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C1988. No way. I have to coax

Ji Tingyan doesn't like to embarrass others very much. She's angry that she didn't ask for help, and she regrets running over. Elder brother says it's a surprise, but it's more like a scare.

More than an hour later, Ji Tingyan was full of thoughts, imagining how disappointed feting would be to see her so ignorant, and whether she should apologize or, when he was angry, talk about him.

Several black cars came quickly from the end of the road. The dust almost covered the car body. The road condition here was very poor. There was no green belt beside the road. The road was uneven and covered with dust. It was like a corner forgotten by heaven. Ji Tingyan had never seen it in her life.

The car stops beside Ji Tingyan's car. The door is pushed open by a big hand. Tie Ting comes down in a black suit. With deep eyes, she rushes to Ji Tingyan's car.

Ji Tingyan pushes open the door and goes down. Her beautiful eyes are shining, but she is avoiding the eyes of men.

Tie Ting swept her from head to foot. When he was sure that she was safe and sound, his worry turned into a sigh, and he pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.

"Why can't you be obedient?" whispered the man

Ji Tingyan suddenly bumps into his arms. Her nose and forehead are sore. Hearing his blame, her eyes are sore and she doesn't speak. She just rubs her cheek against his arms.

She could not say a word of those words, but the feeling of peace in his arms was real.

Hold for a few seconds, tie Ting will release her, see the woman in the arms tearful, he froze.

What's wrong with her? Why are you crying?

She cried, beautiful to his heart, silent, only silent tears, but also hit her soft ribs, she said hello not to run over, she also wronged?

"What's the matter, sister-in-law?" In Ji Tingyan's heart, there was a complex emotion. When there was nowhere to say, suddenly, in the car where she was just sitting, she showed a handsome face, which was similar to her. Her temperament was noble and elegant. He asked with a smile.

Ji Tingyan's eyes are dazed, but she doesn't expect to see her brother sitting in the car.

She felt very ashamed. She quickly turned her back and wiped away the tears with the back of her hand. But just now, she was like a fool who was crazy for love. She was afraid that she could not erase the image.

"Get in the car." The sound line of tie Ting is low and soft.

"Well." Ji Tingyan can only listen to him.

"Tie Ting bent over and said to Cheng Yue," get out of the car and let these people go back and take our car. "

Cheng Yue takes a look at Ji Tingyan. Ji Tingyan nods, and Cheng Yue dismisses them.

Cheng Yue gets into one of the cars, and fetting drives his brother to another car directly. Fetten feels aggrieved.

Tie Ting takes Ji Tingyan's hand and sits in the car. With a glance of her eyes, she finds that there is still a car standing there behind her. He asks Ji Tingyan, "are you still bringing someone?"

Ji Tingyan looks out of the window and says, "maybe my brother arranged it. Don't they follow?"

"It's OK. Let them follow. Your elder brother must be worried about you." "Tie Ting light voice said.

The atmosphere in the car is a little quiet. Ji Tingyan is an introverted person. She and her sister Ji Siyi have two opposite characters. She has the tolerance and stability of her sister, but this kind of stuffy temperament suffers a lot in love. She doesn't know how to act coquettish or eat sugar.

Tie Ting's eyes looked at her gently, looking at her face to the other side, he finally sighed, took her hand with his big hand, patted her gently: "don't be angry, I'm too worried about you, so I'll say something important."

"I'm not angry." Ji Tingyan replied hard, but in fact, she found that she really had the temper of the eldest lady. She could not suffer any grievances. It would definitely be the biggest obstacle on the road of love. She had to get rid of this problem. Don't be so proud.

It's easy for her to think about it. She wants to get rid of her stubborn nature. I'm afraid that Ma Yue will be gone sometime.

"Really? Then why don't you look at me? " Tie Ting had already seen through her little temper and could not help laughing.

Ji Tingyan turns her head at once. Mei Mou stares at the man: "I'm here. Are you not happy? Did I bother you? "

"How can I not be happy, but I am too happy, I don't know what to do? I didn't expect you to come. I was afraid of you coming. Do you know what I'm doing here? " Tie Ting is helpless, the woman is angry, really have to coax, otherwise, the consequence is responsible for.

"I don't believe it." Ji Tingyan just said that she wanted to get rid of her bad habits, but a stubborn little mouth always said the wrong thing.

"Why not?" Tie Ting Jun's face is miserable. Is it true that women don't like to listen?

"What are you doing here? Did you bring your men to train again? " Ji Tingyan quickly turned to the topic and asked the right thing.

"No, my brother and I have come here for revenge. My father's enemy was in this area. We need to find him." Tie Ting's eyes suddenly became heavy and more violent.

"Ah?" Ji Tingyan couldn't believe it. She said in a daze: "did you come here for revenge? I checked it on the Internet. It belongs to no matter what, it's very dangerous. Why don't you call the police? "

"You said that this is three regardless of whether the area alarm is useful? The border between the two countries is a place where terrorists roam. No country wants to cause trouble. Some things cannot be executed with justice. Violence is the most effective way to stop violence. " Tie Ting's eyes are gloomy, and his voice is obviously angry.

"What happened to your father?" Ji Tingyan looks at his expression of sadness and indignation, forgets to be angry at last, reaches for his finger and asks in a low voice.

"My father came here on a business trip. He was stared at and kidnapped. The kidnappers wanted a lot of money. My company didn't operate well, and the money was trapped in the bank, 200 million yuan Those bastards are red eyed. When our family raised money, my father chose to jump into the sea. In recent years, my brother and I have been asking about the information of those robbers. The flow of people here is very fast. It's very difficult to find out what happened more than ten years ago, so it took many years. Finally, we learned that those bastards committed many crimes in succession to kidnap businessmen from all countries Because of human factors, with organization, as the leader, living a life of tyranny. "

Ji Tingyan just listened, her hands were shaking and her heart was clenched. It was heartbreaking that his father left like this.

"Are you sure? Would it be dangerous? " Ji Tingyan is nervous and scared.

"When you come, I feel very dangerous. If you don't come, I don't feel it." Tie Ting's eyes stared at her gently. Her white and beautiful face made him touch her subconsciously with his fingers.