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C1580 love to the bone

The girl's skin is white and tender, and her tears are like crystal drops, which set off her big eyes full of tears. The beauty is suffocating.

For a moment, Mu Weicheng felt that his heart would stop beating. His deep eyes could not move away from her beautiful face. He stared at her for a few seconds in embarrassment. At last, he suddenly thought of answering her questions.

"Where did you hear that if you didn't study hard, you would learn gossip at a young age?" Mu Weicheng's tone is still calm, no waves and no waves. It seems that Ling wennuan is just a naughty child of his neighbor's family, which can't catch his attention to her.

"You don't care where I know it. Just answer me if it's true. If it is, I won't disturb you in the future. I don't want to be friends with you. It's right for you to break up with me, so it's Fair for your girlfriend." Ling warms the corner of her eyes, the tears are more fierce. She raises the back of her hand and wipes it casually. The pink lips are clenched by the white jade teeth. The lips are pale.

After hearing her words, Mu Weicheng suddenly realized that the girl was growing up.

This cognition made his heart pounding wildly. In his impression, Ling wennuan was a little child, willful and charming, fragile and lovely, so people couldn't help her.

But all of a sudden, the little girl who can only cry in the evening is talking with him about the topic of adults. This kind of feeling makes people feel sultry. Mu Weicheng Jun's face suddenly looks a little more panic. He can only turn away and keep her out of his sight.

"It's my personal business. It's inconvenient for me to tell you that your eldest brother is injured. You should care about him." Mu Weicheng's voice suddenly sank, even with a sense of distance, which makes people have no courage to continue to explore.

Of course, Ling wennuan knows that elder brother is injured. She went to the general office with her parents to see him just now. On the way back, she had a chance to escape here to find him.

"Does my brother's injury have anything to do with your uncle?" Ling warm suddenly asked him with a pale face. "I'm not sure." Mu Weicheng dare not answer her directly.

Ling wennuan suddenly said angrily, "please tell your uncle to stop doing things that are harmful to the nature. If you have the ability, you can compete with my brother fairly. You always play tricks behind your back. What kind of ability is that?"

Mu Weicheng's handsome face was a little dim when she was scolded, so he turned around and looked at her angry face: "Ling wennuan, I heard my words, you go back."

Ling wennuan sees that he always drives himself away. If he doesn't know how to turn around, he's just insulting himself.

"Can we meet again?" Before leaving, Ling warm suddenly looked back at him and asked, the clear eyes, full of a trace of hope.

Mu Wei Cheng looked at her, his heart was tight, for a while, he just nodded: "of course, we will meet, the circle is so big, there will always be times to meet."

"Mu Weicheng, in your eyes, have I never grown up? Have you always regarded me as a child?" Lingnuan is not willing to ask again. She really wants to know what kind of eyes this man looks at her.

Mu Weicheng's face was startled. Unexpectedly, she asked this kind of question. It was the nature of the child's mind.

"You are eighteen years old. You are no longer a child." Said the man in a low voice, as if he were muttering to himself.

"Yes, I'm eighteen and I'm an adult. I'm not a child." Ling wennuan deliberately stressed again: "from now on, I can also make a boyfriend."

Mu Weicheng was surprised again. In his deep eyes, there was a complex light. When he heard her saying that he was going to make a boyfriend, he felt flustered.

"Is it? It seems that you have a boy you like. " Mu Weicheng chuckled and asked her curiously.

Ling wennuan's pretty face was stunned, and jade teeth could not help but clenching his lower lip. A pair of beautiful eyes stared at him with resentment and anger. Then, without saying a word, he turned around and left quickly.

Mu Weicheng did not expect to ask her own words, she did not answer, he can not help laughing at himself.

Ling wennuan quickly walked out of the hospital door with two fists in his hands. Outside the door, the driver's eldest brother and two famous escorts were waiting there. When they saw her coming, they opened the door for her.

Ling wennuan sat in the car. On the beautiful little face of melon seeds, she suddenly wrinkled up. Next second, she covered her lips and cried silently.

"Asshole!" Ling warm inexplicably scolded, she did not know why to scold him.

Mu Weicheng stood in the pavilion, his body stiff, his eyes fixed on the water, his heart in a mess.

He didn't expect Ling wennuan to come to him. Her arrival disturbed his calm lake and made the ripples bigger and bigger until he was drowned.

"I must be crazy." When the whole brain is occupied by her weeping face, Mu Weicheng scolds herself angrily.

When I met Ling Nuan, it was just because he was Ling Mo Feng's younger sister. Ling Mo Feng was very fond of this younger sister and let her follow her wherever he went. As time goes by, all the friends around Ling Mo Feng have become one with this little girl.

Mu Weicheng was one of them. At that time, Ling wennuan was naive and lovely. He was good at singing and dancing. He was really popular. However, he was also charming. He loved to cry when he could not move, and most of them were not good at coaxing.

Mu Weicheng also has a sister, but his sister is a quiet good child, not noisy, but also superior in learning. Ling wennuan and his sister are just two kinds of teaching materials. Her sister Mu Yun is positive, while Ling wennuan is negative. She is always full of energy to toss people. Mu Weicheng was tossed by her many times in the year, no matter whether she was pulling small, or applying nail polish, more so One time, Ling wennuan didn't know where to get a set of cosmetics and wanted to use him as an experimental product. He was afraid to see her for months.

Originally, this kind of negative teaching material is to make people stay away from each other, but Ling warm has a magic power to make people closer.

When Mu Weicheng first realized her inner thoughts, it was on the day when Ling wennuan went to the new school. At the age of 13, the school held a welcome party. Ling wennuan had a leading dance activity. In order to support his younger sister, Ling Mo Feng brought several friends into the school. On the stage, Mu Weicheng saw a different Ling wennuan for the first time. Instead of being noisy, she saw a different Ling wennuan Like an elf, wearing a gorgeous dress, dancing on the stage, like a butterfly spreading its wings to fly, beautiful people do not want to blink.

Until many years later, Mu Weicheng would occasionally think about that night's picture. He even remembered Ling Nuan's embarrassed appearance of being dragged back by his companion, which was lovely and mischievous.

After that night, Mu Weicheng seemed to be a different person. He didn't dare to meet Ling again. He began to alienate Ling. As long as she would appear, he would never see Mu Weicheng again. At that time, Ling Mo Feng went abroad to study. Mu Weicheng was admitted to the military academy. Without Ling Mo Feng as a bridge in the middle, there was almost no meeting between the two men The reason.

However, it will still meet occasionally, Mu Weicheng can only pretend indifference, let Ling warm and sensible leave.

To this day, Mu Weicheng has been hiding from her for nearly five years. In these five years, he has been enriching his empty heart with his work and dreams. He thinks that if he is busy, he can forget all the past. He can't talk about this with anyone. Even his closest sister, he doesn't talk about it. He is ashamed, embarrassed, scared, and feels that he is not worthy of embracing There is good love.

The more the man thinks about it, the more disorderly it is. He punches on the column next to him, and the pain in his fingertips. This relieves his full head of nonsense.

He reached out and took out his wallet, opened it, and took out a small picture from the innermost mezzanine. It was a lovely girl. Mu Weicheng was breathing more and more heavily. Suddenly, a gust of wind came and blew away the picture that he didn't dare to take with force. He was shocked, turned around, followed the gust of wind, and jumped directly into the pool behind him, He was in the water, nervously and carefully picked up the picture again.

A few children nearby were frightened by his crazy behavior and immediately turned to find their mother.