked.

"Xia Xinnian came back. When he saw her, he lost half of his soul. When he came back, he ignored me. The night before yesterday, he He finally said two words of divorce, Dad, what should I do? " Xia Xinnian cried even more heartbreaking.

Hearing the crying, Xia's mother hurriedly went downstairs and heard her daughter's grievance. She suddenly scolded sharply: "did you just say Xia Xinnian? When did she come back? Who allowed her to return to China? Didn't the old man say that he wouldn't let her come back again? "

"Grandpa only said that she would not come back within five years. Now, just after five years, she can't wait to go back to China to destroy my marriage. I know she hates me very much. Dad and mom, my marriage with Jiaxuan is going to be broken up by her. Please help me find a way. I'm so sad." Xia shuran finally confessed to his mother's family and asked for help.

Before that, she was holding on to all the disappointments herself. She still looked down on Xia Xinnian and thought that she was not her opponent. Unexpectedly, Xia Xinnian made her lose so miserably without any effort.

"Where is she? I'll find her now. I won't tear her face. You and Jiaxuan are married and have children. What face does she have to fight with you? Besides, she didn't want to sleep with another man. " Xia Mu Dun's teeth are itchy. She pulls her sleeve to find Xia Xinnian.

Xia shuran's expression was stiff. In those days, she was looking for someone to do it alone. Her parents didn't know about it. Later, she only told he Jiaxuan. Now, her parents all think that Xia Xinnian didn't love himself before finding another man.

"Mom and Dad, there's something I have to confess to you. I planned Xia Xinnian's sleeping with a strange man in the hotel. I was dizzy at that time. I loved Jiaxuan so much that I wanted to drive her away. She also suspected that I did it, so she went back to China to revenge me." At this time, Xia shuran had to say the secret.

"What? Are you in the middle of something? How can I do this? " After all, Xia Xinnian is his niece. It's really not kind to do this.

"At that time, Jiaxuan loved our daughter. Xia Xinnian was originally a roadblock. If she didn't get rid of her, where could she marry? There is a reason. " Xia's mother excused her daughter.

"Anyway, it's just like this. Now Xia Xinnian is going back to China to revenge me. Dad, what can I do?" Xia shuran asked with a confused face.

At this time, Xia Fu's cell phone rings, and he answers quickly: "how about it? Did you find anything? "

A voice from the other end of the phone said: "Chairman, at present, we only find that these companies are all performing the industries under Jishi group."

"Jishi? The season owl is cold Xia Fu's expression immediately became frightened.

"Now Ji's manager is his eldest son, Ji Mucheng." The other side reminded me.

Xia Fu was always afraid of a person. That person was Ji Xiaohan. As long as he was involved in the industry, it was almost monopoly. Xia Fu carefully avoided his sharp points these years. But now, how could he get into such a difficult family?

"Jimucheng? Why is he targeting me? " Father Xia is shaking with his mobile phone.

Xia shuran heard it nearby. Her pupils shrank sharply and she stared at her father's cell phone.

Xia's father put down his cell phone, and his face was dead gray. Xia shuran bit his teeth and said, "it must have something to do with Xia Xinnian, who is now in contact with jimucheng."