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Tang You You was also shocked. When she quickly ran to her daughter, Uncle Yuan was already there to help Xiao Budian up.

Tang Xiao Nai's beautiful little face was covered with fine sand.

Tang Xiao Nai immediately took out a tissue to wipe her face, while the Uncle Yuan beside her was so scared that her face had already turned white: "Miss Tang, quickly bring young miss to wash her face."

"Daddy, please don't abandon us and the Mummy, okay?" In Tang Xiao Nai's pure and pure heart, what she had always desired was for her father and Mummy to be together. Now, her little wish had finally been fulfilled.

Ji Xiao Han was startled, his eyes gloomy, looking at the worried Tang You You.

Tang You You did not look at him.

"Fine, I promise you that I will never part with you again. I will take good care of you in the future." Ji Xiao Han looked at the sand on his daughter's face. He suddenly felt that he was not a good father, to think that he did not have any sense of danger.

Arriving at the villa, with the help of Uncle Yuan, Tang You You washed her daughter's face clean with water.

However, even though she had washed her face clean, a few small wounds had appeared on her face. Although there was no blood on her face, it was still a bit red.

Uncle Yuan was so scared that his soul had yet to return to his body as he kept apologizing, "Young Master, I deserve to die. I did not think highly of Eldest Miss, please punish me, I will not be this careless again, it will harm Eldest Miss."

Although Ji Xiao Han pitied his daughter, Uncle Yuan did not do it on purpose. Furthermore, Uncle Yuan had taken care of him for so many years, and had always been a close relative that he could not leave with.

"Uncle Yuan, don't feel guilty, I'm not blaming you. Just be more careful next time." Ji Xiao Han consoled Uncle Yuan with a few words.

Tang You You carried his daughter and walked out.

Ji Xiao Han Gan Jin walked forward, and when he saw the few incongruous scrapes on his daughter's beautiful snow-white face, he immediately started to blame himself.

"Mummy, Daddy is so handsome!" A young girl like her already knew the difference between beautiful and ugly, so Tang Xiao Nai shyly whispered in Tang You You's ear and exclaimed in surprise.

"Handsome my ass! He's not even half as handsome as your brother!" Tang You You had been looking at these two pretty and handsome little faces since she was young. Although Ji Xiao Han, who had put up his big name, was also handsome to the point of bringing calamities and disasters to the world, she was already immune to it.

What's the use of being handsome? Did she admit that he was handsome and that he wouldn't fight with her for the child?

Ji Xiao Han realized, how could he not like this woman's words?

The truth proved that he was definitely a rare handsome man, but this woman didn't even look at him properly. Could she have been blind?

"Big brother is a little handsome brother, Daddy is a great handsome brother, hehe!" Tang Xiao Nai continued to smile happily.

"Xiao Nai, call your big brother over. Let's go home. Tang Xiao Nai immediately held back and comforted her daughter gently.

Ji Xiao Han, who was at the side, did not wait for Tang Xiao Nai to speak and immediately instructed Uncle Yuan who was standing beside him: "Uncle Yuan, I want to celebrate tonight, go prepare the most delicious dinner possible."

Tang You You glared at him in shock and fury. Was this man trying to go against her words on purpose?