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C919 choice of confession

Ji Lin has received a message, which is a rare good news in the recent period. The person he arranged has successfully mixed with Bai Yiyan.

He quickly typed two words with his fingers: "as soon as possible!" He can't wait. He must shut up his mouth as soon as possible. Otherwise, all his plans will fail, and all his efforts will disappear.

He would never let himself fall into that miserable situation. Bai

Yi Yan will go to Bai Zhenzhen to chat when she is free. Fortunately, Ji Yueze didn't stop her.

Every time she went, she would bring a lot of delicious food to Bai Zhen. Bai Zhen was really moved. "

Xiaoyan, if you marry into Ji's family in the future, it will be better. Aunt really wants to see you get married with her own eyes, so I'm relieved!" Bai Zhen said with emotion.

Bai Yiyan bowed her head shyly and said softly, "actually He proposed to me! "

"Really? Did he really propose to you? " Bai Zhen was so excited that she grabbed Bai Yiyan's hand and said, "did you agree? You must have agreed, didn't you? " Bai

Yiyan said with a wry smile: "Auntie, I don't know whether to promise him or not. I always feel that our relationship is not strong, like the risk of dissolution at any time. If we are just lovers now, breaking up will not affect him. If we get married, but face divorce, it will have a huge negative impact on him." "

What are you thinking? How can you get divorced when you get married?" Bai Zhenzhen didn't expect Bai Yiyan to think about such a long-term thing. She was worried and annoyed. Bai

Yiyan looks at her calmly: "Auntie, I really love him. I'm afraid that I'll make him feel embarrassed because of my affairs. I don't worry about getting married. When your affairs come to an end, it's not too late for us to mention it again." "

alas, it's all my fault. Xiaoyan, can you blame me for breaking up your love?" Bai Zhen really raised his hand and slapped himself in the face.

Bai Yiyan was startled and grasped her arm: "Auntie, don't do this. I don't blame you. I know it's not easy for you!" "

No, I actually have many choices, but I chose the most wrong way!" Bai Zhenzhen thinks of his young and unrestrained life. Now he feels stupid when he thinks about it.

"When you are young, you will make mistakes!" Bai Yiyan said with a smile. "You look like his character!" she murmured

"Aunt, what are you whispering?" Bai Yiyan couldn't understand, let alone Bai Zhenzhen's inner pain at the moment. White

really put out his hand to cover his face. He looked like he had no face to see anyone else.

"Xiaoyan, go away. Don't come to see me again. I have a good life here!" Bai really has no face to see Bai Yiyan. She feels like a sinner.

Bai Yiyan knows that aunt's mood has been fluctuating recently. She has to stand up and say, "aunt, take a rest. I'll come back later." "

don't come, don't let Ji Yueze misunderstand you!" Bai Zhenzhen looked up and said. Bai

Yiyan sighs at the bottom of her heart. She is afraid that this misunderstanding will never be solved. Bai

after she left the villa, she went back to the company directly.

"Xiaoyan, are you back? Where have you been? " Her assistant, Wang Sili, immediately came to care for her. Bai

Yiyan said casually, Wang siyanzi turned around and suggested: "Xiaoyan, didn't you say you wanted to go shopping last time? I'm fine now. I can go with you! " "

I'm not in the mood now, let's make another day!" Bai Yiyan said with a strong smile. Wang's expression changed, so he had to ask for nothing more.

In the evening, Bai Yiyan returns to Ji Yueze's house. Ji Yueze is already sitting on the sofa. He seems to have drunk some wine. Jun's face is a little ruddy. Seeing her enter the door, he looks at her with his eyes turned. "

are you back so early? Isn't there a dinner party? " Bai Yiyan put down her bag and went to his side to sit down. "

seeing Wu Chang, I'm bothered by him!" Ji Yueze said with a dark face.

Bai Yiyan put out her hand and hugged him painfully. She said softly, "this Wuchang is really a small man. He's jumping all day long. I haven't seen him so active before!" "

he just wanted to show it to me on purpose. In his heart, he must be full of resentment towards me!" Ji Yueze sneers.

"Then you'd better not see him. He's too insidious." Bai Yiyan advised. "

well, rub it for me, I have a headache!" Ji Yueze closed his eyes and asked softly. Bai

Yi Yan immediately stands behind him, reaches for his temple and gently rubs it for him.

"I went to see my aunt again today. She looks better recently." Bai Yiyan said in a low voice.

"Of course, I don't need to hide. I will live more comfortably!" Ji Yueze sneered. "

in fact, I want to say, thank you!" Bai Yiyan bowed her head in embarrassment and kissed him gently on the forehead: "you have done your utmost to my aunt."

"It's not her who wants to hurt my father. She's just a knife in Ji Lin's hand. She has no right to choose it!" Ji Yueze's cold answer. Bai

Yi Yan bit her lips and dared not answer again.

"Well, stop pressing and make something to eat. I haven't eaten yet!" The atmosphere was a little dull, and Ji Yueze broke it quickly.

"Good!" Bai Yiyan nodded.

In a short time, she made three dishes and one soup, all very simple home-made dishes. Season

Yueze wakes up a little bit, sits at the table and eats slowly. He likes this family atmosphere and feels like he had parents around when he was a child, relaxed and warm. "

my eldest brother is going to have a wedding soon. Come with me then!" Ji Yueze said. "

I dare not go!" Bai Yiyan bit the chopsticks. Thinking that she was at Ji's house that day, LAN Yue stared at her. Bai Yiyan had no courage.

"Don't worry, my mother won't know!" Ji Yueze reached out and touched her shoulder, comforting her.

"Sooner or later, I'll know. Ji Yueze, or I'll take the initiative to confess!" Bai Yiyan thinks about it. It's most appropriate to be frank.

"Now? Don't pick this time. When my big brother gets married, I'll make it clear to her. " Ji Yueze stopped it immediately. "

well, may I not go on your big brother's wedding day?" Bai Yiyan pleads that if she appears in front of LAN Yue more than once, her guilt will be even greater. "

think about it for yourself. I won't force you. I may be busy that day anyway." Ji Yueze finally let her go. Bai Yiyan is relieved. Season

Yueze quiet eyes suddenly squint: "you don't want to go to the reason, more than this one."

"Ah? What else? " Bai Yiyan was shocked by his words. "

you won't still doubt that I have any doubts about Tang youyou..." "

No, absolutely not!" Bai Yiyan was shocked by his speculation.

"No best!" Ji Yueze immediately raises eyebrows.