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C1571 Jin's confession

LAN Yanxi reclines on the chair and takes a lunch break with her eyes closed. I don't know if she's doing something wrong with her mind. When she's at home, she gives her a soft and comfortable big bed. She can't sleep, but when she comes to the office, she can sleep at ease for no reason. Even if she only sleeps for half an hour, her sleep quality is very high.

"Hope!" When she fell asleep, a quick cry made her open her eyes and saw Wang Xinyi standing in front of her with a worried face: "Yan Xi, don't sleep. Mr. vice president is injured. Go to see him now."

"What?" Lanyanxi almost fell off the chair in fright. She looked frightened and asked in a hurry, "what's the matter with him? How can I get hurt? "

"I heard that there were a group of rioters in the reception room on the first floor who wanted to kill him with knives. The scene was very chaotic. He was injured and left. I don't know the specific situation, but I just heard from the internal staff. Go now." Wang Xinyi explained as much as possible, but before she had finished speaking, LAN Yanxi ran out like a gust of wind.

Wang Xinyi looks at her anxious figure and sighs. I hope Ling Mo Feng is safe. He has the hope of the whole nation. How could this happen in the general office? It's terrible. This country really needs a capable person to stand up and manage it. Otherwise, it will be in deep water.

LAN Yanxi took a breath and ran to the corridor outside the vice president's office. He saw many bodyguards and guards standing outside. They were serious.

LAN Yanxi panted hard. She felt her heart was about to stop beating. She couldn't imagine how badly Ling Mo Feng was hurt.

"Miss blue, here you are." Chu lie heard a report coming in, and immediately came out and let her go.

LAN Yanxi's eyes are all red. He almost wants to cry. Why does this happen again? Her heart really can't stand such a blow any more.

"What happened to him?" As soon as LAN Yanxi spoke, he choked.

Chu lie hurriedly comforted her: "Sir, it's just an arm injury. Go in and have a look."

Chu lie opens the office door for her. LAN Yanxi rushes in and sees Ling Mo Feng sitting on the sofa. He changes a new suit. At the moment, he looks like he's getting rid of his pale face, but he doesn't show the wound.

"Yan Xi, why are you here?" Ling Mo Feng stood up and walked to her, his thin lips gently smiling.

"Where is the wound? I want to see. " LAN Yanxi's face turned white in a hurry. She came in and saw that he was innocent. She didn't believe it and asked for it immediately.

Ling Mo Feng raised his right hand and said, "it's done. There's no big deal. Don't worry."

"How can I not worry? I'm scared to death to hear of your injury. " The tears that Lan Yanxi just could bear, at the moment, could not help but slide down in an instant.

Ling Mo Feng saw that she was crying, and her heart suddenly hurt. He immediately extended his left hand to wipe her tears. However, LAN Yanxi reached out, grabbed his big hand, and let his hand close to her chest and cheek. The tears were even worse.

Ling Mo Feng instantly gets the taste of heartbreak. It's like the feeling of being crushed and recombined. It's really hard for him to blame himself and feel guilty.

"Yan Xi." He gently called out his name for fear that he would hurt her again.

LAN Yanxi tightly closed her eyes, like a frightened child, just wanted to feel his presence. Her face rubbed twice in his palm. Next second, she fell into his arms. Her small hands tightly held his waist and cried, "I'm really afraid."

Ling Mo Feng gently comforted her with his uninjured left hand on her back: "OK, don't cry. I'm ok. Those people have been arrested. I will investigate this matter."

LAN Yanxi cried for a while and then retreated from his arms. She knew that it was no use crying alone. When it happened, Ling Mo Feng would deal with it.

"I'm sorry, am I too soft and weak, I only cry when I'm in trouble?" Said LAN Yanxi in a low voice.

Ling Mo Feng looked at her tenderly, smiled and shook his head: "of course not, you cry, I'm still very happy, at least you care about me."

