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The sound outside the door made Bai Yiyan sit up quickly. Then, she got out of bed wearing shoes. As soon as she came to the door, the door seemed to be pushed open. Bai Yiyan avoided for a moment, but her legs were soft for a moment, and she fell to the side. Fortunately, she protected her abdomen in time when she fell down. As soon as the old lady pushed the door, she saw Bai Yiyan sitting on the ground, and Ji Yueze saw her face. She looked surprised. She walked quickly to pick her up and asked in a hurry, "Xiaoyan, are you ok? Did you hurt the child?" The old lady was about to yell at Bai Yiyan when she heard her grandson's words. Her face changed and she was shocked: "what did you say just now? What child? "

Ji Yueze holds Bai Yiyan to her feet, sees her pale face, and quickly whispers, "you go to bed first, and I'll call the doctor to have a look." "

No, I'm fine. I'd better ask the old lady for a pardon first." Bai Yiyan is also worried. She dare not look up at the old lady's eyes. She feels like a sinner.

Ji Yueze said in a low voice: "grandma, I'm sorry, Xiaoyan is pregnant. She was shot again yesterday. Now she needs to have a baby in the hospital. I originally wanted to wait a few days to ask you for help. But you came!" The old lady's face suddenly changed several times. At last, she asked incredulously, "do you think she is pregnant? Got shot? Can the child survive? " Ji

looks more and more happy. Unexpectedly, grandma cares about her children, rather than blaming Xiao Yan for her anger. It seems that the person who knows grandma best is the eldest brother.

Bai Yiyan quickly replied, "the child is OK, and I am ok!" "

I didn't ask you, you two are really going to be angry with me. You should help her to lie down on the bed, get pregnant and run around and get shot. It's too long, isn't it?" The old lady was angry and surprised at the same time, but she didn't forgive and still scolded.

Bai Yiyan had to turn around and lie back in bed. Ji Yueze also acted as a filial son.

The old lady sat on the sofa, her astute twinkling eyes swept around the faces of the two people. At last, she took a crutch and lifted it twice on the ground: "now, who will explain? What's the matter? Xiaoze, she is pregnant. Do you know what she thinks? "

"Grandma, I know!" At this time, Yang Siyu, a leisure person in the next room, suddenly ran in, gasped and said, "grandma Ji, I'm sorry, Xiao Ze can't be blamed for this. I'm also wrong!"

"Thinking and speaking?" The old lady looked at her in amazement, "what's your apology? I'm sorry for you. Ozawa got pregnant while he was dealing with you. The baby is too messy! " "

No, no, no, grandma, actually, I lied to you from the beginning. I didn't have a relationship with Ji Yueze. Besides, Xiao Yan and I have become good friends. Grandma Ji, how can you have the heart to break up a pair of people who really love each other? I can't bear it. Don't break them up, will you? " Yang Siyu squatted in front of the old lady and pleaded sincerely. Ji

Yueze and Bai Yiyan all look at her gratefully. Yang Siyu is really a beautiful and kind girl, and she will surely be happy. The old lady was already a little soft hearted. Yang Siyu's words, undoubtedly, watered her anger, and almost killed her efforts.

"You silly child, how sincere you are. My son is not worthy of you. Forget it. Think about it. I'll discuss it with your family later. It won't be difficult for you." The old lady is more and more like this lovely girl, but unfortunately, fate is not enough to become a family.

"Thank you for grandma Ji's success. You are such a nice person. Xiaoyan is nearly four months pregnant. Grandma, do you think she is pregnant with a grandson or granddaughter?" Yang Siyu immediately asked again.

Old lady Ji just raised her head and looked at Bai Yiyan, who was lying on the bed, pale and weak. She was wearing a wide suit. The whole person was thin and thin. She was haggard again than she had seen before. Under the cover of a long black hair, the small face was smaller, just as big as a palm. It was so pathetic. "

alas!" Looking at Bai Yiyan, the old lady was in a state of deep sorrow. If the dead son knew about the woman who killed him, she married her daughter to his son. Now she is still pregnant. If she wants to give birth to Jijia's child, she will not be able to close her eyes in peace even if she knows about it in the spring. Ji

Yue Ze hurriedly squatted beside the old lady, took the old man's trembling hand, and pleaded in a low voice: "grandma, the resentment of the previous generation should not be borne by us. Please help grandma to complete me and Xiao Yan, so that the child can be born safely. He is your grandson."

Yang Siyu also nodded: "yes, grandma Ji, your family is going to fill in a new life again. You should be happy."

"You..." The old lady looked at these two people with sincere and sincere eyes. For a while, her mind relaxed and her tone was peaceful: "forget it, don't worry about your children, Ozawa. Take good care of her, but don't hurt our grandchildren." The old lady said, stood up and was about to leave.

Yang Siyu quickly blinked at Bai Yiyan, and warmly helped the old lady: "Granny Ji, I'll give you a gift."

Ji Yueze thanked her with her eyes, turned around and smiled at Bai Yiyan. Bai Yiyan's eyes were full of tears, mixed with joys and sorrows. She was in a mood for a moment, so she quickly wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Season

Yueze drew a tissue from the side, sat down beside the bed, and gently wiped away the tears for her: "don't worry, grandma, this is forgiveness!"

"Thank you so much for thinking. She can really talk and help us!" Bai Yiyan laughs in tears, full of gratitude. "

she has always been liked by the elderly since she was a child. Of course, she can speak for us. Thank her later. Stop crying. You have to be a mother. How can you cry like a child?" Ji Yueze watched her tears wipe more and more, can't help but feel hurt.

"I'm so happy!" Bai Yiyan lowered her head in shame. In the corridor, Yang Siyu helped the old lady into the elevator.

"Must be a grandson!" The old lady said suddenly.

Yang Siyu was stunned for a moment, and quickly smiled: "grandma Ji, how do you know? In fact, I asked the doctor to take a picture secretly. I'm really a grandson! "

"Really?" The old lady's eyes brightened at once: "have you seen them? Doctors don't cheat! " "

grandma, we need to believe in modern medicine. Actually, Xiaoyan and Ji Yueze don't know about it. I asked the doctor secretly for being nosy and pestering her for a long time!" Yang Siyu laughs.

"Si Yu, how can you treat them so well? Don't you blame them for lying to you? " The old lady's face was surprised.

"No wonder, my mother has taught me to be a good man since I was a child!" Yang Siyu said with a guilty face.