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C859 vicious revenge

On the outskirts of the city, in an abandoned factory, there were several continuous slaps, like a slap in the face, which made people hit hard and rang throughout the abandoned factory. "

waste, a group of waste, even a woman can't make sure, do you still have the face to live in this world? Just find a pillar and run it to death. It's so disgraceful to our brother. I spent tens of millions to raise you two rubbish. " A man growled and scolded. Obviously, he was really furious to the extreme.

The faces of the two men were red and swollen. It seemed that they were the people who had just been slapped. Their faces were pale, their eyes were in panic, and they kept apologizing and blaming themselves.

"Boss, we don't know that the little bitch is so good. You didn't remind us in advance. If you had told me that she could Taekwondo, our brothers would have been ready and won't come back by accident."

"Yes, elder brother, it can't be all our fault..." "

waste, you don't look at your own people, even if she is good at it? If you can't subdue it, it's your own incompetence. Hum, you two take this money and get out of here. Get out of here now. Don't let the police find it. If you find it, you can find a way to solve it. Don't force me to kill it. " After the man mercilessly throws down this sentence, turned around to sit in the car to leave.

The two men looked at each other and saw fear in each other's eyes.

One sentence is enough to make them paralyzed on the ground. Although they are engaged in this kind of killing and setting fire, they are also carrying a family behind them. They have wives and children, old and young. Naturally, they dare not offend their masters. Even if they are caught by the police, they dare not say a word, because saying it is equal to saying it The family pushed it to the point of the knife.

Two people took the money, made a phone call to their families secretly, and began to think about how to escape the pursuit of the police.

The news that Bai Yiyan is a brave gangster doesn't follow the path on the Internet. Many netizens run to leave messages, expressing their appreciation for Bai Yiyan's skill and courage. Many girls hope to learn from her and be able to save themselves in a crisis. Therefore, Bai Yiyan successfully brushes off a wave of good feelings when she is not careful.

Li Ranran narrowed her eyes and stared at the video for a long time. When she saw Bai Yiyan's fist hit the flesh and her legs hit the men with wind, she really had a cold sweat on her forehead. "

I didn't expect her to have a real foundation in martial arts. No wonder the director praised her on the set last time. Hum, she has great martial arts skills. She doesn't have any femininity. I don't know where the boss likes her." Li Ranran said, biting his lips viciously. The little assistant next to

thought of some ideas before. He wanted to help Li dye dye dye to get revenge on Bai Yiyan. Seeing her skill, he suddenly felt that the ideas he thought were useless.

"Sister Ranran, we said we wanted to find someone to teach her a lesson. Now, I'm afraid it's useless." Little assistant is still afraid. If Bai Yiyan knew that it was her way, she would be miserable to find her account. "

What are you afraid of? Didn't you see her still injured? She's not a God or a man. She can really defeat ten with one! " Li Ranran's teeth are full of hate. "

sister Ranran, let me ask you more, these two men are not what you are looking for?" The assistant asked in a panic.

Li Ran Ran's face stiffened, and turned to glare at the assistant: "don't talk about it, it's nothing to do with me!"

The assistant shakes and smiles: "it's OK, sister Ranran. I don't know who Bai Yiyan has offended. It seems that there are many people who want to repair her."

Li Ran Ran narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists angrily, thinking that this time she managed to escape. Next time, she will not be so lucky. In fact, Li Ranran found someone to run the two gangsters. She wanted to humiliate Bai Yiyan after she grabbed the car. She felt dirty and had no face to pester Ji Yueze again. Now it seems that things are beyond her expectation.

Bai Yiyan is good at controlling the two men. In addition, there are videos. It's very difficult for her to deal with this matter. Li

Ranran believes in the man she found, and the man also calls to comfort her and ask her not to worry. This matter will soon be put under pressure. Moreover, Bai Yiyan's injury this time is not light. She is afraid that she will not be able to pick up a new play in the next few months. Don

youyou also saw Bai Yiyan's video. In the evening, when Ji Xiaohan came back, she talked with him about it.

When the video burst out, Ji Xiaohan called Ji Yueze and asked about it. Now Tang youyou asked about it. Of course, Ji Xiaohan could explain it to her. "

terrible!" Tang youyou knows that Bai Yiyan was captured by the two men without knowing it. Her face turns white, she shakes her head and says, "the society was peaceful before, but now she finds that the danger is everywhere. Fortunately, Miss Bai is good at it. However, if she is dragged into the car by these two men, the consequences are unimaginable."

"Season owl cold nods, deep voice way:" yes, it seems, the girl still has the necessity to learn the defensive skill

"Do you want your daughter to learn?" Asked Tang youyou softly. "

it's not enough. Both the son and daughter can start to learn!" Season owl cold nodded, already had this idea. "

let me talk about it with my two children tomorrow. The old lady has been urging her to add more lessons to the children. I don't know what to let them learn for a while. Their study in school is enough for them to be busy." Tang youyou sighed. She was still at a loss about how to educate her children. She didn't know how to cultivate their hobbies and interests, and she was afraid to put too much pressure on them. "

this society is originally cruel. Although children are small, as children of Ji family, they have to work harder than others. If you love them, it may not be a good thing." Season owl cold gently holds her small hand, in the voice more severe. "

yes? If I didn't let the children follow you, would they still be able to live a normal life? " Tang youyou asked with a chuckle. "

do you think ordinary people's life will be free of worries and worries?" Season owl cold picked eyebrows. It's true that ordinary people's life is not necessarily safe and happy.