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C1533 thinking about another life

LAN Yanxi looks out secretly while brushing her teeth, looking at the tall back, she is very sweet.

Ling Mo Feng went downstairs and straightened his bow tie. I don't know if it was because of the warm spring breath or the heat in his body.

The pretty little face that she just hid in the quilt, like the fox demon catching the heart, with the unknown and ignorant of the world, and inadvertently stole the heart of the man.

Ling Mo Feng lowers his head and makes a light smile with his thin lips.

LAN Yanxi cleans herself up. As soon as she is going downstairs, she feels hot. Her beautiful eyes are shocked.

Can't you be so punctual?

LAN Yanxi is going mad. She runs back to the bathroom to check. Sure enough, she's mad at being on time. Why can't she put it off for two or three days? She will be engaged tomorrow.

Lanyanxi can only deal with it first, and then he goes downstairs with a sigh.

Ling didn't seem to have time to make a complicated breakfast for her today. He just made her a bowl of oatmeal porridge, baked two pieces of bread and warmed the milk for her.

"What's the matter? Is there no spirit in the early morning? " Ling Mo Feng is very concerned about her every move and smile. Seeing her beautiful eyes are low, she can't help laughing.

"Ling Mo Feng, will you be angry if my engagement spoils your interest tomorrow?" LAN Yanxi clearly remembered the words that made her blush and heart beat last night.

He was full of expectation, but he was going to let him down.

"Why do you ask?" The man's handsome eyes are slightly surprised, some don't understand her words.

"The physical structure of men and women is different. We women have those days every month." LAN Yanxi sighed.

Ling Mo Feng's face was embarrassed. He couldn't help laughing and comforting her: "it's OK, just wait a few more days."

LAN Yanxi cried bitterly in her heart. She didn't want to wait.

After breakfast, LAN Yanxi went to the office in Ling Mo Feng's car. At noon, when she was having lunch in the canteen, she heard someone chatting behind her. What she was talking about was the topic of blue fiber.

LAN Yanxi immediately listened attentively, and heard one of them say, "Lan Xianxian's sister has come to handle the resignation formalities for her. I heard that Lan Xianxian is ill."

"No, what's wrong with her? It's so serious. She needs her sister to help her quit." The other was surprised.

LAN Yanxi sneers in her heart. LAN Xianxian is not really afraid that Ling Mo Feng will target her.

LAN Yanxi had a meal and went back to work on a business lunch break.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar figure outside. It was her little cousin LAN Lin.

LAN Yanxi has a general feeling and relationship with her cousin. However, she doesn't come as easily as LAN Xianxian, and LAN Yanxi doesn't hate her.

"Xiaolin, why are you here?" LAN Yan hopes to see her probe in and go to her.

Lanlin immediately showed a lovely smile: "sister, you are so tall in this office, just like the office environment I imagined."

"OK, the office atmosphere here is more rigorous." Said blue Yanxi lightly.

"Elder sister, I came to go through the resignation formalities for elder sister Qianxian. I thought it would be very difficult. I didn't expect it would be signed so soon." Lanlin looks happy.

"What happened to her?" LAN Yanxi asked indifferently.

"She will be engaged to Li Changsheng in two days. Grandpa lost his temper yesterday." Li Lin's expression was stunned.

"What's the matter?" LAN Yanxi didn't know that the blue family broke up yesterday. At the moment, when she heard LAN Lin's words, her face changed a lot.

"After that ouyangxuan left yesterday, Xian Xian's cousin took the initiative to go to Grandpa and admit her mistake. Grandpa must be very angry, so she scolded her. Then he called her uncle and aunt over. Grandpa said on the spot that she would marry Xian Xian into Li's family, and uncle agreed. She was finished this time. Yan Xi, you can go back to LAN's family and not be angry with her." Lanlin's face relieved her.

LAN Yanxi is surprised. How can LAN Xianxian admit his mistake?

I can't believe that such a proud and conceited woman would admit her mistake.

"Sister Yanxi, you were engaged yesterday. Congratulations! You and your brother-in-law are really well matched. I think that sister Qianxian did something wrong. I advised her not to hurt your feelings before, but she just didn't listen to me and scolded me. I'm sorry that I can't help you if I want to come now." Lanlin lowered her head with a look of sadness and self reproach.

Lanyanxi's eyes swept around her face, and she found that she could not see the little cousin. Obviously, she was only 19 years old. Why did she feel that she was as deep as the well water and dark? She didn't know what kind of face was hidden in the deepest place, whether it was as simple and lovely as what she showed at the moment, and a little timid.

"Xiao Lin, you don't have to say sorry to me." LAN Yanxi gave a faint smile.

