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C890 finding out the culprit

Looking at the figure where Li Ran Ran left, Bai Yiyan's eyes flashed a cold light, and finally found some evidence. Of course, she would not miss so easily, so she immediately left behind Li Ran.

Li Ran Ran walked into the elevator quickly. When the door was about to close, a voice rang: "wait a minute!" Li

when Ranran heard Bai Yiyan's voice, her heart shrank, she immediately raised her head in confusion and smiled at her eyes. "

sister Ran Ran Ran, I heard that when I was not in the company, you went to Ji Yueze in private and wanted to take my script. Is that the case?" Bai Yiyan knows that Li Ranran hates her most for robbing her script. At this moment, she will use this incident to stimulate her and see her reflection. When a person's emotions are stimulated, they often inadvertently reveal their true intentions.

Li Ranran was guilty at first. Suddenly, she heard Bai Yiyan expose her pain. A face with delicate makeup turned very ugly and too pale. No, she didn't miss the bottom because of Bai Yiyan's stimulation. She pursed her lips, cold her face and didn't answer. At this time, the elevator door opened and she walked quickly to her rest room. Originally, I thought this would get rid of Bai Yiyan's entanglement. Unfortunately, she underestimated Bai Yiyan's anger that she was eager to discover the truth.

"Li Ranran, if you don't speak, I'll take it as your acquiescence. Don't you always regard yourself as high? I didn't expect to do such a mean and insidious thing. " Bai Yiyan was very particular about the ugly words, and her face was full of satire and contentment.

Li Ran Ran's character was originally of the type of violence. In addition, she had enough of Bai Yiyan's presence to occupy all the excellent resources, and even got the favor of Ji Yueze. At this moment, where could she stand Bai Yiyan's such difficulties? She immediately glared at Bai Yiyan angrily: "don't be bloody, it's my play, you take it away Now, you say that I'm insidious. It's not certain who is more vicious. "

"Oh, I robbed your script. You resented me, and then someone wanted to hurt me. It seems that the reason is right." Bai Yiyan sneers.

When Li Ranran heard that, her face turned pale again. She bit her teeth and said, "don't talk nonsense. I just don't like you, but I don't mean to hurt you."

"Is it? That's good. I'm sure you're not that kind of hearty woman. I've seen your TV series. You're good at acting. Besides, you're very touching when you play a good person. So, maybe I'm too thoughtful. Please don't mind! " Bai Yiyan immediately had a modest and ashamed expression.

Li Ranran couldn't see through her mind for a moment, and became more anxious and anxious. She snorted coldly.

Bai Yiyan stood behind her and said to her back, "anyway, the police have arrested the two bastards. Besides, they have provided the people behind the scenes. I'll wait for the police to call me!"

Li Ran's feet were stiff and his blood coagulated. She didn't dare to look back at Bai Yiyan's eyes, but she just looked down and walked quickly to the rest room.

Bai Yiyan stares at all kinds of details of her coldly. She finds that when she said that the police had caught the prisoner, Li dye's footsteps were obviously frozen.

"There must be a ghost in my heart!" According to Bai Yiyan's intuition, Li dye may have something to do with it. After the test, Bai Yiyan quickly returned to Ji Yueze's office. Men have already gone to the meeting. Bai Yiyan is sitting on the sofa, confused.

If it was Li Ranran who bribed the two bastards to harm her, the woman would be terrible.

Professional competition is played out every day in the company. However, it's really chilling to hate someone for killing her. Ji

Yueze returns to the office after the meeting and sees that Bai Yiyan has come back. He throws the materials in his hand onto the desktop and walks towards her, and asks in a low voice: "how is the chat? Have you found anything? " "

Yes, I suspect that Li dye is very suspicious. I just revealed the criminal's confession on purpose, which made her face pale with fear." Bai Yiyan tells Ji Yueze about her discovery, hoping that he can help her to further track the matter.

"Oh? Is it her? " Ji Yueze's dark eyes flashed a cold light. "

I just doubt it's related to her. I'm not sure if it's her. Do you have any way to investigate?" Bai Yiyan looks up at him, her eyes full of expectation.

Ji Yueze snorted coldly: "if there is a target, investigate her methods, I have a lot!"

"Really? Then can you find someone to help me stare at Li dye dye dye? If I let her out today, she will be very afraid of being found by the police. So, if you send someone to stare at her now, maybe it will have a great harvest! " Bai Yiyan can only hope that Ji Yueze can help her now. "

otherwise, let's play a game with her!" Ji Yueze's eyes flashed through the dark cold. "

what game!" Bai Yiyan blinked her eyes and asked curiously. Season

stood straighter and straighter, with his hands around his chest, one hand habitually pressed against his thin lips, while guosuo said deeply: "I decided to find two people to test her."

"How can I do it?" Bai Yiyan is more curious.

Ji Yueze chuckled and said with confidence, "keep it secret first. I'll arrange it. You wait for the result!" "

are you sure you can find out the result in this way?" Bai Yiyan expressed doubts because she thought Li Ranran was also a very smart woman. She wanted her to tell the truth, but she was afraid that it would not be possible. "

are you sure it's her?" Ji Yueze asked carefully.

"At least 70% of them are confident in their subtle expressions." Bai Yiyan is also confident in her observation.

Ji Yueze nodded: "OK, then test her well!" "

you don't want to find two people to play the role of police to ask her questions, do you?" Bai Yiyan joked.

Ji Yueze picked up his eyebrows and said, "how do you know I want to do this?" "

but it's not good for you to do so. It's illegal to pretend to be a policeman!" Bai Yiyan is shocked. Is her intuition so accurate? A guess is right.

"Have you forgotten what industry we are in? If she is not that person, I can give her a role, let her believe that this is an audition, if she is, it can help you revenge? " Ji Yueze thought that the wound on Bai Yiyan's arm was not complete, so he got angry in his heart and wanted to cut the person who hurt her.