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C1196 fight, fight, lose

Yang ChuChu is sitting in the company's lounge, playing a brain burning game that she will speak for with her mobile phone unskilled. Her role in the game has been severely beaten by various people. She tried again and again, but she didn't make any progress. She was mad. She doesn't admit that her IQ can't even pass the third level. She must try her best to break through.

"Well, someone is looking for you in the hall!" The assistant pushed the door in and whispered.

"Who's looking for me?" Yang chuchutou also does not lift, is competing with the game.

"She said her name was Fang Kexin. You must meet her. She also said she had something important to talk to you!" The assistant replied quickly.

"She? No! " Yang ChuChu had been tortured by the game of mental exhaustion, even to hear a disgusting name, the mood suddenly upset up. "

OK, I'll let her go!" The assistant was about to leave, but he was stopped by Yang ChuChu. "

well, let her come up. I have something to say to her!" Yang ChuChu throws his cell phone on the table next to her and asks Luo Jinyu to help her clear the customs. Her brain is not enough.

Fang Kexin came in wearing a famous brand, her mood has calmed down a lot, not as painful as at the beginning to want to kill. It's a fact. Fang Kexin can't do anything but accept it. She can't really have the courage to kill people. "

what can I do for you?" Yang ChuChu asked, looking at her coldly.

Fang Kexin threw his bag on the sofa and sat down directly. His eyes were cold: "my father said, you are my sister, I don't believe it. I want to prove it to you personally."

Yang ChuChu looked surprised and immediately sat up straight: "do you know?"

"It seems that you already know, Yang ChuChu, do you want to steal my father from your mother? I'm here to warn you. Don't think you can make trouble if you know your identity. " Fang Kexin's reprimand.

After hearing her words, Yang ChuChu was so angry that he wanted to laugh at her and said, "Fang Kexin, you think your family is royal and aristocratic. I want to compete with my mother for fame and property? You really take yourself too seriously. "

Fang Kexin was annoyed by Yang ChuChu's anger. She clapped the chair and helped her angrily: "your mother didn't want to be shameful in those years. She interfered in other people's marriage and gave birth to such a wild seed as you..."

"Pa!" A cup of water was splashed on Fang Kexin's face directly by Yang ChuChu, and it was really uncomfortable to pat him on the face with Yu Wen.

"You You lunatic! " Fang Kexin was so angry that she didn't expect Yang ChuChu to have a bigger temper than her. Shouldn't her illegitimate daughter, who can't see light, express guilt and guilt to her daughter, who is the wife?

Yang ChuChu's face lengthened and warned coldly: "scold me, scold my mother, to say shameless, you really should ask your good father, what did he do to walk on two boats and not be found, maybe you can learn two moves to prepare for future trouble!"

"How dare you change your ways to scold me? Yang ChuChu, if I poke out your identity, can your fans accept you? " Fang Kexin's whole body trembled with anger. She came here to fight. Unexpectedly, she lost the fight. It's unbearable.

"Zhi, I didn't stop you when your mouth is on you, but you have to make it clear. Once this thing is exposed, Fang Yang's future will be ruined. I heard that he has been staring at the mayor's position recently, but his ambition is not small. Unfortunately, his ability is too poor. He still can't climb up after being vacated!" If you want to quarrel, Yang ChuChu's little mouth is not forgiving. Fang Kexin is a big loser this time. Unexpectedly, when she meets such a sharp toothed woman, she can't get any benefits. "

you Do you shut up and curse your own father like that? " Fang Kexin's face turned white and twisted again. She found that Yang ChuChu didn't seem to care about her illegitimate identity. "

don't you want to expose us? Don't talk and don't count! " Yang ChuChu was so pleased with her that he smiled calmly: "that's what the entertainment circle is like. No matter what the scandal is, as long as I stir fry it, my popularity will rise. You can do it by yourself."

"No way!" Fang Kexin shouted angrily, "you mean woman, there is another thing. I have to ask you, did you let Luo Jinyu dismiss me?"

Yang ChuChu did not expect that she would dare to mention Luo Jinyu, and immediately picked up the eyebrows: "so what? I can't let you wander in front of my boyfriend, of course, for a woman with a bad heart like you. Moreover, I've heard that every time you go to work, you dress up in a different way. Your purpose is so obvious. "

"Who are you listening to? I'm the eldest lady of the Fang family. I have money. It's my business how I like to dress up. It's bullshit to get other people talking!" Fang Kexin felt as if he had been trampled on by others. He was angry and ashamed. "

Fang Kexin, aren't you still thinking about Luo Jinyu? He didn't make it clear to you, or you are so cheap, you have to paste it on yourself! " Yang ChuChu asked with a sneer.

"I just want to paste it. What's the matter? Luo Jinyu is not your husband now, not necessarily in the future. Don't be complacent too early. There are many women who have to climb up the pole to get into his bed for a man as good as him! " Fang Kexin cursed her. "

my boyfriend's character is still very correct, so I won't bother you. You'd better take care of yourself. If you let me know that you are trying to seduce him, you will regret it." Yang ChuChu made a warning. "

what can I regret? I'll disgust you once for a big deal. Anyway, the man we are pleased with will never let go easily. " Fang Kexin laughed bitterly, and he was also a little proud.

"If you want to see your father fall, just do it. I don't recognize him as a father, so I won't worry about his future and career." Yang ChuChu is not a soft persimmon either, will not let her knead easily. "

dare you!" Fang Kexin is really surprised. Unexpectedly, Yang ChuChu has taken this as a chip for a long time.

"Why don't you try and see if I dare!" Yang ChuChu's beautiful face flashed a cruel flash.

Fang Kexin is really afraid of her. She knows how much her father likes this job. And now she is facing a high promotion. Of course, she doesn't want his future to be destroyed. Cheng Jianhong, the former mayor, seemed to have committed suicide by jumping off the stairs in shame when he found someone to give birth to his son 20 years ago.

Nowadays, this society is full of people's words. It's not for fun.

"Well, you're cruel, Yang ChuChu. You don't recognize him all your life. I won't let your mother and daughter steal him!" "

don't give me nothing, cut it!" Yang ChuChu coldly turned a big white eye.