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LAN Chen had expected that Lan Bai would answer him like this. Maybe the brothers of other families can get along well with each other and help each other in the same boat. However, the LAN family has long been like scattered sand, and each of them will fly when the big difficulty comes.

In fact, the three brothers of the blue family didn't fall apart like they are now. They once united and were brothers and sisters. But at that time, something happened, a tragedy, which changed the whole blue family world.

Their eldest brother died suddenly. A car accident took away his life in his thirties.

Everyone felt that it was an accident. On the day he felt that he might have been in a bad mood, but Lambert knew that he had moved his hand and foot in it. The car was out of control, rushed out of the road and rolled down the mountain.

Lanbai was abroad at that time. After receiving the phone call, lanchen hurried to the hospital and saw the big brother covered in blood lying there, crying all over the corridor. At that time, the old man was also upset. The big brother's affairs were handed over to him. His mood was also very sad. At that time, the traffic police gave him some relics collected at the scene. Lanchen At a glance, there were cigarettes and lighters, a mobile phone and a small diary. LAN Chen took all those things home. He began to wonder why big brother kept this diary.

LAN Chen opened the diary in a deserted place, and saw that there were rows of accounts on it. It was the company's black account. LAN Chen was shocked on the spot, and the embezzler of the black account was the second brother. At that time, he was deeply hit. He felt that the second brother, who was always smiling, could not quietly misappropriate nearly 800 million yuan of public funds in the company, and even the account, Big brother found out about it, so It's not an accident. It's murder.

LAN Chen was scared and cold. He squatted in the park and smoked half a pack of cigarettes. That's why he put everything away carefully. He decided to keep silent about this matter.

He has been silent to this day. At last, he doesn't want to be silent any more. More than ten years have passed, and it's time to turn over the old account.

"Second brother, do you really refuse to help me? Our blue family is now at this stage. Have you ever thought about what caused it? " LAN Chen casually chose a sofa to sit down and stared at LAN Bai's face: "big brother is dead, our blue house seems to change overnight."

Lambert's hand, which was holding the cigarette, suddenly froze. He turned his head slowly and looked at the third brother with his eyes straight: "what do you say? We have been grieving over the death of big brother, but we can't stop some accidents. "

"Is it really an accident that big brother died? Or Is there anyone who doesn't want him to live, for fear that he will touch his own interests? " LAN Chen sneers, and says something. LAN Bai's face turns pale with fear.

"What do you know?" he asked immediately, his face clouded

LAN Chen immediately shrugged his shoulders: "second brother, why do you stare at me with such terrible eyes? What do you think I know? I just want to remind you that there should be some harmony between our brothers and we should handle some things hand in hand. "

Lambert had been frightened for a long time now. He shivered when the cold wind blew on his back.

"You're right. Dad really shouldn't stay in a cold and gloomy place like the hospital. He loves sunshine and cleanliness best. We need to bury him earlier." Lanbai suddenly put the fear in his eyes away, and lit a cigarette again. This time, he seemed to change his tone of not helping just now, and he was willing to do it according to lanchen's words.

"Let's go to the hospital now." LAN Chen stood up.

"Now?" Lambert took a look at the time. It's almost five o'clock. It's going to be dark.

"That's right. Even now, the hospital hasn't finished work. Let's send dad to spark first. Tomorrow, we'll settle down. Anyway, we've already selected a place for Dad's tomb. We just need to send him there. Our blue family is not as prosperous as before. I'm sure we've invited someone else, and others won't come here. Otherwise, we'll simplify everything. Just our family Send dad away. Don't call him lanyanxi. She doesn't deserve to come here. " LAN Chen's face was full of resentment.

LAN Bai's face was stiff. After hearing LAN Chen's words, although he wanted to refute them, he was afraid to answer them. He could only bear his inner dissatisfaction and nodded: "OK, you can make up your mind. I'm not feeling well recently. You can do everything as you see."