LAN Yanxi quickly wiped away the tears with the back of his hand: "I care about you even if I don't cry."

"I know." The man's smile deepened.

"Can you show me your wound now? Don't try to deceive me. I'm not a child. You have to tell me the truth. " LAN Yanxi's eyes fixed on his immovable right arm and asked.

Ling Mo Feng was a little embarrassed: "Yan Xi, I had a hard time putting on my coat, and you want me to take it off, isn't it difficult for me? After five stitches, no bone was hurt. The doctor said that it would be OK in a week or so. Let me pay attention to rest. "

"Five stitches?" LAN Yanxi's eyes widened suddenly: "is this serious? How can those bastards do it? "

"Well, don't be angry. They must have been threatened. There are many helpless things in the world. We won't complain." Ling Mo Feng saw that she was so angry that her face turned red, and he was hurt again.

LAN Yanxi saw that his right hand couldn't move, and he couldn't help worrying about him: "then how do you work? Your hands can't write, and there are many documents waiting for you to sign."

"I still have my left hand." Ling Mo Feng raised his left hand a little proudly: "I can also sign in my left hand, and I can't write worse than my right hand."

"Really?" LAN Yanxi couldn't believe it.

Ling Mo Feng knew that she was surprised, so he turned around, went to the desk, took the pen, wrote a line of words on a white paper, turned around and handed it to LAN Yanxi.

LAN Yanxi can't believe it. He looks down and blushes again.

It's actually written by a man with strong strokes. LAN Yanxi, I love you six words.

"I didn't expect you to have the ability." The facts are in front of him, and LAN Yanxi is still surprised.

Ling Mo Feng was a little embarrassed by her boasting, and Jun was embarrassed. "Yan Xi, I'm really OK. Go back first."

"Well, you must be careful. You can't get hurt any more. Do you hear me?" LAN Yanxi is really afraid of his injury. He feels that he can live to this day. I don't know whether he is lucky or fateful. However, he is the man who wants to be her husband now. She resolutely doesn't want to see any danger to him.

"I try!" Ling didn't promise, but didn't want to worry her.

"What do you mean to try? We agreed to go back tonight, and we will Now that you're hurt like this, you have to push back. " Lanyanxi's face is red and almost dripping blood. In fact, her mind is full of pictures after going back at night. She knows that it's humiliating for a woman to think about these things in the daytime, but she can't help thinking about them.

Ling Mo Feng Jun's face is slightly stiff. Next second, he is also shy. He reaches for her long hair and touches it greedily: "don't worry, it's not affected. I'll talk about it later in the evening."

"Can you still talk?" LAN Yanxi listened to his words and was laughed at directly by him.

"Why can't we talk about it? It's my arm that's hurt. It's not anywhere else." Men are still very confident.

"I don't want to talk to you. You need to get the injury cured. I'll talk about it." LAN Yanxi gave him a look of shame and anger and turned around and left.

She knew that Ling Mo Feng must have a lot of important things to do. She stayed here to disturb his work, so she had to leave first.

LAN Yanxi walked out of the vice president's office and saw a familiar figure while waiting for the elevator.

"Yang He, what are you doing here?"

LAN Yanxi called her because she felt that her behavior was suspicious.

Yang he was startled by the good voice. He stepped back quickly and looked up at LAN Yanxi. "I want to care about vice president. It's none of your business."

LAN Yanxi only to her words, but feel ridiculous, went forward two steps: "it's none of my business? Are you sure? Yang He, I have reminded you more than once. Can you stop mixing in? It's not good for you. "

"I don't need you to remind me that you are not the only one who has the right to care about the vice president, because he is very fond of everyone." Yang he felt guilty when he saw LAN Yanxi. After all, Ling Mo Feng was injured just now because he saved her.

"Forget it, I don't want to tell you, but I still want to remind you that your concern can be scored clearly, which kind of concern is it, otherwise, people like me with a small mind will doubt your purpose." LAN Yanxi finished and walked into the elevator.