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C1578 mourning for the dead

Yang He hears the chaotic footsteps coming this way. Her face is pale with fear. She watches five or six men enter her room in horror. It's so dark that she almost never faints again.

"Who are you? What are you doing? I didn't offend you. You are a lawbreaker, you know? Let me go, I don't think so. " Yang he was a shrewd woman who threatened others first.

One of the men squatted down suddenly. Without saying anything, he gave her two slaps first.

Yang He's delicate face, which can stand the man's fierce fight, instantly swelled red, even the teeth and silver were bleeding. She not only heard the buzzing of her ears, but also paid for the blood smell. She was completely scared and wilted, which dared to shout again.

"Dead woman." The man scolded her angrily. The next second, he said: "if my brother dies in it, he will bury him with dry blood. You'd better hope that he will come out alive."

Yang he was scared of his words. His face was bloodless and frightened. He asked with trembling, "who is your brother? I don't know him. You must have caught the wrong person. Let me go, brother. I can give you money. "

"I want my brother to live." That man is the leader of these people at a glance. His face is grim.

Yang he was too scared to breathe. He lowered his head and his eyes flashed quickly: "I really don't know your brother."

"Of course you don't know him. He just went out for the parade and was locked in. I heard that Ling Mo Feng would save you even if he was hurt. He likes you?" Asked the man with a sudden sneer.

When Yang he heard this, her face was red and swollen, and even red. She really wanted to admit that Ling Mo Feng liked her, but at the moment, she didn't dare to say a word more.

"Your brother is not a parade at all. They want to assassinate Ling Mo Feng. They are going to die on their own "Ah!" Yang he wanted to reason with them, but found that before she finished speaking, her hair was severely pulled by the man, and her whole body followed him to slant in front of the man.

"So ling Mo Feng really likes you, doesn't he?" The man seemed to have found a breakthrough, which surprised him.

"No, no, he doesn't like me. He has a fiancee. You really catch the wrong person. I'm not the woman he likes. I just like him. If you want to catch him, you should catch lanyanxi. She is more useful than me." Yang he can't speak hard now, she immediately cried out in pain.

"I know the woman named lanyanxi. Unfortunately, she has bodyguards around her every day when she goes out, or she is with Ling Mo Feng. If I can catch her, do I need you?" The man maliciously put her hair, Yang He's brain is also empty.

So, these men just because they can't catch lanyanxi, so they retreat and ask for the next one to catch her?

Isn't she the death substitute of blue Yan Xi?

Thinking of this, Yang He's heart is just Tao Tian's hatred. She almost drowns her heart. She hates it. She would rather commit suicide than die for LAN Yanxi. She will die with her eyes closed.

"Big brother, you let me go. Ling Mo Feng really doesn't care about my life and death. It's useless for you to catch me." Yang he immediately cried out in fear and begged them.

"Hum, how can we catch you and let you go? Don't dream. Ling Mo Feng will run for president soon. For his positive image, he must come to save you. Then You and he have to die. " The man cursed angrily, got up and explained to the two people around him: "tie her up. I'm going to find Ling Mo Feng now. Moreover, I'm going to let people all over the country see if Ling Mo Feng is merciful or not, and whether he cares about the life of an insignificant woman."

"No, no, I beg you. Let me go. Why me? It's lanyanxi. I don't want to die for her. You should catch her. Why do you want to catch me? " Yang he cried and died. He felt that his fate was too miserable. He had to die for the one he hated the most. It was too painful.

"Stop shouting, and you'll be beaten to death." The man turned around and roared at her.

Yang he was afraid to speak again. Her eyes were fixed on the man, and her brain turned quickly. Suddenly, she said aloud, "I'm really useless to you. If you want to let me go, I'll help you to bring out blue hope. Then you can catch her. Ling Mo Feng is willing to give up for her. Believe me I'm sure I can help you. "

"Believe you? We don't want to toss any more. Maybe that Lan Yanxi is more useful than you. But the man Ling Mo Feng wants to save is not only his wife. He has saved all the innocent people. " The man sneered and broke all Yang He's hopes.

Yang He sat with a dead face. A few big men nearby were forcibly tying her hands and feet with ropes. When they tied her, they deliberately touched her casually. Yang he didn't reflect this, because her pain came from her heart. She really hated her, and the whole person was so angry that they were dull.

"Lan Yanxi, I am going to die. I will not let you go when I am a ghost. Wait, I will turn into a fierce ghost. I will find all of you Ha ha ha, everyone is dead. " Yang he couldn't bear the blow. The whole person immediately burst out laughing like crazy. His eyes were bleak. He stared at the men who were touching her. The men were cold for no reason and immediately took their hands away.

"This woman is crazy."

"It's a terrible look, more terrible than a ghost."

Yang he didn't pretend to be. She was so miserable that she didn't even fear death. She hated it.

It seems that heaven is deliberately joking with her. She wants to fight against the humiliation of lanyanxi and snatch Ling Mo Feng from her hands. But now, she can't replace her to become Ling Mo Feng's favorite woman. Instead, she wants to die for her. It's cruel.

No one knows the news of Yang He's being arrested, but her parents called the general office to inquire, but her colleagues all said that she was off work at more than five o'clock and asked them to look for her again.

LAN Yanxi can't get off work on time today, because Ling Mo Feng is going to have a meeting, and it may be late.

Lanyanxi doesn't like to stay at home alone. No matter how late she is, she wants to wait for him to work together.

Chu lie was in charge of interrogating the troublemakers. Those people were very hard mouthed and refused to tell the truth. Finally, Chu lie was punished and got a truth from one of them.

Their big brother took the lead in collecting money from one person abroad, each of whom shared more than two million yuan, and asked them to incite people to make trouble.

When Ling heard the news in the afternoon, he called the old president at the first time to confirm whether it was directly related to him.

The old president's health is getting worse and worse. He has been sent to the hospital by force. When he answered the phone, he just had a small operation. He couldn't breathe. Hearing Ling Mo Feng questioning him, he suddenly felt funny, like a joke of fate.

"Not me!" The old president only replied these three words, so he had no energy to speak.

Mu Weicheng stood by his side and answered the phone: "I heard that you were injured. Is it serious?"

Ling Mo Feng saw Mu Wei Cheng at his side, and he asked, "what's wrong with him?"

"Just had a little operation, in the hospital." Said Mu, who had opened the door of the ward and walked out.

"He shouldn't have had a chance to find someone to do it. I've been with him since he came to the hospital yesterday morning. He just woke up two hours ago. Among them, he didn't contact anyone." Although Mu Weicheng didn't want to explain for him, he had to tell the truth so that Ling Mo Feng wouldn't misjudge the enemy.

"Well, I see. I'll keep checking on this matter. You're busy." Lingmo Feng said, then hung up.

Mu Weicheng sighed and the situation was tense. When he was stationed in the base for a long time, he didn't feel deep. But when he came back here, he found out how fierce the fight between the two factions was.

Mu Weicheng still feels that he can't deal with Ling Mo Feng. He doesn't know how many bad things his uncle has done. However, Ling Mo Feng is injured. The first one who doubts is him. It can be seen that he has done a lot of bad things.