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When he arrived at the office, the temperature had already reached its highest point. Ji Xiao Han couldn't wait to enter the resting room, so he placed the gentle and beautiful woman on the office sofa.

Tang You You looked at the blue sky outside the window and said worriedly, "Don't stay here, what if someone sees you?"

"Someone would have to build the building taller than my office building to see our live performance." Ji Xiao Han said sinisterly, full of conceit.

Tang You You speechlessly lifted the corner of his mouth and laughed. Indeed, out of the buildings in the surrounding area, there wasn't a single one that could get a glimpse of his office scenery.

"It's better not to. What if someone comes in …" Tang You You was timid, and felt that such a thing could only be done in an extremely secretive place. She couldn't stand to be taken by him so openly.

Ji Xiao Han had already endured to the limit, and everything was as she wished. He forcefully carried her soft body, and directly headed towards the resting room, and the moment he entered the door, he forcefully kissed her lips.

More than an hour...

After Luo Jin Yu returned from the movie base, he felt as if there was an extra wave of worry in his heart.

Previously, he could have shifted his focus to his work, but now, once the work was over, when he was sitting alone in the car, on the sofa, and lying down alone, he would feel it, and be surrounded by emptiness, always wanting someone to get rid of this loneliness.

Weird, why did he keep acting like this before? He had always felt lonely, but when he thought about someone, he realized how lonely he was.

Luo Jin Yu took out his phone. From the morning until now, a day had already passed, but that little thing still had not sent him a single message.

Normally, she would have asked him what he was doing, or sent him her self-portrait, or sent him pictures of her at work.

But now, it had already been a full day. Why hadn't she sent him a message?

Is she busy now?

What was she busy with?

Luo Jin Yu stared at his phone, wishing that it could have two holes.

Strange, he was the dignified head of the Luo Group. He was waiting for a little girl to send him a text message.

In just a short amount of time, Yang Chu Chu had already changed him to the point where even he could not believe it herself.

Luo Jin Yu was a little annoyed as he threw his phone away, he closed his eyes and prepared to sleep.

But he could not sleep.

His mind was filled with thoughts about this time. What was that little thing doing?

Was she tired of filming today? Sleeping?

Luo Jin Yu was extremely annoyed. He stood up, opened the door and walked down the stairs.

He saw his brother Luo He Ning lying on the sofa, grinning from ear to ear, chatting with Mu Lin via voice chat.

As Luo Jin Yu listened, he got goosebumps all over his body.

"Cough …" He purposefully brushed away the feeling of existence, but his younger brother, who was immersed in love, didn't notice his existence at all.

Luo Jin Yu held a cup of water and stood by his brother's side. While drinking the water, he watched his brother eat the dog food.

It was only then that Luo He Ning noticed his existence, and he was so shocked that he quickly sat up with a depressed expression: "Brother, what are you standing here for? "It scared me."

"What are you talking about?" Luo Jin Yu asked indifferently.

Luo He Ning shook his phone: "Nothing, it's just that Mu Lin asked me to accompany her for a stroll tomorrow."

"It seems that you are really in love with her." Luo Jin Yu ridiculed.

"What do you mean true? "I loved her a lot to begin with. I used to think that she was cold and aloof, but now, I realized that she also had the side of a little woman. Furthermore, she was very shy." When Luo He Ning mentioned her beloved goddess, her beautiful face began to shine.

Luo Jin Yu was struck hard once again. He became even more annoyed and placed the cup on the table heavily. He got up and walked upstairs.

Luo He Ning looked at his big brother's back which seemed to be filled with emotions. He frowned, and wondered if he had provoked his big brother somehow.

Luo Jin Yu went back to bed and tried to cover himself with the blanket to clear his mind and make it easier for him to sleep.

But, damn it, why was it that his heart felt like it was on fire? Why couldn't he sleep?

Luo Jin Yu reached out his hand and placed it at a certain place, only then did he realize that his current reaction was so shocking that even he couldn't believe it himself.

The habit of abstinence that he had for many years made Luo Jin Yu think that he simply didn't have any needs in that area.

But at this moment, he really wanted to make his own move …

When Luo Jin Yu came out of the bathroom, he looked at the time. It was almost 12 o'clock.

This woman wasn't going to send him a message today.

Luo Jin Yu frowned, his thin lips pressed into a line. He made a fierce decision and gave Yang Chu Chu a call before going to bed, bidding her good night.

When the call connected, it was very noisy on the other side. There was a man shouting: "Chuchu, come here..." "Have another drink!"

Yang Chu Chu seemed to happily reject the other party, and then ran to a place with fewer people, before earnestly taking his call.

"Hey, why aren't you asleep yet?" The girl's sweet, sticky voice transmitted over. It was simply like the most wonderful note.

However, Luo Jin Yu's current focus was no longer on her sweet voice, but what kind of environment she was currently in.

"Chuchu, it's so late. Who are you with?" Luo Jin Yu was obviously jealous, but of course, he was also worried about her.

Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed and replied: "It's our crew members gathering for dinner!"

When Luo Jin Yu heard that it was someone from the filming crew, he wondered if Bai Yi Qin, who had a good impression of her, was also there.

"It's so late, you should go back and rest." Luo Jin Yu said with a tyrannical voice.

Yang Chu Chu immediately said in a low voice: "No, I had a nap, and am not sleepy at all. It just so happens that it's lively with more people."

As Chuchu was speaking, a man's voice came over to her, "Chuchu, drink less. Didn't you catch a cold in the morning?"

Luo Jin Yu's gaze instantly darkened. How could he not recognize this voice?

It was Bai Yiqin.

Yang Chu Chu also gently said: "I'm much better now, thank you for your concern. I won't drink anymore, I have to go back now!"

"Let me send you off …" Bai Yiqin was extremely concerned.

"No need, it's not far anyway. I'll go with the assistant!" After Yang Chu Chu finished speaking, she did not continue to chat with him, and quickly left with her mobile.

Although Luo Jin Yu heard that Yang Chu Chu was rejecting him, he was still jealous and wished that he could immediately rush over.

"You have a cold? Why didn't you mention it to me? " Luo Jin Yu's voice revealed a trace of displeasure.

Yang Chu Chu immediately laughed: "I'm fine, I'm fine, don't worry about me!"

"You have to take care of your own body, don't make me worry!" Luo Jin Yu warned.

"En, it's my birthday the day after tomorrow. I'll catch a plane home tomorrow. I originally didn't want to tell you, but I wanted to give you a surprise." Yang Chu Chu said happily.