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C1599 who dares to dig the corner

After Ling wennuan wiped the medicine, she went back to the classroom. She found that many girls in the class were staring at her, with a bad smile on her face, seeing her as an enemy.

"Hello, Ling Nuan, what do your parents do?" A girl with short hair came over and asked her in a poor voice.

Ling warm beautiful eyes turn to her, cold voice said: "what do you want to do, do you want to do family research into this class?"

"Mu Weicheng seems to be very good to you. Do you know him?" Another girl with long hair walked to her desk with her hands around her chest.

Ling warms up and leans lazily to the back of the chair: "it's none of your business. I stumbled and stuck a note on my back. Did you do it? You are too unfriendly to freshmen, aren't you? "

"It depends on whether you have any indication. Our boss doesn't like the arrogant freshmen like you very much." The short haired girl said haughtily.

"Don't like it? This school is owned by her family. What right does she have to dislike it? All of us came in with tuition, and all of us are equal. " Ling warm a small mouth is also very impolite, cold face irony.

"I'll see!" The two women didn't expect Ling wennuan to be afraid of their threat at all. Instead, they looked at them with a shirt on their face, which made them very angry.

Ling warm not to show weakness hummed, took the pen, opened the book to read.

At lunch time, Ling wennuan walked to the dining room alone. Suddenly, a girl beside her reached out and pulled her corner. When she looked back, she found that she was a classmate in the class.

"Lingnuan, you'd better not mess with them. The last freshman was forced away by them. If you mess with them, there's no good fruit to eat." The girl advised her with a worried face.

Ling warm look surprised, how can the school atmosphere become like this? How can a private party be like politics? It's really annoying to be watched.

"Don't worry, I'm not afraid of them." Ling warm face fearless expression.

"They can do anything. You really don't want to mess with them." The girl reminded her in a whisper.

"Do they dare to kill?" Ling warm face suddenly turned blue, angry asked.

"Of course, I don't dare to kill, but sometimes it's worse to deal with us young girls than to kill us." The girl said, with a look of fear in her eyes. Obviously, she had seen the means of those girls.

Ling warm suddenly thought of what they had written on the note they had posted to her. She was so angry that she blushed. "If I am scared away by them, isn't this their world? I'll be careful. By the way, aren't you afraid? How dare you come and talk to me? " Ling Nuan immediately smiled at her.

The girl looked stunned. Then she whispered, "the principal is my uncle. They are polite to me. They dare not do anything to me. By the way, my name is Xia ninglan."

"Oh, I see. In this case, whoever has a big official position in his family will have a say, right? I see. " Ling wennuan immediately understood that the cat inside was tired of it. Thinking of it, she had a bad smile on her face and thought in her heart, if it is true, then she really has nothing to fear.

"Warm, what does your family do?" Shanninglan couldn't help asking her.

"My family is in business. They have some money." Ling warms up and answers her.

"Oh, we have a lot of rich students here. We have more power." Shanninglan pulled a smile.

"I know." Ling wennuan has already seen it. Just look at the shoes on a person's feet. They all start with ten thousand words. The shoes of ordinary people are not so expensive.

Because in school, everyone wears school uniform, the only one that can show his identity is unrestricted shoes. Therefore, many parents will deliberately choose more expensive shoes for their children.

Ling wennuan is wearing a broad school uniform at the moment. She is walking on a pair of inexpensive white shoes. Her long hair is disorderly on her head. She has a ball in her head. On her plain face, she looks like a picture, and her lips are bright red. Like a natural jade, she has a kind of youthful and intimidating atmosphere. When Ling wennuan came to the canteen door, he saw Mu Weicheng. He and several teachers seemed to have come to eat. There was no distinction between the student area and the teacher area in the canteen. Because the canteen used to be the place with the most competition, there were teachers who could eat together and manage the students' behaviors, so they would eat together.

Ling wennuan saw two beautiful young female teachers around Mu Weicheng. They asked him questions with a smile on their face. Mu Weicheng looked light, but asked questions.

Mu Wei Cheng's eyes were scanning the crowd of students who came in. Suddenly, he saw Ling warm at a glance, because she stood in the crowd very eye-catching, she did not move, just stood there.

Mu's eyes swept over her, and the next second, he came back.

Summer rather orchid sees Ling warm not to leave suddenly, she cannot help but wonder to ask her: "warm, how?"? Are you afraid? "

Ling Nuan's eyes cut off the back of Mu Weicheng's tall body, revealing a touch of jealousy in her beautiful eyes.

