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C771 confession in good faith

Ji Xiaohan has gone abroad, and the villa of Ji's family seems to be quiet. The two little guys sent to school in the morning and returned home in the evening. After finishing the homework assigned by the teacher, they played each other. They are almost five years old, and don't need too much worry from adults. This also makes Tang you worry less.

On the night when Ji Xiaohan went abroad, the old lady called LAN Yue to have dinner at home.

LAN Yue's heart is tied to her two children. Naturally, she is very happy. She brings a lot of toys and snacks to her two children.

Two little guys also keep following her with a sweet mouth, which is called "joy" by grandma.

Maybe there's a blood relationship, just met a few times, the little guy likes lanyue very much. Naturally, lanyue's love for the children doesn't need to be said. Like the old lady, she's spoiled to the bone.

After dinner, LAN Yue left. The old lady said that she would like to see the child at any time. She could come here for dinner. When LAN Yue left, tears flashed in her eyes and nodded incessantly. In the morning of the next day, Tang youyou is still ready to go to the company. Although Ji Xiaohan told her not to do anything, even if she went to the company, but only to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the company, Tang youyou is not a particularly lazy person. Moreover, she likes this job, and still took a

list, intending to do it well seriously.

More than ten in the morning!

Tang youyou received a phone call, which shocked and surprised her.

It turned out that Tang Youkang called her. Tang youyou thought that he was sure to get her bloody on the phone, but to her surprise, Tang Youkang's tone was peaceful, and he said that he would invite her to dinner at noon. Before that, his foster mother left her some things, and he would give them to her.

Tang youyou is surprised that he doesn't know how to answer him, but Tang Youkang seems to be sincere. He still looks like a father daughter relationship in the past, which makes Tang youyou feel like another generation.

"Yo, come out for dinner. I really want to apologize to you." Seeing that she did not answer, Tang Youkang's tone was a little more pleading.

"Don't you hate me?" Tang youyou has been alert to people since the accident.

Even if Tang Youkang is her adoptive father, there is still hatred between them. She will not see him easily.

"Don't hate it, I know it's all Xuerou's fault. It's her ambition, she's too strong. You've always been a gentle and sensible child. I know that." Tang Youkang's sincere attitude of admitting his mistake is really confusing.

Tang youyou hopes that Tang Youkang can treat her enemy relationship with Tang Xuerou fairly and fairly. After all, the wrong party is not her.

At the beginning, she was sent to the hotel to fight against dizziness, and then took advantage of Ji Xiaohan's position after she left. Now she has been framed in various ways. Tang youyou really feels that he has been wronged by these crimes.

"What did my mother leave for me?" Tang youyou's kindness to his adoptive mother has always been very important.

"It's something you had when you were little. Your mother kept it very well. Before she left, she asked me to give it to you." Said Tang Youkang in a low voice.

"Then send it to me. I have to go to work now. I don't have time to go out." If it was left by her mother, she would take good care of it.

"Yo, do you hate me so much? Once upon a time, you called me dad for more than 20 years! " Tang Youkang suddenly has a sad tone, which makes people have some pity.

Tang youyou said lightly: "I used to respect you as my father, but now it's not. I think it's better for us to be strangers!" "Yo Yo, I've lost Xuerou. I really don't want to lose you any more. I know that I used to take care of Xuerou and hurt your heart. I've also reflected on it now. You're all my daughters raised by me. They used to be my hopes and pride. Yo Yo, dad knows that it's wrong,

can't you forgive me?" Tang Youkang is on the other end of the phone, crying. He looks really sad.

Even if Tang youyou is an iron man, she can't ignore her father's sincerity.

"Well, I'll treat you to dinner at noon. It's in a restaurant opposite my company. Come here!" Tang youyou finally took a step back. Father daughter relationship can't be mended, but she wanted to get something from her mother.

"Good, good!" Tang Youkang agreed to her at once.


Tang youyou has reserved a place in a good restaurant opposite. Behind her, she is closely followed by two tall and strong bodyguards. She is cold all the way, which makes people scared.

When Tang Youkang drove over, he saw two bodyguards standing behind him. He was stunned at first, then he smiled and said, "Yo, you have a different identity now. It's necessary to take bodyguards with you."

After hearing this, Tang youyou just smiled: "I don't know what to call you. Before you said to break the relationship between father and daughter, I took it seriously. Now I also find my biological father. In a few days, I may change my surname. You have no opinion."

Tang Youkang's face froze for a moment when he heard this, but soon he gave a dry smile: "it's better to change it. Anyway, your biological father has been found. If you don't want to call me father again, please call me uncle, all right!"

"Well, I'll call you uncle Tang." Tang youyou nodded in response.

Tang Youkang sighed, opened his handbag, took out an album from it, and some small hand decorations that Tang youyou had brought when he was a child. All of them were packed in a small wooden box.

"Your mother secretly made these things for you. Take them back and collect them." Tang Youkang really gave all these things to Tang youyou.

Looking at it, Tang youyou felt sad and sad. His tears rolled in his eyes. He reached for it and put it carefully: "thank you. I don't know what to say, but maybe we are all wrong for this situation."

"No, it's all Xuerou's fault. She has to be strong since she was a child. She wants to surpass you in everything. If a person's ambition is greater than her ability, he is likely to go the wrong way. I'm also a stranger. I know that too many people are unwilling to reflect on themselves." Tang Youkang looks ashamed.

Tang youyou nodded his head. It's true that ambition is too big. It's not a good thing.

"By the way, yo yo, dad found a new job, and I decided to live a good life again." Tang Youkang suddenly looked up at her and said. "Is that right? That's good! " Tang youyou knew the bankruptcy of Kangjia company for a long time. He also knew that when Tang Xuerou collapsed, the Tang family was instantly beaten back to its original shape.