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C991 a nightmare

Yang ChuChu came home and opened the door with the key. Suddenly, she saw her mother sleeping on the sofa in the living room. She was alone.

Cheng Ying, with her arms in her arms, lies on the sofa and falls asleep. Maybe because of the cold, she doesn't cover the quilt, just hugs herself with her clothes. Yang's heart vibrated deeply. She didn't expect her mother to sleep on the sofa. It's still cold in spring. It must be very cold to sleep here.

Yang ChuChu's eyes were hot. He hurried back to his bedroom and took a quilt out. He wanted to cover his mother's body, but he woke her up accidentally. Cheng opened his eyes and saw his daughter's face. She sat up in amazement: "how come you come back, Chu Chu? What time is it now? "

"Mom, how do you sleep on the sofa? It's not covered yet, so it's easy to freeze. " Yang ChuChu pressed down her heartache and asked her softly. "

Oh, I'm probably tired from my work. I fell asleep on the sofa as soon as I got home!" Cheng Ying quickly explained with a smile.

Yang ChuChu sighed and scolded: "even if you are tired again, you still have to go back to your bedroom to sleep. You can't sleep on the sofa. I'm not around you now. What if you have a cold?" "

well, I'm fine. How can you come back so late?" Cheng Ying takes a look at his mobile phone. It's almost ten o'clock. "

Oh, I I just want to go home and get something for tomorrow! " Yang ChuChu quickly told a lie. "

yes? Then if you have anything to use later, just call me and I'll deliver it for you! " Cheng Ying frowns. She must be tired to come back so late. Yang suddenly wanted to cry. The feeling was strong. She quickly turned her back and said, "Mom, I'm going to take a bath!" Cheng

Ying looks at her back as she quickly enters the bedroom and is stunned.

Yang ChuChu shut himself in the bathroom and leaned back against the wall. What flashed in his mind was the picture of his mother's pale face when he didn't obey.

Maybe I really grew up and began to understand that it's not easy to be a cool single mother. Don't think that everyone's mother ignores her growing up process, but she knows that her mother has given her all her personal time from childhood, and she is also more strict with her, that is to say, one day, she won't be despised because she is a single family's child. Before, she had a thick skin and a low self-esteem. She didn't care what others said. Now, why can't you stand it? Is it the fragility of your heart?

Maybe, she just knows how to love her mother. She does well. She doesn't want someone to say bad things about her mother. She can't hear a word. "

delicate..." Cheng Ying's voice came from the outside of the door, and Yang ChuChu opened the water cage beside her in a hurry, so that the sound of water covered her inner pain.

"You're fine, aren't you?" Cheng Ying is still very sensitive. The daughter of Zongjue just looked at her in the wrong eyes, so she didn't feel at ease and came to ask her. Yang

she put out her hand to cover her lips to prevent her choked voice from overflowing. The sound of water is so loud that Cheng Ying has to stop shouting at her. When Yang ChuChu came out, she took a bath and washed her head, and the tears in her eyes were held back by her.

Cheng Ying still sat on her bed and saw her coming out, or came to ask her with concern: "I don't think you look very well. Did you quarrel with Luo Jinyu?" Yang was shocked and shook his head: "no, how can I quarrel with him?" "

just don't quarrel. I'm sure he won't quarrel with you either." Cheng Ying chuckles. Although she doesn't know much about Luo Jinyu, she has the feeling of trusting Luo Jinyu.

"Mom, I'm going to sleep. You can go to sleep as soon as possible. We're OK. Don't think about it!" Yang ChuChu comforts his mother.

"Well, go to bed early!" Cheng Ying looks at her with a smile and closes the door and leaves. Yang

stay in place and look at this pink bedroom. Her mother has given her a princess like growing environment with her only ability. She really feels that her mother is very good. One

night is over!

The next morning, Ji Yueze woke up from a nightmare. I don't remember how long he hasn't had such a nightmare.

After waking up, Ji Yueze did not escape from the nightmare, because the dream was too real.

"Damn, I must be a demon!" Ji Yueze cast a low curse of chagrin, then went into the bathroom, poured his face with cold water, and forced himself to wake up. How could he dream that Bai Yiyan had left her? Besides, she broke up with herself and married another man. He ran to her wedding and made a scene. She took a knife and threatened him to leave. Otherwise, she cut her wrists and killed herself on the spot. He rushed to see her throwing the knife and the blood stained his eyes. "

she's not that stupid!" Ji Yueze sneers. Bai Yiyan will not commit suicide. Season

get out of the bedroom, open the refrigerator, the refrigerator is empty, there is no food in it. Bai

Yi Yan left, as if taking his passion for life with her. When she lived here, she always reminded him to go shopping. No matter what was useful or not, she always filled the refrigerator full first, and when needed, she could open it and get it.

Now, the refrigerator is as empty as his heart.

Originally, I wanted to have breakfast at home. Now it seems that I can only go out to eat.

Ji Yueze recovers his single life again. He wakes up alone, goes to work alone, drives the car, stops at the traffic light, and sees a man and a woman in the car nearby talking and laughing. He gets stabbed again for some reason. I wish I could step on the accelerator faster.

Love a, even the heart has become fragile, can not stand the blow.

When Ji Yueze was about to arrive at the company, an idea suddenly crossed his mind. He slammed on the brake, and at the next crossing, he hit the steering wheel and turned to another road.

That road is directly to the seaside, the coastal seascape line, especially spectacular and beautiful. Ji pushed the accelerator to the bottom and drove to Bai Yiyan's new address. When

he parks his car in the parking lot of the community, he rushes to the elevator.

While waiting for the elevator, he took out his mobile phone and decided to call her first. If she didn't get up at this time, he could send her some breakfast.

"Whoa!" A few women passing by marveled at his figure, because he was wearing sunglasses, which made it impossible for people to see his face for a while, but his figure was already amazing. Ji

Yueze is looking forward to hearing Bai Yiyan's voice, but the phone has been turned off.