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Bai Yiyan successfully freezes herself from a cold. In the middle of the night, her delicate body shrinks in Ji Yueze's arms, shaking uncontrollably. Obviously, her body is boiling hot, but her feelings are cold and hot, uncomfortable and dizzy.

In Ji Yueze's sleep, the iron like solid arm held the slender waist of the woman strongly. He felt that the little woman in his arms was burning badly. Although he liked the warmth of her body, he still woke him up. The skin touched by his fingers was hot.

Ji Yueze twisted his brow, extended his long arm out of the quilt and pressed the light on the head of the bed.

The slight light made Bai Yiyan frown uneasily. She raised a hand to block the light.

Suddenly the man's big hand stretched out, pasted in her white forehead, still hot is not reassuring.

Ji Yueze is in a trance. There seems to be a medicine box at home. He turns over and gets up. He finds the box in the glove room. There is a thermometer in it. He takes it out and directly takes Bai Yiyan's temperature.

Fingers from her pajamas into, but touch a soft, the next second, a small hand suddenly extended, powerless grasp his big hand, do not let him move again, soft voice supplication: "Ji Yueze, no, I dizzy, let me go!"

When Ji Yueze heard her whispering, his thin lips could not help but arouse a smile. What was the woman thinking.

How could he be in the mood to bully her?

"You have a fever. I'll take your temperature. Don't move!" Ji Yueze finished, took her small hand, put the thermometer into her armpit.

Bai Yiyan seems to understand, so she doesn't move.

Five minutes later, Ji Yueze took out a thermometer, 39 degrees.

"Damn it!" When Ji Yueze saw such a high temperature, he felt a tug of his heart and gave a low curse.

Ji Yueze turned over the medicine box and didn't even have a spare antipyretic. But if she doesn't get rid of the fever quickly, it's not necessary to be a fool.

Ji Yueze took a look at the time, more than three in the morning. At this time, where will there be medicine?


Ji Yueze thought about it, but he called his assistant. The assistant received his urgent call vaguely, woke up, put on his clothes and went to the hospital to get the medicine.

Ji Yueze decided to give his assistant a big reward.

At five o'clock, the assistant delivered the antipyretic medicine. Ji Yueze thanked him for a few words. The assistant was very moved. Unexpectedly, the boss became more and more humanized.

After taking the medicine, Ji Yueze took a cup of warm water and patted Bai Yiyan's face: "wake up, take the medicine!"

"No, let me sleep a little longer, please!" Bai Yiyan is burning in a daze. She doesn't want to do anything but sleep.

"Don't get up and take the medicine again. Be careful I take you!" Ji Yueze has little patience and threatens her.

Bai Yiyan was shocked. She immediately opened her eyes and sat up.

"Where is the medicine from? Did you get it for me? " Bai Yiyan's face was very pale. She asked weakly.

"I asked my assistant to send it here. Let's get the fever back first!"

"That's too much trouble!" Bai Yiyan is ashamed.

"I know the trouble, but I'm still in trouble!" Ji Yueze can't help but light responsibility.

"I'm sorry!" Bai Yiyan opened her mouth, swallowed the medicine and took another sip of water. She apologized.

Ji Yueze looked at her pale face. In the last few days, she didn't rest well or eat well. The whole person was obviously thin.

"Sleep!" Ji put the cup aside and took her to sleep again.

Bai Yiyan continues to fall asleep in a daze. After taking the antipyretic medicine, she sweats all over in half an hour. Ji Yueze takes a wet towel and wipes it for her. She doesn't fall asleep until dawn.

Bai Yiyan retreats from the fever, wakes up in the morning and looks at the heavy sleeping man around her. She looks a little guilty. Just now, although she sleeps in a daze, she can still feel that the man wipes it for herself. Her movements are very gentle.

He is really a complex person. He speaks all kinds of cruel words, but he still cares about her.

Bai Yiyan knows that Ji Yueze is a hard spoken and soft hearted man. Looking at Gao Leng, she is not amiable. In fact, as long as she walks into his heart, he will always treat you well.

Bai Yiyan can't sleep. She decides to get up and make breakfast for him.

But when she was busy in the kitchen, she suddenly heard the man standing at the door with an unhappy face: "who asked you to make breakfast?"

"I'm fine!" Bai Yiyan thinks that he cares about himself and explains in a low voice.

"Put it down, don't do it. You have a cold. Don't do anything to eat. What if it infects me?" A man's reason is strong, but what he says is serious.

Bai Yiyan: "..."

Who said yesterday that he was very strong and would not be infected?

Did she hear it by mistake?

"Put on your clothes, let's go out to eat, and then go to the hospital for an examination!" Ji Yueze finished, turned around and went to the bathroom.

Bai Yiyan had to put the spatula down and obediently changed a suit of clothes.

Two people went out and came to the hospital. This is the private hospital opened by Ji's private doctor. Two people sat in the VIP room and waited for examination.

Bai Yiyan was examined by a female doctor. She asked Bai Yiyan to enter a room alone.

Routinely asked Bai Yiyan about her personal situation. When the doctor asked her when she would come for her leave, Bai Yiyan lost her mind and began to think about it carefully.

"I don't remember very much. Maybe It's been more than a month. " Bai Yiyan replied with embarrassment, because she was busy with her work recently, which made her forget.

"More than a month? Have you ever had a relationship with the second young master? " The doctor inquired dutifully.

"Well, yes!" Bai Yiyan's pretty face turned a little red.

The doctor continued to ask, "are you sick recently, such as vomiting, no taste, drowsiness or something?"

"A little sleepy, no taste!" Bai Yiyan answered truthfully.

"Do you want to have a blood test, first see if you are pregnant, then I can prescribe medicine for you!"

"Pregnant?" Bai Yiyan's brain was buzzing for a moment. Then she said in a hurry, "it's impossible. We have measures every time!"

"I know, but the measures are not 100% effective. I'm for you, because pregnant women have a lot of drugs that can't be taken indiscriminately!" The doctor patiently answered for her.

"Oh! That's good! " Bai Yiyan looks a little stiff, and then she is forced to carefully recall every picture with Ji Yueze. She thinks of those pictures that make her face red and heartbeat. Bai Yiyan's snow-white face also exudes a piece of pink.

Ji Yueze sat on the sofa outside the door, saw her coming out, and immediately asked, "have you got the medicine?"

"The doctor asked me to have a blood test. I'm afraid I'm pregnant!" Bai Yiyan smiled bitterly. "Really?" Ji Yueze's eyes brightened instantly.