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C1959 is a big misunderstanding

In the cold weather, Ji Tingyan shivers all the time. She can only return to the airport and plans to buy some thick clothes before leaving.

Accompanied by two bodyguards, Ji Tingyan came to a women's clothing store. She bought several thick clothes for each of the two bodyguards. The two bodyguards were grateful to accept them. Ji Tingyan put a long white down jacket on her body and finally slowed down. She was ready to walk outside the airport.

Before she came, jimucheng had arranged for her to travel in an off-road vehicle. At this moment, the driver was waiting at the door holding the sign.

Ji Tingyan gets on the bus and looks out of the window. Although it's also a city, it can't be compared with the metropolis. The buildings are not high, and there are still strong local customs.

Ji Tingyan takes out the camera she brings with her and takes many views.

Two bodyguards also dare not relax their vigilance, staring at the outside of the window, warning of all hidden dangers.

The driver is a middle-aged man. When he sees three beautiful women, he will naturally look at them more and ask them a few questions. However, Cheng Yue, sitting in the front passenger's seat, looks cold and gives people a feeling of not being close to each other. The driver dare not ask more if he asks a few questions.

The first stop is the hotel. Ji Tingyan decides to stay in the city for two days first, and then the next place, a famous scenic spot.

After resting in the hotel for two hours, it was dark outside the window. Ji Tingyan and her party ate in the restaurant on the third floor of the hotel.

This hotel is the best here. At the moment, the restaurant on the third floor of the hotel has a good business and a lot of guests.

Originally, I wanted to book a box, but the box was full, so the three could only choose to eat in the hall.

Just as Ji Tingyan looks at the menu beside her, suddenly, her eyes can't help scanning. She sees several black cross-country vehicles at the entrance of the hotel outside the window.

She was in a trance for a while. She felt that these vehicles were familiar to her, but for a while, she could not remember where she had seen them.

"Xiao Nai, there are enough dishes to order. Please finish first and then order." Cheng Yue reminds her in a low voice.

Ji Tingyan then found that she seemed to be a little bit more, so she had to give the menu to the waiter. When she looked around, she saw Li Jingwen's expression was a little different. Her eyes seemed to be more direct than her own, staring at the following off-road vehicles.

At this time, a group of people suddenly came out of the elevator door, all dressed in suits and shoes, with cold temperament. However, the first man was somewhat different. He was wearing a camouflage suit, a pair of black men's boots, with noble and fierce temperament. The most striking thing was his young and handsome face, which made him shine and dazzling among the group.

Ji Tingyan's face froze when she saw the leader's man. It's hard to believe that it was tie ting. It's not a common coincidence.

At this time, the bowl in Li Jingwen's hand suddenly fell down and made a sound. Next second, Li Jingwen apologized: "sorry, I slipped my hand."

Ji Tingyan immediately smiled and said, "it's OK. It's ok if you don't get hurt."

Cheng Yue also looks over there. Seeing Ji Tingyan's expression, she is surprised. She immediately whispers to her, "I know that man."

Ji Tingyan looks at her in astonishment, and Cheng Yue tells her seriously: "his name is tie ting. His company specializes in training excellent bodyguards. It's said that many countries have sent agents to him for harsh training. I didn't expect to see him here."

Ji Tingyan's pretty face was inexplicably hot. She coughed for a while, pretending to be calm and nodded: "Oh, he's in this business. No wonder he doesn't look close."

Ji Tingyan can't let two people know that she actually knows tie Ting, and her eldest brother still regards others as her blind date. Therefore, Ji Tingyan quickly keeps her eyes closed and doesn't dare to look over there.

"Jingwen, where were you trained before?" Cheng Yue asked curiously.

"Ah? What? " Li Jingwen looked flustered and almost made a mistake. She looked up and pretended not to hear her questions.

"What's the matter with you? Absent minded? Do you know Bonnie? " Cheng Yue immediately cares about her.

Li Jingwen immediately shakes her head and answers in a hurry: "I don't know."

Ji Tingyan didn't want to talk about it any more, so she poured a cup of tea for the two of them: "well, let's eat carefully, not about men."

Li Jingwen lowered her head and held the tea cup. There was a flash of melancholy in her eyes. Although she tried to control her eyes, she still looked there secretly.

Just now, when feting came out of the elevator and walked through the hall, his eyes had already noticed Ji Tingyan's table. I don't know why. It seems that he has lost his mind. He has a natural keen sense to the people he has met, which may be the professional habit he has developed. Therefore, he recognized the stunned woman at a glance.

How could she be here?

This question, let tie Ting frown directly, is grandma arrange her to come over?

Think of here, tie Ting gives birth to a kind of fidgety feeling, does grandma think his life is too easy?

Because Ji Tingyan went to his house last time, the old lady called him and seriously reminded him that if a girl contacted him, he must be a gentleman and chat with that girl.

"Boss, what are you thinking?" Wang Cheng, his assistant, noticed the difference in the look of the eldest brother and asked him immediately.

When feting Ting stepped into the box, he stopped and glanced at Ji Tingyan's table: "I'll settle the bill for that table later, and then tell the woman with long black hair where to go back and forth."

Wang Cheng immediately turned to see the table, and there were three women sitting at it. One of them was familiar with her face. Looking back carefully, Wang Cheng saw the woman in the surveillance video that day. Her long black and curly hair was too symbolic. Wang Cheng saw few beauties in the company from day to night, so he remembered it so quickly.

"Boss, she won't come to you specially, will she? You don't want to come over for dinner? " Wang Cheng bravely plays a joke about tie ting.

"If you like her, you can invite her to dinner." Tie Ting's tone was light, but it was full of danger. "Ah, I don't dare. I don't deserve it. People look good at it." As soon as Wang orange's back cools, explain.

"Then do as I say." Tie Ting sinks his handsome face.

Wang Cheng had to run to pay for Ji Tingyan's table first, then came to Ji Tingyan with a smile and said, "this lady, my boss said, let you go back where you come from, don't waste your precious time."

Ji Tingyan was enjoying the delicious food when a man ran by and said this. She couldn't help but look up at Wang orange and say, "who's your boss?"

"His name is tie Ting!" Wang said with a smile.

"What?" Ji Tingyan face a change, she just got off the plane, and let him leave? Who does he think he is.