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"Trust me!" Ji Xiao Han laughed out loud.

Tang You You imitated his tone and said: "Wait until my son inherits your career, won't his money be my money? Why can't I earn it? It was easy to earn. "

"Tang You You, do you believe that I won't let you lose your job?" When Ji Xiao Han heard that she wanted to earn money with peace of mind, he immediately wanted to do something bad.

The contract he signed with Xia Zi Yan was for half a month, so he had to hand over ten pieces of the work to her satisfaction. However, Tang You You only had three pieces in his hands, which made her satisfied, so, facing such a vigilant client, completing the mission within half a month was still a challenge.

It was just that Ji Xiao Han said that he had social meetups at night, so Tang You You could only bring his work home to do.

The Ji Family was very unfamiliar with this little fellow. She should first return and accompany them, as she was truly a dependent daughter, afraid that she would cry.

When Tang You You drove the car back to Ji Family's beach villa, she saw a very strange scene when she walked into the living room.

In the luxurious living room, there were now two cute little fellows.

"Mummy, you're back. Come and take a look Little White and Little Black, aren't they very cute? I like them so much." When Tang Xiao Nai saw that the Mummy had returned, she instantly jumped over happily and pulled on one of her fingers, pulling her to look at her cute new pet.

"This …" Tang You You had yet to recover from the strange scene when he saw Uncle Yuan walking over from the side.

When Uncle Yuan saw Tang You You, his expression was also speechless.

"Uncle Yuan, how did you agree to let them bring the pony into the living room?" Tang You You didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

The Uncle Yuan could only smile and say: "After school, little Young Master and Young Miss circled around the two pony s. When it was dark, they refused to go home, but unfortunately, there are too many mosquitoes on the grass, so I called Young Master to ask around. When Young Master heard that the two little fellows had been bitten by mosquitoes, he immediately agreed to let them bring the pony back to the living room to play."

Tang You You's brain had been kicked by a horse, how could he agree to such a thing?

"Mummy …" Tang Xiao Nai tugged on her fingers with all her might: "Mummy, come quickly, come quickly and greet Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei quickly. They are really fun to play, be obedient and obedient just like me and big brother."

"Miss Tang, why don't you accompany the children to play? Young Master just called and said that he won't be home to eat dinner, and dinner will be ready soon. Uncle Yuan said with all his heart.

"Thank you, Uncle Yuan!" Tang You You said politely.

Tang Xiao Rui sat on the sofa with his legs crossed like a little adult, holding onto a drawing board, he seemed to be drawing.

The picture was of the two pony Horses standing in the living room, staring blankly.

Obviously, the two pony s were not used to this strange environment. From time to time, they would cry out a few cries, looking pitiful.

"Mummy, quickly say hello to Little White. It likes me so much." Tang Xiao Nai was extremely excited, her face red, she pointed to the pony and said.

Tang You You squatted down and rubbed the pony's head with her hands. Then, he said in all seriousness: "Xiao Nai, Xiao Rui, you guys are playing too hard. The pony aren't used to standing here, they like to live on the grass, so I request you to immediately send the pony back."

"Why, Mummy, I haven't played enough with them. Daddy said that I can bring them to the living room to play." Tang Xiao Nai Yi Ting immediately became anxious when he heard that she was not allowed to play with the pony.

"Your father must be crazy, for him to agree to your unreasonable request?" Tang You You definitely would not allow that man to spoil his child to such a reckless state. With a stern face, he said: "Mummy isn't joking with you guys, now let Uncle Yuan send the pony out, if you want to play tomorrow after school, do you hear me?"

"Mummy is so fierce …" Tang Xiao Nai Shun Jian's eyes turned red from grief, she looked pitifully at her own pony, then looked at Tang Xiao Rui who was half done drawing, and was completely dumbfounded: "Big brother still wants to paint her pony, it's not even done yet, Mummy, can you let them stay here for a while longer?"

"No, listen carefully to what Mummy has to say, don't mess around." Tang You You did not want to cultivate this kind of habit of doing whatever they wanted, so her requirements were still as strict as before.

Tang Xiao Rui had a pitiful expression on his face as he placed the drawing board to the side, and said faintly: "Alright, we will listen to Mummy, don't be angry Mummy."

Tang Xiao Nai wanted to continue to persevere, but hearing that her brother had surrendered, she had nothing to say, and could only sit to the side in silence, feeling wronged.

Tang You You immediately turned around to look for Uncle Yuan, who ordered two servants to lead the two pony out.

Tang You You walked over to see his son's drawing. It was extremely abstract, and normal people would not be able to appreciate it.

"Xiao Nai, are you angry?" Tang You You squatted in front of his daughter and planned to make up with her.

"I miss dad …" Tang Xiao Nai's mouth was wide opened as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Even if your father is here, the Mummy will still bring him out." Tang You You was shocked. Her daughter had already switched to Ji Xiao Han's camp, scolding her was not an easy task, but to dare to bring out her daddy to oppress her. Hmph, little thing, you must treat her well.