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C1702 someone is angry

LAN Yanxi raised her head and looked down at the deep eyes of the man. She sighed softly: "I'm the only one who can manage this matter. Grandpa has gone. I have to take over the things behind him. I will be strong no matter what obstacles I encounter. I'll go to those people tomorrow and find out the whole thing. If my two uncles do something wrong, I will They have to give a statement. "

"It's really hard for you. You've never taken over the company's affairs, and suddenly you've been given such a difficult task. If you don't understand anything, you can ask my friend Ji Xiaohan for help. He has a good command of the company. In my face, he will surely help you."

Ling Mo Feng goes into politics, Ji Xiaohan goes into business, and two good friends each hold a position. Therefore, it is most appropriate for Ling Mo Feng to ask Ji Xiaohan for help in this matter.

"Well, if I really don't understand something, I'll ask him for advice."

LAN Yanxi nodded and accepted his kindness.

"You can't deal with this for a while. Don't make it a burden on your mind. When you get home, you should relax. Let's go. Let's make dinner."

Ling Mo Feng gently comforted LAN Yanxi that she was still in a disordered mind. She was picked up by the man with a simple speech. She nodded and followed the man to get up and walk downstairs.

"Just now, I asked my aunt not to bring us dinner. Today, we have a change of taste. I'll cook noodles and fry two more steaks."

Ling Mo Feng said with a chuckle.

"Well, I want to eat what you make, too."

LAN Yanxi's mouth was raised and he replied with a smile.

Men listen, satisfied, as long as this woman still likes to eat his things, it is not to seize her stomach?

Two people went downstairs, Ling Mo Feng opened the refrigerator, took a bottle of ice water and twisted it to drink, handed it to the woman behind him. LAN Yanxi continued to drink, and the man continued to take out all kinds of ingredients and began to make dinner.

Put aside the pressure, two people simply get along with each other, time also becomes wonderful.

Ling Mo Feng in LAN Yanxi's eyes is a rare good partner, excellent in all aspects.

When Ling Mo Feng was washing vegetables, he still threw a loving look at her.

LAN Yanxi was drinking water, almost choked by the electricity in his eyes, and his face suddenly became hot.

Blue house! LAN Bai and LAN Chen are sitting in the garden drinking tea. After a video is played on LAN Bai's mobile phone, both of them seem to have a happy face.

"It's really exciting to smash. I hate that I'm not on the spot. Otherwise, I want to smash more things. Anyway, it's all done with our blue family's money."

Lanchen's face is not willing to bite.

Lanbai snorted: "this is just the beginning. We want to get back to the company. The road is still long. Lanyanxi will definitely stare at us. We have to find a way to deal with her."

"Big brother, do you really want to join me?

Don't you hate me for the old man's legacy distribution last time? "

The relationship between lanchen and lanbai was rigid for a while, and now it's getting better. Because lanbai needs lanchen's help, she finally gives lanchen the legacy of the old man and gains his trust.

"We are brothers, brothers, breaking bones and connecting tendons. How can I really hate you? It's good. We take it together. We have money. We earn it together."

Lambert immediately took out his means of transportation and marketing to persuade his brother to join.

"Big brother is right. We are brothers."

LAN Chen was immediately happy.

"Well, we need to stir up the internal contradictions of the company, so that lanyanxi is in a mess. In this way, we will have a chance to recapture the company. After all, we are the father's son."

Lambert said bitterly.

"Big brother, do we really have hope?

Don't forget, LAN Yanxi is married to Ling Mo Feng now. Ling Mo Feng will definitely help her. "

LAN Chen still feels the chance is slim.

