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When he had that thought, Mu Lin's expression instantly became even colder, and somewhat purposefully called out his name.

Luo He Ning quickly regained his composure and replied: "I have no objections to Mubai's proposal. We'll proceed according to your plan."

"Luozheng, why did you agree to it just now? Mubai's plan is way too different from what we expected it to be. "

When Luo He Ning, whose face was filled with torrential rain just now, heard that Mu Lin had invited them, the weather immediately became warm and beautiful.

"I'll go right away!" Luo He Ning's heart changed too quickly, causing his heartbeat to speed up.

He didn't know why Mu Lin would call him over to the office again, but he thought that it must be because there was another problem with the proposal just now, and they needed to discuss it with him.

Alas, could they only meet when it was about work?

How sad!

Luo He Ning stood outside Mu Lin's office, raised his hand and knocked on the door!

"Come in!" A cold female voice came from inside.

Luo He Ning pushed open the door and entered, and immediately saw Mu Lin's tall and slender body, standing in front of the french window. Her figure's ratio was extremely perfect, and a set of body training dress on her revealed his charm and elegance.

Plus, she was born with the aura of a leader, which made many men retreat.

But Luo He Ning appreciated her strong beauty, and he even found those charming women annoying.

"Mubai, I heard you were looking for me!" Luo He Ning suppressed his heartbeat, and asked casually.

Only then did Mu Lin turn around, with both of her arms crossed over her chest. Although she had a tall and slender figure, in front of the tall Luo He Ning, she was still as petite and delicate as a woman.

"Young Master Luo, when we were in a meeting earlier, you were distracted the entire time. Can you tell me the reason?" Mu Lin asked him very directly.

Luo He Ning was somewhat dumbstruck, and then, he said in embarrassment, "How did you know that I was distracted? "Could it be that you've been paying attention to me?"

Mu Lin scoffed, "I don't need to pay special attention to you. Everyone in the meeting room should be able to see that you are absent-minded, right?"

Luo He Ning was startled again. Was his absent-mindedness that obvious?

"Say it, have you fallen for a woman recently? "Is that woman bewitching you?" Mu Lin pretended to ask jokingly, but she heard the nervousness in her own heart.

Luo He Ning's handsome face reddened a little after he guessed what he was thinking, "If I say it's true, how would you think of me?"

"What can I think? I just hope that the next time you come to a meeting, you can erase all those thoughts in your head and focus on your work. We all aren't so free to be with you in a daze. " Mu Lin's entire being froze. Indeed, a woman's intuition was accurate, guessing right after guessing.

When Luo He Ning heard her saying that he wanted to delete the things in his mind, his handsome face looked a little disappointed.

"Mubai, I won't think too much anymore next time, I'm really sorry this time."

"You don't need to apologize to me. I am only advising you out of friendship." Mu Lin proudly raised his heart high, high enough that no one could catch up to him.

Luo He Ning laughed self-deprecatingly: "Yes, this friend of yours is really loyal!"

"Oh, that's right. There's one more thing I need to trouble you with. An Xin is your cousin. Recently, my little brother's affairs regarding the child have always been fraught with anxiety. " Mu Lin suddenly thought of something important, and had to say it.

Luo He Ning immediately nodded his head, "I will go and persuade her. She is also my good friend at this time, I definitely hope that she will be better."

Mu Lin stared at the man for a few seconds, seeing his stunned expression, she raised her hand: "Alright, you may leave."

Luo He Ning nodded, turned around, and walked towards the Walk Outside with a somewhat stiff pace.

Luo He Ning felt that he was too useless, he didn't even dare to look into her eyes just now.

But her eyes were beautiful, so beautiful that it was intoxicating.

Mu Lin's hands caressed her face, she was also very upset, what happened to him? Why did you call him over to scold him?

Tang You You sat in her office and was busy with her work when an assistant knocked on the door and said: "Assistant Tang, there's a lady in the hall who wants to see you!"

"Oh? Who is she, did you say? " Tang You You asked curiously.

"She didn't say it, but she said she wanted to say it to you!"

Tang You You was even more curious now, as she looked at her work that was halfway done: "Can you invite her up? I may not have time to go down. "

"Let me ask!" The assistant turned and left.

A few minutes later, the door to her office was knocked on once more. Tang You You didn't even raise his head and just treated her as an assistant.

However, the arrival of a beautiful woman who had been bestowed a special favor by the passage of time caused Tang You You to be stunned for a few seconds.

The lady wore a dark long skirt, had long hair that reached her waist, and skin that was white and tender.

When he saw the face, Tang You You's heart skipped a beat.

"Are you Tang You You? Hello, I am Ji Xiao Han's mother, my name is Lan Yue! " The beautiful woman's voice was also very pleasant to hear. The momenthe came in, she introduced himself.

When Tang You You heard that he was Ji Xiao Han's mother, her nerves tensed up. After that, she could only stand up and asked worriedly: "Oh, hello. Aunt, what can I do for you?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to see you!" Lan Yue casually sat on the sofa, his gaze sweeping across Tang You You's face: "Xiao Han has never had a girlfriend, I have always been very worried about his condition, until you appeared, and eased my anxiety."

Tang You You had heard Ji Xiao Han mention his mother before, and it was precisely because of her that he would be especially irritable to others when he was drunk.