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C1178. It's jealous

Lanyanxi can't figure out the true meaning of marriage, and maorongrong can't figure out the charm of love. However, when he has love in his heart, he finds that the corner of life is falling and the details are affected by love.

Before her noon break, she used to work all the time, but now, as a thief, she secretly opened the computer's web page, and quickly searched Lu xuanchen's latest itinerary with her fingers. His

new plays are being publicized in full swing all over the country, and a lot of posters and advisories related to his works have sprung up on the Internet, which is really a good play expected by all the people. Rong Rong pushed her glasses. Because of myopia, if she wants to see clearly, she must lean forward.

Lu xuanchen's interview, just a search, can come out a long run, casually point open, you can see his handsome figure, and his gentle and pleasant voice. Rong Rongzheng was entranced. Suddenly, someone behind her gave her a pat, which scared her soul out of her head. When she looked back, she turned out to be a partner.

"Rongrong, have you been chasing stars recently? I don't know. Didn't you tell me that you don't like this easy money making star Her partner is her college classmate, and now she is also a famous elite in the legal field. She took an interesting name, Han Caisheng. He took advantage of his lunch break and sent some fruits to Mao Rongrong. Unexpectedly, she was secretly watching Lu xuanchen's interview.

Mao Rongrong quickly blacked out the screen, sat on the chair and shook it twice: "no, I just saw it by chance. I opened it casually. What can I do for you?"

"This is the fruit my mother sent to me. She specially packed one for you and took it back for compensation." After Han Caisheng finished, he put the packaged delicate fruit on her table: "women should eat more fruit, and the skin will look good." "

really? Thank you for my aunt, and you have your heart. You think of everything for me! " Mao Rongrong was not polite either. He accepted it directly. Because he knew each other too well, a lot of politeness was omitted.

"Well, Rongrong, do you want to have dinner together in the evening? I'm the host. Invite the office people out for a big meal. Come with me! " Han Caisheng's eyes slipped quickly on her because he was too familiar with her. Suddenly, he was embarrassed to start. However, the emotion in his heart was more and more hidden. "

OK, how can I not go if I have a meal? After work, I'll go back home! " Mao Rongrong immediately smiled and nodded. "

that's settled!" Han Caisheng breathed a sigh secretly. For this meal, he spent both his mind and money, but he felt it was worth it.

After work, Mao Rongrong took the fruit sent by Han Caisheng and drove home.

When he arrived at the door, Mao Rongrong reached for the key again. Before he could open the door, the door was unscrewed from inside.

"Lu xuanchen?" Mao Rongrong didn't expect this man to show up at her house. Lu

Xuan Chen looks at her lazily and smiles: "Why are you so surprised? You gave me the key last time. "

"You're not in another city..." "

What's in your hand when you just came back?" Lu xuanchen is only wearing a fresh T-shirt. He looks young and energetic. It's no wonder that such a sunny and clean man can make women crazily pursue him. Even when Mao Rongrong looks at him at the moment, his heart is beating fast.

"Oh This is a fruit from my friend! " Mao Rongrong took back his mind for a while and replied in a hurry. "

let me see. It's from the man, isn't it?" Lu xuanchen directly seized the past, and his voice was already jealous.

Mao Rongrong felt guilty for a while, but soon, she felt that her reflection was a little funny. What was her guilty heart? Who is not allowed to have a heterosexual friend. "

it's a man, my partner!" Mao replied casually as he changed his shoes. Lu

xuanchen has gone to the table with the fruit. With a little rudeness, he pulls the packing bag open. He mutters, "there must be a ghost for a fruit that is so beautifully packed!"

Mao Rongrong changed his shoes and came over. At the moment, Lu xuanchen had unpacked the package and put some fresh fruits in it. However, in the middle of the fruits, there was a delicate small box. "

what is this?" Lu xuanchen's eyes narrowed, deeply unhappy. Mao was also stunned, looking at the box in his hand strangely: "how did Han Caisheng send this back? Open it, what is it? "

Lu xuanchen opened it and put a shiny diamond bracelet in it. "

yo, the latest, international famous product!" Lu xuanchen is in the entertainment circle. Naturally, he saw the brand of the bracelet: "I speak for it!"

Mao Rongrong immediately opened his eyes and asked incredulously, "how can he still give me this? Isn't it fruit delivery? " "

? I will question your character at once... " "

stop, stop, how can you get so many words!" Mao Rongrong didn't expect a big star to be a talker. Did he analyze it like this? "

what I say is all men's voices!" Lu xuanchen Jun's face is black. She feels that the woman's IQ has obviously lowered her Eq. so obviously, she doesn't know?

"I didn't say that I would take this bracelet from him. Please install it. I'll return it tomorrow!" At the moment, Mao Rongrong is also confused and at a loss.

"If you send it back, you just refuse him. He may be sad!" Lu xuanchen walked to her ear, smiling.

"I haven't thought about my feelings yet. I don't think it's a refusal." Mao Rongrong suddenly got a little nervous. The man approached her and made her breathe and swallow. "

you are not going to accept it, are you? Mao Rongrong, a man has already lived in your family. Are you going to be confused with other men? " Lu xuanchen's tone suddenly became irritated, and he totally regarded himself as her boyfriend.

Mao Rongrong was supposed to be angry, but why, instead of being angry, did she want to laugh? "

Lu xuanchen, who asked you to come in without saying hello? If I let others know, my reputation will be ruined! " Mao Rongrong asked, pretending to be angry. "

if someone says something bad about you, I will stand up and explain it for you!" Lu xuanchen reached out to hug her and said with a smile.