"Don't worry, it's the best time for us. Ling Mo Feng has just taken office. At present, his focus must be on Geng Gu's own position. Besides, he is sensitive to his identity and can't interfere with the blue family. This is not good for his positive image. He won't be so stupid to point out the blue family's affairs openly. Of course, he will be in the dark Help LAN Yanxi. If he helps us clearly, we can also judge his behavior through the power of the media to make him have a negative impact. The position of the president is not unchangeable all his life. If he wants to be unstable, I don't know how many people want to replace him. We don't need to look forward to the future. If we succeed, we must dare to take risks. "

With ambition on his face, Lambert is bound to take back what he lost.

LAN Chen was particularly moved by what he said. He felt that this was a good opportunity.

"Big brother, as you say, there's really hope. I'll do everything according to big brother's arrangement."

Lanchen has been convinced. He decides to deal with lanyanxi together with lanbai. As long as the company turns into an irremediable mess and wants to keep lanyanxi group, he can only ask their brother to return to the company again.

The two brothers of the blue family have the idea of meeting each other as soon as possible, and lose nearly 10 billion yuan. If they don't do a great job, they will die in peace.

Morning! Last night, there was a gust of wind and rain. In the morning, the air was fresh. In the bedroom, there was a delicate body wrapped in a thin quilt. The exposed skin was like white jade. On that skin, there were traces of love.

LAN Yanxi opened her eyes and stared out of the window. Suddenly she thought of something important today. She sat up quickly, but accidentally pulled it to where. She took a breath. Last night, it seemed that it was a little excessive.

LAN Yanxi blushed. In order to have his children as soon as possible, she felt that she did have some frequent problems. I wonder if he would have backache.

She took a look at the time. At seven in the morning, LAN Yanxi changed her clothes and went downstairs quickly. As expected, she saw Ling Mo Feng's figure appear at the kitchen door. Her eyes were happy.


Not more sleep? "

Ling Mo Feng saw her go downstairs, his thin lips raised a gentle smile and said with concern.

LAN Yanxi shook his head: "I can't sleep. I want to stay with you for a while."

Ling Mo Feng's face flashed a touch of satisfaction. He opened the refrigerator and reached for two eggs.

LAN Yanxi looked at the egg in his hand and couldn't help laughing: "I heard that eating raw eggs is very healthy. Do you dare to eat them?"

Ling Mo Feng was stunned for a second: "who said that?"

"What I occasionally see on the Internet, many men personally say that eating raw eggs is very nourishing."

LAN Yanxi was suddenly shy and put his hands behind him. He didn't dare to look at the burning eyes of the man.

"Who showed you this?"

The tone of the man's voice suddenly changed subtly. Then, he took a step forward with his long legs. The powerful aura directly oppressed lanyanxi, making her step back. Her back was leaning against the wall. The man stretched out his arm and bound her: "lanyanxi, do you think I need to eat this kind of food to supplement my body?"

Lanyanxi didn't mean anything else, but she wanted to find a topic to talk about. When she saw the egg in his hand, she said it. Unexpectedly, the man seemed very angry.

"I didn't realize you needed it. I just mentioned it."

LAN Yanxi explained to him with a dry smile.

"Not at all, at least not yet."

Ling Mo Feng is still a little annoyed.

The most taboo for a man is the woman's questioning of his male dignity.

LAN Yanxi pulled at the corners of his mouth to show a fake smile: "I know you don't need it now, I Can we not talk about it? "

There is a hunter like smile in the man's eyes. It seems that this woman is not satisfied with his performance, is it?

LAN Yanxi smiled awkwardly twice, and felt that the oppression was relieved. The man had turned to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Blue words hope dark relieved a breath, took the water cup to accumulate a cup of water, carry to drink, in the heart but can't help but want to laugh.

Lingmo Feng's appearance when angry is very charming. Maybe it's because he looks so good even when angry that she doesn't have a long memory. She always wants to say something to provoke him, and then appreciates his expression when angry.

Ling Mo Feng made breakfast and brought it to the dining table. LAN Yanxi took a look at it. The dish was very beautiful. The fruit and pasta were well matched. It seems that the man must have sunshine in his heart. In such a gloomy weather, he can also give a positive feeling.