"No, I've been following sister Chuxian all the time. I know she has done a lot of wrong things. I also know that she deliberately asks you for trouble and bullies you every time, but I can only watch by her side. I dare not speak for you, dare not offend her. My cowardice makes you suffer a lot of grievances. Now, I finally see the true face of sister Chuxian. Her selfishness and willfulness hurt more than that It's you, and me, sister Yanxi. Will we become strangers? " Lanlin's eyes were watery. She blinked and looked at lanyanxi. She was worried.

LAN Yanxi frowned and smiled with a noncommittal smile: "what do you say to me? The fact that we are cousins doesn't change. What kind of relationship we want to become depends on our own good management."

"Sister Yan Xi, you're right. I've reflected on it. I'm sorry I didn't help you at the beginning. However, I won't be afraid of the threat from sister Xian any more, because she will marry soon, and she can't threaten me." Lanlin shows a happy expression. She has a lovely baby face. When she smiles, she gives people a simple and unprepared appearance, which is quite likable.

"If your business is done, go back." LAN Yanxi doesn't like chatting with this little cousin very much. She always feels that she has a purpose and deliberately wants to draw a clear line with LAN Xianxian at this time.

Is it like a kind of grass?

Grass on the wall.

Of course, lanyanxi won't say it in front of her face. She just feels that her attitude towards Lanlin will not be cold or hot before or after.

She compensates to the seemingly close person, the sharper the knife is, the blood is the bone.

In the future, she will only be with the people she likes, and only make friends with the people she loves in the eyes of inner light. For those people she can't see through, she also gives up to understand. Life is short, and there's no need to waste time guessing people's hearts.

Lanlin smiled and nodded, "well, I'll go first, and come back home to play when I have time."

LAN Yanxi looked at her back and sighed, confused.

Lanlin walked out of the office and looked up at the magnificent building.

Her ambition is not here, and she doesn't envy LAN Yanxi at all. What she wants is always the whole blue family. She pretends to be weak and pathetic, so that one day she can get rid of all the heirs and become the last heirs of the blue family.

Blue fibril hid in the room for a hunger strike. She didn't enter the room one day and one night. She cried all her life. She lay on the bed in a daze, watching the day outside the window become bright and dark. She felt the terrible loneliness.

Finally, she opened the door and saw her mother with the same red eyes.

"Mom, does Dad really want me to marry?" The blue fiber voice is hoarse and haggard.

"Blue two Madame nods:" yes, your father iron heart wants you to marry Li family, slender, otherwise, you promised

"Mom, isn't it the last time that my daughter sells it? I thought I would be another, because Dad and you are so pet me, hurt me, I thought I would marry the man I love Blue fiber sad looking at her mother, eyes without a ray of light, as if her life, has been a dark.

"Slim, you have made a fool of yourself. You have to learn to take responsibility yourself. Mom and Dad love you, but maybe it's because we love you so much. We spoil you. We can't tell the difference. If you don't make your grandpa angry today, and don't offend Ling Mo Feng and LAN Yanxi, you can choose the way you want to go, but you've taken a wrong step." Mrs. LAN Er didn't sleep last night. She talked with her husband LAN Bai for a long time, which made her know the stakes. The only way for her daughter to get married is to be bright. The rest of the way was blocked.

"If I admit I'm wrong, will there be no chance to change it?" Blue fiber's pride and frivolity have been polished. Overnight, she seems to have changed from a young girl who is reckless and reckless to a woman who has been tortured and lost her mind. She hates and resents, but all of these have made her learn to compromise her life.

Once the most pet of her people, but now agree to let her marry the man who does not love, blue fiber lost dependence, also lost self-confidence.

"Slim, some words, mom doesn't want to tell you too clear, you just need to know, parents if not desperate, won't let you marry." Blue two Madame continue to cry, cry to say, say of sadness.

Blue fibril suddenly laughed like crazy. She had pain in her stomach, bent over, her hands on her knees, and could not stop her laughter. She was like a madman, crazy.

"Slim, don't do that. Mom's scared." The blue two Madame frightens the facial expression pale, hurriedly helps her arm.

"Mom, I've learned that I can't marry the man I love. It's different who I marry. My nature is bad. If I marry into the Li family, I'll only get worse. Believe it or not, I can easily play him in my hand by ticking my fingers. Later, I'll get wind and rain. I'll let the whole Li family bury my love." Blue fiber stopped laughing, but he said it like a cruel.

"Slim, you, don't do that. It's no fun." When Mrs. LAN Er saw that her daughter was in a state of magic, she frowned and advised her when she said such disturbing things.

"Interesting, how can it be uninteresting? After marriage, my life will be more interesting. " Blue fiber finish saying, turn around, touch the door shut, blue two Madame stay.