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C2004: the iron tree is blooming

Tang Weixin hears this sentence of tie Xun, Mou color one Yang, one face perplexed ask: "you men are not all like obedient woman?"

"Tang Weixin, do you like me?" Tie Xun raised thin lips, evil asked.

Tang Weixin blinked his eyes, then said with a grumbling face, "you've seen me all, don't you think about the responsible things?"

"Apart from your gender, do you look like a woman?" Tie Xun is going to be angry and laugh at her words.

Tang Weixin once heard this, and his pretty face was livid: "you hurt me too much. I'm not like a woman. I'm not small here."

"Well, sit down and I'll change your medicine." Seeing that success has angered her, he dare not provoke her again. Even if she is injured now, her lethality is first-class.

Tang Weixin sat down, took the initiative to untie his clothes, exposed the wound, and he sighed. He gently untied the old gauze for her and sterilized it. Tang Weixin's hands were tightly pinched, his whole body trembled with the touch of the disinfectant water, but she was speechless and could not help it.

"If you have pain, you can shout it out. Don't bear it." Tie Xun saw the cold sweat between her forehead, all slipped down, which showed how hard she endured.

"Tie hoon, I want to take a bath." Said Tang Weixin in a low voice.

"Well, I'll have someone bring you water." Tie Xun nodded.

"You help me, I can't move this hand." Tang Weixin suddenly glanced at him gently.

"Me?" "I'm a man. I'll ask Cheng Yue to help you," he said

"Well, I'll do it myself." Tang idealism lost a little.

Tie Xun Mou color a Zheng, this woman won't really depend on oneself.

"Well, since you've saved your life, I'll do it all right. I'll help you." Tie Xun didn't know which tendon was wrong. He promised to help her as soon as his mind was hot.

After changing the medicine, Fuxun sent two buckets of hot water. Tang Weixin had no clothes to wear, so she borrowed a suit from Ji Tingyan. She sat in the bucket and looked up at the roof. These two days with her brother were the most relaxing days in recent years. Everything before was like pressing the pause button. She got the time to breathe.

She wished that such a day would last longer.

Tie Ting is looking for his younger brother to discuss the next plan. When he asks, he knows that he is in Tang idealist's room again.

Tie Ting keenly realized that there was something wrong with his brother in the last two days. Tang Weixin was a woman. What was he always doing in her room?

Don't you

Tie Ting thought of this, his eyes light, immediately told Wang Cheng, let him call tie Xun.

Fuxun didn't take advantage of the danger. He just turned his back to Tang Weixin. He always thought that Tang Weixin would ask him to help. Unexpectedly, Tang Weixin lied to him and let him stand with his back to her for half an hour, but she dressed herself and walked out.

Tie Xun was very angry. She felt that this woman didn't mean anything. She asked him for help.

When he realized his grumpy mood, he woke up suddenly. Why did he get angry? Want to play the hooligan without success, so angry.

"Second young master, the boss wants you." Wang orange suddenly ran to him.

Tie Xun came to a room with a sullen face. Tie Ting was sitting in front of a computer. This was Wang Cheng's computer. He hacked several streets to monitor and found that the people of sxsen were evacuating. Another picture showed that sxsen was in a temper, beat several leaders violently, and internal strife broke out.

"Brother, things are getting better. When can we leave here?" "Tie Xun stared at the screen and asked in a low voice.

"How is Tang's situation?" Tie Ting looked at him and asked.

"The wound is not good. It may take another week to recover." He replied.

"You're not a doctor, how do you know so well?" Tie Ting raised his eyebrows and looked at his brother.

Tie Xun: "..."

"What's your situation with Tang Weixin?" Tie Ting asked him directly.

"It's nothing. You let me watch her. I did it. I watched her 24 hours a day. She was honest." Tie Xun said with a little pride.

"I let you stare at her, not at her sleeping and bathing." Tie Ting scolds him angrily.

Tie Xun pretty face a embarrassed, lowered his head, some helpless: "she hurt into this, can't how to me."

"I want to ask you what you want to do to her? You're not going to fall in love with her, are you? " Tie the thunder without words. "No, I'm not. She's so strong, it's not to my taste." Tie Xun immediately shook his head seriously to deny.

"She is an Interpol, her job is to catch people. What we are going to do this time will violate her professional rules in her eyes. She will not go with us. When she gets better, let her leave with her younger martial brother. We can't cooperate with her." It's necessary for tie ting to make it clear to his brother.

"I know." Tie Xun nodded, eyes dim.

"Mom wants you to get married quickly, but Tang's idealistic career is doomed not to be a quiet wife, and I don't want you to take another risk. This is our last risk. Do you understand what I said?" Tie Ting really doesn't want to fight his younger brother. He can find Interpol as his girlfriend. He is really worried that his father's tragedy will be repeated again. Tang's career is doomed to make her offend many people in the underworld. His younger brother is his relative. He sincerely hopes that he can have a stable emotional life.

"I know. I have nothing to do with her." He didn't answer immediately, but hesitated for two seconds. He struggled for a while in his heart.

"Now that you understand, you can go out. We'll leave in four days. Our company has a lot of affairs. We can't afford to stay here indefinitely." Tie Ting set the final time to leave.

"Brother, you can arrange it. I'll listen to you." Tie Xun nodded.

Tang Weixin leaned against the door and looked at the distance bored. His younger martial brother Jack was helping to prepare lunch. Seeing her standing there, he ran to her immediately and handed her a delicious rabbit leg: "elder martial sister, you can eat more nutritious food, and the wound will be better faster."

"Jack, when we finish this case, I want to quit." Tang inadvertently tore a piece of meat and chewed it.

"Elder martial sister, what are you stimulated by? I remember the boss said that if you finish the case this time, you will be promoted. You don't need to go around in the future. You can sit in the office and blow the air conditioner and give directions. " Jack looked at her in shock. It was hard to believe that she would give up at this time.

"I'm tired." Tang Weixin laughed at himself: "I want to return to a peaceful life."

"Is it because of tie Xun? Elder martial sister, you are in love. " Jack's face is unbelievable.

"Maybe I really like him a little bit," said Tang