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C1347 unsuccessful confession

Wan Qianqian wants to perform in front of Ling's mother, but it ends in failure. She is very hit. It seems that it's no use flattering anyone. She still wants to make Ling like her. Although she works in the general office every day, she may see the number of times that Ling has five fingers. Moreover, most of them are opportunities arranged by the old president, but she is one time I haven't seen it.

At the end of the year, there will be a holiday soon, and the staff of the general office will start to work in turns. Although Wan Qianqian loves this job, the personnel department still kindly informs her to come back to work in the next year. Wan Qianqian has to decide to leave first.

Can leave like this, she is really not reconciled, she wants to go to express with Ling Mo Feng once.

Ling Mo Feng, an introverted and Jin holding man, will definitely not take the initiative to express his feelings to a woman. He may hide his feelings in his heart. If Ling Mo Feng knows her mind, the man may think about her.

Wan Qianqian tidies up her personal belongings. At lunch, she knows Ling Mo Feng will go to his private restaurant directly from one side of the aisle. Wan Qianqian decides to wait for him in that corridor.

Around noon, Wan Qianqian dressed herself up. Today, she is wearing a very elegant long skirt, revealing the charm of women in the retro era. She also tied a long hair loosely on one side of her chest, which makes her look very good, and also shows a lot of youth.

Wan Qianqian is a well-known painter, so some people still sell her face. They know whether she is recommended by the leader or not, and they dare not stop her.

Wan Qianqian is modest and polite in his work, which gives people a sense of ease.

Just as she was holding her dress nervously, she suddenly heard a conversation coming from one side of the corridor.

It's Ling Mo Feng's voice, and several of his subordinates, who seem to be talking about some work arrangements.

Ten thousand Qian Qian nerve a stretch, hurriedly stands straight, saw Ling Mo Feng and several middle-aged men to turn out.

"Mr. vice president!" Wan Qianqian raised her head, blushing. With courage, she looked into the man's eyes. Her eyes were full of admiration.

"What's the matter?" Ling Mo Feng is a habitual tone of indifference.

"Mr. vice president, can you spare a few minutes? I... I have something to say to you! " Wan Qianqian asked with courage.

After all, it's the first time that a woman has come to talk to the vice president on her own initiative. It seems that it's not a bad thing.

Wan Qianqian is really beautiful. She has a classic pretty face. Mr. vice president is about to bump into Yanfu.

What did the adjutant Chu want to say, but Ling Mo Feng stopped him with his eyes. Then Ling Mo Feng smiled lightly: "OK, I don't know what Miss Wan wants to say to me?"

Adjutant Chu had to follow several ministers to the direction of the restaurant.

Wan Qianqian was so afraid that Ling Mo Feng would not give her a chance to speak alone. Unexpectedly, he agreed. Does this mean that Ling Mo Feng is kind to her?

"I Am I too presumptuous? Is Mr. vice president busy? " Wan Qianqian immediately felt embarrassed, lowered her head and blushed.

"No, if you have something to say!" Ling Mo Feng's expression seems indifferent, but his eyes are cold, but they flash away. For example, Wan Qianqian was arranged by the old president in the morning, and he can get other information from her.

"Is there anyone Mr. vice president likes?" Wan Qianqian didn't say her girlfriend because she decided that Ling's girlfriend was LAN Yanxi. However, he didn't like her, so he asked if there was anyone he liked.

Ling Mo Feng's thin lips flicked: "Miss Wan wants to introduce my girlfriend?"

Wan Qianqian choked and smiled twice: "I really dare not introduce you so well. In fact I want to introduce myself to you. I don't know if I have the chance. "

Ling Mo Feng can see that Wan Qianqian is very confident. He is not surprised that she will say such a thing.

"Miss Wan is really joking. I heard that you attracted countless pursuers soon after you arrived at the general office." Ling Mo Feng said lightly.

"Even if more people like me, there is only one person in my eyes. Ling Mo Feng, I like you. I want to be your girlfriend, and I will be obedient. I know you are busy with your work, and I won't disturb you. I just hope you can give me a chance to take care of you!" Wan Qianqian takes a deep breath and knows that there are some words. If you don't speak out boldly at the moment, you won't have such a good chance in the future.

Ling Mo Feng's face changed a little. Wan Qianqian came to express her love to him at the moment. Did she come to test him again?

"Miss Wan, I'm afraid it's just a blessing. If you know something about the current situation, you should understand that at this time, you should stay away from me!" Ling didn't refuse directly, for fear that Wan Qianqian would guess that he had someone else in mind, so he could only find another excuse to refuse.

"Why? Your reason for refusing me is not to hate me, right? " Wan Qianqian vaguely saw a glimmer of hope, which made her happy.

"I nearly got shot last time. How many eyes are staring at me in the dark now. If you were my girlfriend, would you feel better?" Ling Mo Feng's subtle analysis.


"Life is the most important thing, and life preservation is also the choice of smart people. Miss Wan, you are talented, young and promising. You should know more about self preservation. If you are clear enough, you shouldn't come here to say this to me!" Ling Mo Feng's tone is still light, but it makes people sweat.

Wan Qianqian's eyes were full of affection and looked at the man: "Ling Mo Feng, I know who is behind you, but do you know? That person is also afraid of you. He is afraid of you being strong and excellent. That's why I think you are really strong. Are you worried about me? "

Ling Mo Feng laughed at himself and said, "Miss Wan is so proud of me, and I will be afraid. I just hope to keep my life well before next spring election and not let those who trust me down."

"I trust you, too. I'm grateful that fate has made us meet. I know you will be the next president. You are more qualified than anyone else..."

"Miss Wan, please stop saying these words and don't put yourself in danger." Ling Mo Feng interrupted her with a serious expression.

Wan Qianqian's heart rate is speeding up at the moment. Lingmo Feng's words make her love seed germinate in the bottom of her heart.

"Ling Mo Feng, in fact, I have something to hide from you. The purpose of my work in the general office is to get close to you. You should know who arranged me to come here. But I don't want to cheat you. I have my own judgment standard. I know who deserves the trust of the whole nation. That person must be you!" Wan Qianqian is in a fierce mood at the moment. Looking at this man's sincere eyes, she feels that her hypocrisy has nothing to hide. Therefore, she confessed all this. She hopes that Ling Mo Feng will not push her away again for this reason when she really likes her in the future.

Ling Mo Feng was surprised. Unexpectedly, Wan Qianqian admitted it.

"Miss Wan, you know I'm at odds with that man. Since you're from his side, maybe we don't even need to make friends!" Ling Mo Feng said with a cold face.

"No, I'm not the one around him. I can leave at any time. I'm not his chess piece." Wan Qianqian said in a hurry.

"Since you don't want to be someone's chess piece, you should stay away from right and wrong, and don't mix in any more." Ling Mo Feng is not a ruthless person after all. Wan Qianqian confesses to him and he is willing to point out Minglu to her.

"Ling Mo Feng, after your election is successful, can you think about what I just said to you? I'll wait for you, and I won't be your obstacle! " Any woman, in front of the person she likes, will always be open to the most sincere thoughts, even if she has been bad or evil to anyone, but to the person she likes, she must be sincere.

Ling Mo Feng frowned: "sorry, I don't like you!"

"What?" Wan Qianqian was stunned.