"It's OK, little sister. Why are you still following me? You are not afraid to be affected by me?" Ling wennuan immediately turned around and winked at Xia ninglan.

Xia ninglan saw her staring at herself with such evil eyes. Her face turned red. "I don't have many friends in school. I think you get along well. Can you be my friend?"

Ling warms up and tilts his head. He immediately reaches for his hand and puts it on his shoulder. "Of course, I don't have any friends."

Xianinglan is very thin and short, only one meter and fifty-five, but lingnuan is higher than her, so she thinks that xianinglan must be smaller than herself.

Xia ninglan immediately laughed. Ling wennuan followed the crowd, but her beautiful eyes were unwilling to stare at Mu Weicheng. It seemed that he was very popular among women.

When Mu Weicheng is having a meal, I don't know if it's unintentional or intentional. He falls behind for a long distance, just in front of Ling Nuan.

"Mu He is a teacher Xia ninglan suddenly saw the tall and tall teacher, with a red face, and said hello in a low voice.

"Well!" Mu Weicheng nodded politely to her, and then his eyes swept over Ling wennuan's tight little face. Ling wennuan snorted and turned his head away.

Mu Weicheng's face is speechless. Why did he make her angry? Why did he look so bitter?

Mu Weicheng originally wanted to care about her wound. Seeing that she ignored herself, she had to ask for a joke and took the plate to the teacher's area.

"Warm, you are so brave. You are not afraid when you meet Mr. mu. I envy a girl like you." As soon as she sat down, she gave her a look of appreciation.

Ling warm a Leng: "what does he have to be afraid of? He doesn't eat people. "

"I know, but I just dare not look up at him. I always think he is too serious." Xia ninglan looks down and smiles shyly.

"You can't be so shy. When you get out of society, you have to learn to be brave." Ling wennuan finds out that this Chardonnay is really shy. She blushes even when talking to her. How can I do this?

"I'd like to, but I can't do it. Warm, I appreciate your courage, so I want to be your friend. Can you help me get rid of this problem?" She looked at her pleadingly. "Of course, if you want to be my friend." Ling warm smile agreed.

Just as they were eating and chatting, suddenly, there were four or five tall and thin boys with dinner plates, sitting directly opposite Ling warm.

"New?" One of the first boys eyes flirtatious looking at Ling warm, a pair of drag the sky's expression looked at her.

Ling warms and forcefully sends a mouthful of rice to his mouth. His beautiful eyes turn away and don't look at him.

"I like your arrogance." The boy immediately laughed, said, let Ling warm want to give him a punch.

"Well, it's like making my girlfriend's material and making a friend. What's your name and class?" That boy saw Ling warm to reward him a big white eye, he is not only not angry, but smile more devil.

"Warm, let's go." When xianinglan saw the overlord of the school appeared, she was scared and wanted to escape.

"Don't leave until you have enough to eat." Ling wennuan grabbed her arm and didn't let her go.

Xia ninglan was nervous and did not dare to eat a meal. Instead, it was Ling wennuan who still ate the thief fragrance.

"Warm? It's a beautiful name. Like the sun in the sky, it's sent to warm my lonely and cold heart. It's good to take and wonderful to take, which suits my heart. " The boy immediately looked for true love, and was more interested in Ling Nuan.

Ling warm sneered: "can you stop talking when people eat?"? It's rude. "

"Hey, how do you talk to our eldest brother? Our eldest brother is hard to see a woman, so you can't give some face? Come on, smile and show it to our big brother. " Next to a small young, like two lengzi, immediately warned Ling Nuan.

Ling warm immediately turned his mouth: "even if I laugh, I also laugh, laugh, sneer."

"You..." The young man immediately honed his fists, but the next second, the big brother he thought hit his head with a fist: "go away, don't scare my little cute."

Ling wennuan is disgusted by this group of people. Suddenly, she looks up and sees Mu Weicheng coming here.

The leading boy immediately conjured five roses out of his arms and handed them to Ling Nuan.

But soon, his words were snatched by a big hand: "which class?"

A group of boys suddenly turned around angrily, thinking who was itching, even dare to interfere with their business.

But when they turned around, they found that behind them stood an iron faced Shura, whose gloomy eyes almost froze them.

"Mu Master mu? " These boys are still very discerning. Although Mu Weicheng has just come to teach, his name has already spread to all corners of the school. Now when they see him, their legs are soft.

"Eat the flower." Mu Weicheng's voice is light, but he has absolute majesty.

"Here this