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C910 white eyed Wolf

The evidence that Luo Jinyu provided to Ji Yueze was like a late New Year gift, which moved Ji Yueze very much.

In fact, he has sent people to investigate. The other party's loss is to be alert to his personality, so the results of his investigation are meaningless. Luo

Jin Yu didn't know what means he used or who he found, but he broke into the inner part of the nebula and dug so much evidence that was good for him. He must find an opportunity to thank him well in the future. He knows that Luo Jinyu is a very cautious business tycoon. He keeps his business stable and smooth, and hardly likes to set up enemies in the business circle. But this time, he made an exception for him. When

however, Ji Yueze knows that Yang ChuChu is responsible for all these contributions. Luo Jinyu's tireless help must be for her. Ji

Yue Ze and Bai Yiyan come directly to Wu Chang's office. He is looking for a new female star of the company to chat privately. Female

the star is sitting on his lap, Wu Dang's hands are wandering around her body. Because the office door is closed, the two people are not stuck together.

Just at this time, the door of the office was pushed open by people. There were two people in it too late to separate. One was caught by the person coming in.

The female star's frightened face lost color, and Wu Chang's face was also in a panic. "

old analysis!" Wu Chang quickly pushed the dead female star hard, and the female star stood up in fear, hurriedly walked to Ji Yueze's face, and shouted in a low voice. Season

Yueze didn't expect Wu Chang to play this trick in the office. His face was colder and colder.

"Get out!" Ji Yueze restrained his temper and only coldly swept the female star. Female

the star did not dare to breathe and ran out.

Bai Yiyan, who was following Ji Yueze, also looked stunned.

Wu Chang, who used to feel gentle and gentle, is an affinity person. Now, she only feels sick and nauseous.

It's really powerful and courageous to close the door in the office and do such shameless things. Can you do whatever you want and be lawless? Wu often has a bad feeling of dying.

However, he has a strong heart. Even if Ji Yueze catches him flirting with a female star in the daytime, he doesn't feel panic. Instead, he smiles calmly and respectfully: "boss, Xiaoyan has been wronged in the crew. She is crying to me. I just comforted her properly."

"Don't explain it to me!" Ji Yueze's eyes are cold and his words are full of disgust. Wu's face often flashed gray. He was a very astute person who was very good at observing words and colors.

He felt that Ji Yueze looked at him in the eyes, like a sharp cold knife, and wished he could scrape eight thousand knives. Wu often has no fear of a violent shake of his frightened body, and his coldness rises from behind.

Is Ji Yueze going to bleed him?

"Wu Chang, I ask you, what do you know about Nebula media?" Ji Yueze did not rush to dump the evidence on his face, but asked him in a cold voice.

"Nebulae? Is that the fast-growing media company? Boss, you don't have to worry. He can't shake our position in the entertainment industry. " Wu often talks to people and ghosts. Now he wants to please Ji Yueze.

Ji Yueze picked up a good-looking sword eyebrow, then gave a light and light one, and indicated him with his eyes. He often took Ji Yueze's eyebrow raising action as he began to be interested in listening to it, and immediately analyzed it carefully: "there are few outstanding female stars in nebula's hands, and their popularity is not very good. We can seize this opportunity to hold a audition of superstars, which will temporarily increase the company's exposure rate, and definitely rank first." "

vice president Wu didn't only play with female stars, but also worried about the development of the company!" Wu often laughed twice and said modestly, "the boss looks down on me too much. I'm actually doing my job!" "

Yes, it's because I look down on you so much that you take yourself too seriously!" Ji Yueze can't see his hypocritical face. His eyes are angry and his voice is as cold as a knife. Wu's face was white and his back was sweaty.

He pulled at the corner of his mouth, a fake smile worse than crying: "boss, I don't quite understand what you mean? What did I do wrong? "

"Wu Chang, I respected you as the eldest brother and promoted you from a security guard to the vice president of today's company. In my eyes, you worked hard and honestly and always gave me a sense of trust. At the beginning, you promised me that you would be loyal to me and never betray me. Did you swallow those vows now? What should I call you, my vice president, or a major shareholder of nebula media? " Ji Yueze's cold voice, like slapping, hit Wu Chang's face, making him more miserable.

Wu Chang's brain was pumping. He always felt that he was doing his own big business unconsciously. He even felt that the feeling of secretly building a career was exciting, inspiring and fulfilling.

However, when Ji Yueze said this word by word, Wu Changcai felt the seriousness of the situation, and no longer felt that kind of pride. "

boss Ozawa! " "

shut up!" Ji Yueze's voice was cold and angry: "when I was blind, I didn't see my family's first white wolf!" Listen to the words "white eyed wolf". Wu Chang looks as if he has been trodden on his tail. His face turns blue and white instantly.

"I finally understand why Nebula media suddenly works so successfully, because its mode is just like that of our company. You use the same operation to make Nebula become more popular in a short time. You use your authority to send all the artists that should have been recruited into the company to nebula with various excuses? Wu Chang, betraying me, does it make you have a sense of achievement Ji Yueze's voice is full of anger. In addition to grief, there is anger and hatred.

At last, Wu Chang stopped pretending to be a good man, tore his face, and revealed the terrible insidious sneer inside.

"Ji Yueze, I will go to today's step, isn't you forcing me step by step? You gave me the power at the beginning, and now you are suppressing me step by step. You don't trust me first. You make me feel frightened. Just like the abandoned woman in your deep palace, she is going to fall out of favor. I'm afraid. I'm going to protect myself. I'm going to resist. I'm going to make a better way for myself. Am I wrong? " Wu Chang roared in anger, as if he had suffered a huge grievance.

Ji Yueze's face suddenly froze. Isn't that the villain's first complaint?