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C511 still can'st let him go

Tang youyou has a kind of competitive mood. However, when hearing that the children really entrust themselves to Lu xuanchen with a serious face, she is actually a little silly. Meimou secretly looks at the man sitting opposite.

Season owl's face is dark and cold. It's written on his face directly. It won't hide his anger at the moment.

Tang youyou's heart, suddenly a pain, she somewhat ashamed of the head down, she did not know how it is?

Mingming loves that man in his heart, but he wants to pull Lu xuanchen to play this play. Is she mocking each other or is she deluding herself?

No matter what, Tang youYou can't be happy. She has a feeling of both losing.

Not only hurt Ji Xiaohan, but also make himself unhappy. This is the next step.

"Well, you two support mommy so much. Mommy is very happy. Since you all agree that I am with brother xuanchen, you may have to live in Jijia first from now on. When Mommy's new house is finished, you can pick you up to live." Said Tang youyou.

As soon as Tang xiaonai heard this, he felt sad and reluctant to give up. "Mommy, are you going to leave me? I don't want you to leave, I don't want you! "

Tang youyou knows that her daughter is dependent on herself. Moreover, she likes to let her sleep in her arms at night so that she can sleep peacefully.

At the moment, looking at his daughter's little face full of sadness, Tang youyou's mood is also very sad.

Ji Xiaohan took the opportunity to say, "otherwise, you'd better stay here and take the kids. I'll move to the mountainside!"

"Yes, yes, it's a good arrangement!" Tang Xiaorui suddenly replied with a happy face.

Tang youyou is also inseparable from her children. If Ji Xiaohan is willing to let her stay here, she has no objection. Anyway, she lives here and doesn't meet him and his family. She just wants to be with her children.

"Well, I'll stay, and when I rent the house, I'll move!" Although Tang youyou agreed, he had to mention the fact that he would move sooner or later, because it was Ji's family after all, and she was embarrassed to live for a long time.

"Mommy, so you're not leaving?" After hearing this, Tang xiaonai immediately beamed.

Tang youyou looks at his daughter's happy smile, and her heart can't tell what it's like.

"Xiaonai, Xiaorui, I want to have dinner with Uncle Lu at noon. You have fun at home. I will come back later." Tang youyou feels that Lu xuanchen is left alone. She feels very unhappy. So she decides to leave first.

"OK, mummy, uncle Luo, please walk slowly!" Tang Xiaorui seems to feel that his goal has been achieved, so he is in a good mood.

Lu xuanchen stands up and walks to the door with Tang youyou.

Season owl cold's goal stare at two people's figure, the eye color one gloomy.

It has to be said that the perfect height difference between the two gives Ji Xiaohan an indescribable dazzling feeling.

When he fell in love with Tang Youyou, he felt that no man could stand beside her.

But now, he has to watch her go out to dinner with other men and watch them drive away together.

"Daddy, come back!" Ji Xiaohan stares at the door like this until the two people's sports car has gone away. He hasn't regained his mind. A plump little face reaches in front of him and shakes twice. Tang Xiaorui immediately says loudly.

Ji Xiaohan is awakened by his son's loud voice, and his beautiful eyebrows are suddenly serious: "Xiaorui, what do you play?"

Tang Xiaorui jumps to the sofa beside him and leans lazily on the back of the sofa: "Daddy, what are you playing with?"

Tang xiaonai turned around sadly, looked down to Uncle yuan and asked him to send her to play with her great grandmother. She didn't want to take care of her father.

"Xiaonai..." Looking at his daughter's sad figure, Ji Xiaohan immediately called out her name gently.

"I don't want to deal with Daddy!" Tang xiaonai didn't turn back, only striding towards the direction of Uncle yuan's work.

Ji Xiao's face is slightly stiff, and the whole person is a little confused. It seems that his daughter blames him for all the mistakes.

Also, he did not open his mouth to retain, it is the biggest mistake, his daughter blame him, he also understands.

"Does my sister ignore me in the future?" Ji Xiaohan turns to ask Tang Xiaorui, because only children can understand their thoughts.

Tang Xiaorui shrugged his shoulders and said lightly: "I don't know. It usually takes a week to digest when xiaonai is sullen. You may have to give her some time."

"A week?" Season owl cold has a sense of collapse.

"Well, don't worry about Nina, daddy, what's the matter with you and Mommy? Why does it suddenly become like an enemy? " Tang Xiaorui must make this clear, otherwise, he will not be able to eat and sleep.

Ji Xiaohan knows that his son must be asking, but he doesn't want to tell him.

"Xiaorui, as long as you remember, daddy has no choice, and I'm helpless!" Season owl cold handsome eyes a heavy sadness.

"What are you helpless about? You tell me, I can make Mommy change her mind, you have to believe me! " Tang Xiaorui really wants to help daddy and mummy get back together.

"This time, you can't help!" Ji Xiaohan stands up and walks upstairs.

"Daddy How do you know if you don't try? Don't you really love my mommy? So you don't even want to try. " Tang Xiaorui's face froze a little. He felt that things were more serious than he thought.

Ji Xiaohan's tall body stood at the stairs, with his back to his son. His voice was still heavy and tired: "is there any love between her and me? It's no longer meaningful, Xiaorui. In the future, you and xiaonai will stop caring about the matter between you and me, OK? Please be my father! "

Tang Xiaorui's face is stunned again. Is daddy begging him?

"Aren't you really afraid that mommy will be with Uncle Luo? What if they get married? What if they have a baby again? Do you really want my mommy? " For the first time, Tang Xiaorui felt panic, because he was also afraid that daddy and mummy would break up.

Ji Xiaohan is in front of his son. He doesn't want to lie. He looks back at his son's disappointed face: "I want her, but I'm afraid I'm not qualified!"

After Ji Xiaohan finished, he went upstairs and stopped answering his son's questions, because every question of his son would hurt him.

At the moment, in the sports car driving to the city, Tang youyou said apologetically, "brother xuanchen, I'm really sorry to let you accompany me in this play." "It's my own wish!" Lu xuanchen said in a low voice, then he looked at Tang youyou again: "Youyou, do I have a chance to pursue you now?"