When LAN Chen saw that his second brother agreed, he felt a sigh of relief. When he turned around and left, he hurriedly contacted the hospital and asked to send the old man to cremation tonight. Tomorrow, he would be buried. The hospital was a little surprised, but LAN Chen was the son of the old man, and his request was reasonable.

LAN Chen immediately drove to the hospital. Although Lan's family was in decline, there were still some relationships. LAN Chen immediately contacted the staff in charge of cremation and immediately sent the old man to the hospital.

LAN Yanxi just took a bath in the hospital and dried his hair. Ling Mo Feng was answering an important phone call outside the ward. Suddenly, someone came to the hospital. Ling Mo Feng gestured to Chu lie, and Chu lie hurriedly went to ask the other party, "what's up?"

"Yes, Mr. LAN Chen just came to the hospital and said that he would send the old man to cremate now and bury him tomorrow. It's necessary for Miss LAN to know about this." Said the medical staff.

Chu lie was shocked, and immediately turned to look at Ling Mo Feng. Ling Mo Feng just hung up the phone. Chu lie hurriedly told the story again. Ling Mo Feng's expression sank: "the cause of the father's death hasn't been found out, so LAN Chen is in such a hurry to bury? Oh, someone must be afraid. "

Ling Mo Feng turned to push the door and walked in. LAN Yanxi, with long hair spread, stood at the window. The broad sick suit had been changed. Wearing a long beige skirt, the whole person looked more delicate.

Hearing the sound of opening the door, she immediately turned around. Ling Mo Feng came to her with his mobile phone and whispered, "your three uncles are here. Now they are going to cremate your grandfather. They say they are going to be buried tomorrow. They feel guilty."

"What? The cause of Grandpa's death hasn't been found out yet. Are they in such a hurry to deal with the aftermath? " LAN Yanxi was shocked and angry when he heard it, and felt cold.

"Only a guilty mind is eager to cover up all the truth." Ling Mo Feng sneered.

"Where is he now? I will never let him take grandpa now. " LAN Yanxi said and went out.

"You don't go, I'll go." Ling Mo Feng reached out his hand and gently grasped her wrist. She said softly, "if you go, you will only quarrel with him and lose your mind. Let me talk to him."

LAN Yanxi closed his eyes painfully. Indeed, when he saw the third uncle, he just wanted to fight. He really couldn't calm down and talk to him about anything.

"Well, you can't let him take grandpa away. This matter can't be solved in this way." LAN Yanxi opened her eyes again and completely trusted this man. He will surely be able to deal with it better than himself.

"Wait here for me to come back. Stop crying. You've been crying all day." Ling Mo Feng rubbed the corner of her eyes.

"Well!" LAN Yanxi nods and agrees.

Ling Mo Feng turns around and walks out. Chu lie and his bodyguard immediately follow him.

LAN Chen is waiting to go through all kinds of formalities. He is a little anxious. He keeps rubbing his hands and urges the staff to go through the formalities.

All of a sudden, he saw the door of the office open and a young and noble figure came in. Some female staff members on the scene were all excited, blushing and heart beating. They were at a loss. They were always secretly looking at Ling Mo Feng.

"Uncle LAN, you are so anxious to send grandpa LAN to cremation. It's not because you are afraid that my people will find out what evidence?" As soon as Ling Mo Feng came in, he went straight to the theme and didn't give LAN Chen any buffer time.

LAN Chen was originally upset. Seeing Ling Mo Feng coming in with a strong momentum, he put his face to question him.

"How can it be? My father has a bad heart. Everyone is familiar with it. He is just suffering from illness. What else can we find out?" LAN Chen immediately calmed down his expression and groaned lightly.

"If you can tell that the old man died of a relapse, why don't you wait a day longer and send him away at dawn tomorrow instead of going through the formalities so late?" Ling Mo Feng's voice line suddenly became cold and heavy.

LAN Chen's face stiffened.