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After eating breakfast, the group of people and several cars headed for the largest zoo's scenery area!

On the carriage, Tang You You gave his daughter two cute little balls. His serious look made someone beside him look deeply into his eyes from time to time.

"Yes, we can take a look at all kinds of animals!" Ji Xiao Han gently replied to his daughter.

After arriving at the zoo, Lu Qing arranged for bodyguards to follow them and protect them by the side of Young Master.

He followed closely behind, and without getting too close, he interrupted Liang Ge Xiao Bao Bei's parental activities.

"Daddy, look! There are long deer there! They are so tall! Their necks are too long!" Tang Xiao Nai's large eyes looked all around as if they were unable to cope with the situation.

The reason why this little guy was so excited and happy was because this was the first time she had entered a zoo to see a living animal.

In the past, when Tang You You took the two of them to the zoo, although she also wanted to take them to the zoo, she felt that it was a pity that she was too tired.

Although the two little fellows had recognized almost all the small animals, they had always relied on their brains to make up for the image of living animals.

Now, they finally had the chance to see it for themselves. Even Tang Xiao Rui had become lively and energetic.

The two little fellows were skipping; one looked at the other, while the other looked at each other. Their faces were filled with excitement.

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You did not even need to seriously look at it because there was simply no time.

Their gazes were all fixed on the figures of the two little things, because they really ran too fast, like two children in the wind.

"Daddy, come here quickly. Mummy, there are many cute little monkeys at the side. Do they understand what we're talking about?" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly realised what she liked the most, monkeys.

Tang You You and Ji Xiao Han could not accept her preference. Shouldn't he be the cute little white rabbit or cute little kitten?

Why did their daughter like monkeys?

Ji Xiao Han and Tang You You stood by her daughter's side, accompanying her to look at her beloved monkey.

"Daddy, quickly take a look. There are two monkeys on that fake mountain. What are they doing?" Tang Xiao Nai suddenly noticed that on top of a fake rock with a sharp tip, a monkey was grooming another monkey's fur, and was looking for something in its fur.

"They might be tickling him!" Tang Xiao Rui earnestly replied from the side.

Just when the family of four was staring at the two monkeys on the fake mountain rock, one of the monkeys suddenly rode on top of the other monkey and made an arch motion.

He accidentally realised, before Tang You You could react, Ji Xiao Han had already reached out to block his daughter's eyes, and directly carried her and turned to leave.

Tang You You regained her senses and immediately let out a pfft sound. She could not help but laugh out loud, and the numerous parents who had brought their children to visit him, all had a variety of expressions, especially their daughters, all of them quickly took their daughters away.

Tang Xiao Rui let out a low cry that was filled with disgust, and then, covered his own eyes. "Mummy, stop looking, it's so embarrassing!"

Tang You You looked down at her son. He actually understood the meaning of being embarrassed.

Grabbing her son's small hand, she dragged him and quickly chased after Ji Xiao Han.

Ji Xiao Han had already carried his daughter to look at the sika deer by the side!

When Tang You You thought about how fast Ji Xiao Han had reacted, she couldn't help but cover his mouth and laugh.

Heavens, how could there be such an accident? Her daughter's favorite monkey!

Ji Xiao Han looked at the little girl who was giggling with her hands behind her back. Why? She seemed very interested in the movements of the two monkeys, didn't she?

"Mummy, what are you laughing at? What's so funny? " Tang Xiao Nai's eyes were covered by her father just now, but she had not seen anything. At this moment, when she saw Mummy smiling until her face was completely red, she could not help but ask her curiously.

"No …." Nothing? That is … Suddenly, I thought of something funny. " When Tang You You was asked by her daughter, she immediately blushed.

Tang Xiao Rui stared at Mummy with even more disdain from the side: "Mummy, can you stop laughing? What's so funny! "

Tang You You's beautiful eyes met with the man's meaningful eyes, and the smile on her face froze.

The reason why she smiled just now was because the accident was too sudden and also because Ji Xiao Han's reaction was too quick.

Right now, the man seemed to be looking at her with malicious intent. How could she still smile?

The two little fellows were attracted by all kinds of interesting animals and ran forward. Ji Xiao Han suddenly grabbed onto Tang You You's wrist and pulled her into his embrace.

"Were you interested in that monkey's movements just now?" The man's low and sinister words fell into her ears.

Tang You You's body trembled, her small face had turned red inexplicably, and she said stubbornly: "What are you talking about? I don't know."

"If you're that interested, we'll try another day …"

"Ji Xiao Han, you are detestable!" After Tang You You heard his words, he was so embarrassed that he was about to dig a hole in the ground.

Seeing her embarrassed look, Ji Xiao Han burst out laughing from behind.

Tang You You felt that why was Ji Xiao Han so detestable.

Who said she was interested? She only felt that the previous atmosphere was very funny.

Ji Xiao Han was already extremely wary of her. This kind of action, sooner or later he would have to satisfy her, wouldn't he?

Thinking about that, Ji Xiao Han suddenly felt his entire body heating up.

"Daddy, hurry up. It's so slow. Have you not eaten your fill for breakfast?" When Tang Xiao Nai turned her head around, she realized that her father was so far away from her.