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The first person Luo He Ning saw was Mu Lin, but he didn't take the initiative to talk to her, thus, he turned around, and noticed Tang You You standing beside Ji Xiao Han, and immediately asked her with a smile.

"She is Xiao Han's girlfriend, Tang You You! "You know that!" Mu Shi Ye walked over, lightly knocked on his shoulder, and then blinked.

He really did not expect that Ji Xiao Han would actually be able to take care of his child's mother in such a short period of time.

Walking into someone else's house, Tang You You was still a little nervous. First was the unfamiliar environment, then came the unfamiliar people.

Although these were all Ji Xiao Han's friends, she didn't recognize any of them. Furthermore, looking at their dressing, they were all not ordinary people, but were all like princes and princesses, displaying their elegance and nobility with a wave of their hand.

Tang You You lowered her eyes, as her imagination ran wild. Suddenly, her small hand that was slightly drenched in sweat was held by someone else as if it was natural.

Her beautiful eyes stiffened as she lifted her head to meet Ji Xiao Han's eyes, which were filled with smiles.

He did not speak, but the domineering look in his eyes was clear.

Tang You You tried to struggle free, but unfortunately, the man held on tighter, purposely going against her.

Damn it, he brought her to such a strange place, yet he actually bullied her and took advantage of her.

Luo He Ning was also somewhat absent-minded, he purposely lagged behind Mu Lin by a few steps, with a pair of deep and narrow eyes, he thoughtfully looked at the powerful aura of the Queen, whose tall and slender body emitted a dense feminine aura, fiery and passionate.

Luo He Ning's heartbeat unknowingly sped up, and there was an additional trace of greed and infatuation in his eyes.

"He Ning, why didn't you call your big brother over as well? It just so happens that my sister is here, let them have some more space to talk." Mu Shi Ye was so slow that he did not notice his good friend's worry, and even ran over to him while blaming himself for not bringing his big brother Luo Jin Yu over.

Hearing his words, Mu Lin stopped in her tracks, and turned her head, her pair of charming yet sharp eyes staring straight at her brother, her voice revealing a scolding tone: "Little brother, if you continue acting as my matchmaker, do you believe that I won't take your house back, and sleep on the streets?"

Hearing that, Mu Shi Ye's shoulders shook, and immediately said with a serious face: "Sis, I'm worried about you, you're going to be 28 next year, your grandpa and grandma are all worried to death, you called me everyday and asked me to find a partner for you."

"No need for you to worry!" Mu Lin was a little angry. A beautiful woman, no matter how angry she was, would not lose her sense of beauty.

Luo He Ning couldn't help but chuckle when he saw Mu Lin's resentful expression.

Mu Shi Ye snorted. "Sis, are you really not going to consider Luo Jin Yu? He's the man who suits you the best. At least, that's what I think. "

Mu Lin's gaze slightly rose as she looked at Luo He Ning from her brother's face as if she was a royal sister: "Luo He Ning, does your brother have a girlfriend?"

Hearing that, Luo He Ning's heartbeat immediately sped up, and stopped. He looked at the beautiful Queen in front of him in a daze, and even started to stutter: "No … "No way, I'm not too sure either. My big brother has always been secretive and low-key. He rarely talks about his private affairs with me."

Mu Shi Ye ruthlessly struck him with his shoulder, "Do you have it or not, go back and find out for me."

Luo He Ning was completely dumbstruck, he raised his head and looked at Mu Lin's smiling eyes, his expression showing a bit of panic.

"Luo He Ning, do you know the type of woman your brother likes?" Mu Lin asked again.

Luo He Ning really wished that he would faint now and not face such a cruel reality.

The perfect goddess in his heart was actually asking him for news about his big brother. This was definitely something even worse than a knife stabbing into the heart.

Ji Xiao Han watched the show coldly from the side, his large palm still holding onto Tang You You's small hand.

Although Tang You You did not understand what they were talking about, but from the looks of it, it looked like they were dating, and had an extra mood to watch a show.

"Hurry, tell me, does your elder brother like strong women like my elder sister? Don't look at how strong she is at work. In life, she can be as gentle as water, right, Sis? " Seeing that there was hope, Mu Shi Ye immediately started to excitedly promote her older sister.

His expression was somewhat tense, but when he heard Mu Shi Ye say that Mu Lin also had a side that was as gentle as water, his emotions were thrown into disarray.

"Shut up! Who allowed you to speak?" Mu Lin was completely speechless towards her little brother, who had the most mouth.

Luo He Ning really wanted to say that he had lied to them, but he was not one to lie. He could only answer honestly: "I also don't know what kind of woman my big brother likes, but I believe that as long as it's a man, they all like beautiful women."

His words were obscure, and he secretly praised Mu Lin as a beauty.

After Mu Lin heard this, she burst out laughing and praised: "You're still the best at talking. However, even though your brother is very outstanding, he's not my type!"

"Really?" Luo He Ning almost lost his composure and shouted, "Then what kind of man does Mubai like?"

He had wanted to ask this question for a very, very long time.

Mu Lin turned her head to the side and thought for a few seconds. Then, she shook his long hair: "I don't know either, at the moment, I don't have any standards.

Hearing these words, Luo He Ning's heart was finally at ease. Nothing could be happier than hearing these words.

However, Mu Shi Ye felt that it was a pity. "Sis, honestly, I feel that you and Luo Jin Yu are compatible, but you don't want him, it's such a pity."

Ji Xiao Han interrupted at the right time: "When two strong people are together, there will definitely be many conflicts. For strong women like your sister, you should find a gentle man, that's what you call a good match."